4. American Fugitive Act II: Port ProvidenceUpdate notes

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As the map opens up the second island, you'll unlock the following achievement:

The Mayor

Eight Billboards, Redrock – Smash 8 billboards.

Drive your favourite vehicle into the 8 billboard to smash them.

Stop the Press! – Destroy 7 newspaper vending machines.

Drive your favourite vehicle into the 7 vending machines to smash them.

Campaign Donations – Find the cash

You'll be given three search areas as objective markers. Drive east to the rail yard. Pick up the clipboard to the right of the stack of wooden planks. Drive all the way west to the coffee shop; the clipboard is underneath the middle table outside. Finally, you need to reach an island in the lake. You can either take the stunt jump to the south or the lake, or swim across from the northern shore where there's a pier. It is possible to swim from any shore, but better safe than sorry! This last clipboard is to the right under a tree. Return the donations to the Fixer.

White Lines – Located the package. Plant the package at the party.

Get to the package without getting a wanted level. Collect the package from the dumpster, and drive to the objective marker. Go into your inventory and drop the package at the marked spot, then head to the nearby telephone to inform the Sheriff. This will also unlock:

Return to the Mayor's location. You'll be told to meet Dwayne at his trailer.


The Opportunist – Steal the Astro ZX. Respray the Astro ZX.

Get in the car, then floor it to the body shop. Return the car to the lockup without getting heat.

Hot Rod Fever – Collect the hot rod

Take the tow truck outside Dwayne's trailer. Drive it all the way to the hot rod, tow the hot rod carefully to the body shop. Detatch it, drive it 140mph then delivery it to the lockup without any wanted stars.

Redrock Confidential – Knock out the corrupt cop. Dump the cop outside the police station.

Drive a vehicle with a boot (trunk) to the objective marker. Knock out the cop in melee, take his uniform, dump him in the boot and drive to the police station. Retrieve his unconscious body, leave it at the doors.

Rebel Without Wheels – Retrieve the hot rod from the McCoys.

Drive to the location, run straight to the hot rod, and mow down the McCoys on the way out. Drive to the body shop for repairs and to lose the heat, then drive carefully to the lockup. Completing this mission will unlock:

Shark Infestation – Negotiate with the loan shark.

Meet the Shark. This will open him up as a contact.

The Shark

The Debt Collector – Bring Arnold to the Shark. Target must survive.

Get a car with a boot, and follow the objective marker to Arnold. Knock him out with a melee weapon, and drag him to the boot of your car. Drive the car to the lockup. If Arnold is in his house, you will have to choose to threaten him then attack him with a melee weapon, then press cn_X to drag him out of the house.

The Full Court Press – Collect the money from Carlos. Target must survive.

Drive to the basketball court. Beat Carlos and his thugs down in melee combat.

Cult Camp Chaos – Destroy 20 camp tents. Target must survive.

Drive to the summer camp and flatten the tents in your vehicle. Should it get wrecked, you can attack them on foot to destroy them too. Follow the objective marker to the Rangers – take them all out in melee.

On the Waterfront – Find a boiler suit. Locate the docks foreman.

Drive to the docks, take the boiler suit and go and meet the foreman. This will unlock a new contact: Wilde. We'll get to him soon.

Car Pooling – Carjack Kenny's Roosevelt. Dump the car in the pool.

Jack the Roosevelt (I used a tow truck to hold it in place then jacked it whilst it was on tow). Drive it to the house party and straight into the pool. Confront Kenny.

Supplies and Demand – Hold up the store. Target must survive.

Drive to the store. Hold it up and restrain / release the owner. Proceed to the office and enter '5137' as the safe code (the Fahrenheit boiling point of gold). Completing this mission will also unlock:


Blue Collar Blues – Move the cargo pallets to Zone A.

Get in the forklift; beware it's rear wheel steering! There is a time limit on this mission, but it's very generous. Just take your time taking the crates one by one to the drop off area. Don't corner or reverse to quickly, or the crate will roll off and you'll have to pick it up again. When delivering the final crate, the route you've taken so far will get blocked, so you'll have to drive a slightly longer way around.

Container Trainer – Load the blue containers onto the train.

Get in the crane and move the blue shipping containers as instructed.

Sheikh 'n' Take – Steal the Kamara. Load the car onto the ship.

Rather than jack and drive the car, I find it easier to tow it out of the impound, through the body shop and release it under the crane. You don't even have to drive it or worry about heat. Then get in the crane, and load the car onto the ship.

Disgruntled Former Employee – Drop the snitches body in his pool. Make it look like an accident.

Take a car with a boot (trunk) to the objective marker. Stuff the body in the boot. Drive to the house, retrieve the body, take everything from it then drag it into the pool. Break into the house, find an empty booze bottle (I found it in the kitchen. Read the description to not confuse it with a regular, filled beer). Go into the pool, go to your inventory and drop the booze bottle in the pool.

Illicit Cargo – Unload the precious cargo from the ship.

Have your best rifle fully loaded, and proceed to the mission marker. When you kill the first SWAT officer, take his body armour for protection. I drove to the race track to lay low in a tow truck until my wanted level ran out. Return to Wilde and prepare to fist fight his goons! With them downed (they carry all manner of melee weapons for you to make this easier when you've taken one of them out), talk to Wilde again before taking everything he has on him. Follow the objective marker back to Dwayne's trailer, and move on to Act III.

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