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You get a phone call in the middle of the night from your dad. Something's wrong... You'll get your first conversation option here. It doesn't matter whether you choose to wake your wife or not, I've done both options and it's just a bit of a dialogue change. Follow the objectives you're given in order: Go to your Dad's house. Knock on the door. Peek through the windows. Find something to smash a window with. Break a window. Now head forward through the rooms until you find your dad in the house.

After the events unfold, you'll find yourself in prison... And then right back out again, on the run as the titular American Fugitive!

Run northeast, following the burning oil drums and then the mission marker, which will appear as a blue hexagon. Follow the marker until you get to a sewage pipe which is going to act as your escape route into the world at large. You'll be tasked with finding a crowbar to prise open the grill covering the pipe, but before you do that, notice the two sparkling areas to the left and right of the pipe! Every item in the game which can be collected from the ground sparkles like this. These two are both patches of wild mushrooms, giving us an early opportunity to knock out a quick achievement.

Run to the left of the pipe, eat the mushroom with cn_Y, then run to the one on the other side and do the same. The first one will now have respawned. Continue to run between them, eating them each time, until you unlock:

Now carry on following the mission objectives. Pick up a brick from the ground around the “Outside Storage” building you're pointed to, then walk up to a window and press cn_X to peek inside. Now use the brick to break the window and gain entry. Search the room, retrieve the crowbar, and make your escape through the sewage pipe.

From where you emerge, run southwest and cross the road to a small house. Leap the fence and steal a set of clothes from the washing line. Now follow the objective marker to Dwayne and that's the prologue over with! You'll also have unlocked the following:


I'm going to list the missions in the order they're received, but it's up to you if you want to knock them all out in a row or get some miscellaneous achievements out of the way as you do them. If you want to save yourself a lot of headaches later on, I recommend not going for any of the collectibles until you're ready to focus solely on them. There's no way to see which paintings/jumps/stashes you've obtained in-game, only the totals for each, and I'd hate for you to have to search the entire map for one missing stash!


Clue: The Killer's Car? – Steal the car owner history list from the car lot.

Drive to the car lot. Enter the office building, and search the rooms. You'll meet a strange woman here. After your conversation, search the room you're in to get the car history list. Steal the Buzzard GTX and drive it to the lockup.

Crush it. Crush it Real Good – Recover the crime car. Crush the crime car.

Take the tow truck outside Dwayne's and drive to the objective marker. Tow the car back to the scrap yard and crush it using the crane/crusher.

Gang Ware Part One – Destroy the McCoy's car.

Take the same tow truck and follow the objective marker to the car driving around. If you don't have it, you can get a fresh one outside of the Fix + Spray body shop (marked on the map). Pull in front of the McCoy's car to tow it, and either drive it into the river/lake, or shoot it up with the gun you got from Dwayne.

Old Friends – Defeat the McCoys.

Equip the SMG you've just been given, and shoot the six guys outside until they stop twitchin'.

The Warning – Tow Hank's police car to the yard. Crush Hank's police car.

Collect a tow truck from Dwayne's, or the body shop if it accidentally exploded during the last mission. Take Hank's car to the crusher, crush it, then tow it back to where it was parked.

Returning to Dwayne's now will unlock Ana as a contact, but we're not done with Dwayne.

The Mail Must Not Get Through! – Carjack the mail truck. Drive the mail truck into the river.

You can destroy it any way you see fit, but you're supposed to drive it into the river. I blew it up with a gun, and it still got the job done.

The Makeover – Respray the truck.

Steal the truck, drive it through the body shop (it doesn't charge you), and replace it in the parking spot.

Market Forces – Damage 3 pickup trucks.

Simply find three pickups – the objective marker will show when you're close – and damage the front, backs, and sides with melee weapons/firearm if you're feeling brave. When the counter reaches 100% on a pickup, move on to the next one.

Irregular Transaction – Steal an ATM with a tow truck.

Take the truck from right outside Dwayne's place, or the body shop if you need to. Drive to the nearby general store, back into the ATM and press cn_X to attach it, then drive 100m west to the barn.

The Gifthorse – Meet the supplier.

Drive to the motel, and take plenty of shotgun ammo. As in, all of it. Don't forget you can run around the motel for cover if you need it.

Following this final mission for Dwayne, you'll unlock:


Put a Ring on it – Steal a diamond ring.

Follow the objective marker. Break into the house, find the diamond ring worth $75, and get it back to Ana.

Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay? – Steal the valuables. Fence the valuables.

Burgle houses until you have over $200 worth of valuables. You'll know because the objective marker will show up and point you to Reese Pawn. Go sell everything.

Dress to Impress – Acquire a dress for Ana.

Drive to the clothing store. Either cough up the $1000 dollars for the crystal gown or threaten the owner then steal it. Return the dress to Ana.

The Art of Crime – Steal the painting. Sell the painting to the art dealer.

Follow the objective marker. Steal the painting and other valuables from the home. Sell the painting to the art dealer. This counts as one painting towards your completion. See the collectibles chapter for more information.

A Family Affair – Meet Ana at her parents' house.

You'll get kicked out of the house. Run around to the right side, and take an outfit from the clothesline before vaulting over the hedge and sprinting along the side of the lake. Crouch by the trees until the timer expires.

The Case File – Find a police uniform. Steal the case file.

Obtain a police uniform. I squashed a cop in a car park, waited until the coast was clear, then stole his outfit and quickly scampered away. Be careful not to commit any felonies while wearing the uniform. Follow the marker to the police station, enter through the front door, then make your way to the records room on the far left. Search, take the records, leave, return them to Ana.

The Real Suspect? - Find a payphone. Call Information.

The closest pay phone is at Twin Lakes Pier outside the Jumpin' Beanz Cafe. Phone Information, and choose the lost dog option. Now head for the objective marker.

Meet the Undertaker

Unlocks the Undertaker contact and missions.

The Gloves are Off – Find Ana's gloves. Dispose of the gloves.

The left glove is under a tree in the front garden, right by the water pump. The right glove is in the house; for me, it was in the room to the top left. Now drive to the dump site as shown by the objective marker, and dump the gloves.

A Quiet Moment – Find 6 donuts. Deliver the donuts to Ana.

Drive to the donut shop, and either hold it up and steal from the shop floor and storeroom or just but 6 donuts at $3 each. Return to Ana.

You'll now be done with Ana, and have unlocked:

The Undertaker

Cause of Death – Find Tommy Shepherd's grave. Dig up the body.

Go to the graveyard in the hearse provided. If you don't have a shovel, break into the mausoleum at the back of the graveyard to get one. Search the cross-shaped gravestones for Thomas J Shepherd – for me, it was the grave directly opposite the mausoleum. Dig up the body, drag it into the back of the hearse, and return to the funeral home.

Alas Poor Julio – Dispose of the body.

Follow the objective marker until you get to the lake, which is the search area. I found Julio's corpse on the southwestern bank of the lake and dragged him to the nearest dumpster – Directly south of the lake next to a burned out 4x4.

The Kill Cabin – Clean up the undertaker's cabin.

If you can't find a garbage truck driving around, head to the landfill site on the northeast of the small upper island. There will always be one there. Drive to the objective marker, and back the truck into the space to make life easier for the next bit. Leave the truck and go and grab the five garbage bags from in front of the cabin – make sure you get the two which are trying to escape first. Now drive back the landfill and leave the truck in the marker.

Hearsing About – Retrieve the deceased. Return to the funeral home.

Drive the hearse to the Old Post Office, retrieve the body, then drive it back to the funeral home. You can take a key to the house from the corpse before driving it back if you want to burgle it without drawing attention to yourself.

Nothing to See Here – Recover the body.

Take the hearse to the crime scene, back it into the barriers surrounding the corpse, then quickly drag the corpse into the back of the hearse while the cops aren't looking. Drive back to the funeral home.

Foul Play – Steal the buyer list from the pharmacy.

Drive to the pharmacy, rub the place, and steal the notebook from the office in the back. Return to the funeral home.

That's the Undertaker's missions finished, unlocking:

The Fixer

Lock Stock – Acquire the shotgun.

Drive to the trailer park, take out the McCoy's, then steal the shotgun from nearby the anvil in the trailer park. Return it to the motel.

Security Job – Carjack the armoured truck. Steal the guard's uniforms.

Follow the objective marker to the armoured truck. Carjack it with cn_X, then beat up the driver and take his guard uniform. Get in the truck, drive it to the lockup in the top left corner of the map.

High Level Clearance – Break into the bank manager's house. Steal The passcode.

You are given your first lock pick here. Drive to the house, break in through the back door, search the study you're in to find the safe. Code is 2046 (can be found in garage outside).

The Heist – Rob the bank. Steal the safety deposit box.

Drive to the bank. Give the correct passcode as shown in the memo you got from the bank manager's house. Collect safety deposit box 59 (others have no use), leave the bank, take the getaway car and drive it onto the rear of the train!

You've finished Act 1! The map opens up a lot now, so it's on to Act 2 we go!

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