5. American Fugitive Act III: Ridge PlainsUpdate notes

AF Titles


You'll have just unlocked the following achievement:

Now, head to the objective marker and meet with Dwayne. You'll find yourself outside of a house you need to break into and search – don't worry, no cops will come. Find the picture, and turn it over to get the key. Now leave the house and head southwest past the barn to the small tool shed near the grain silo. Enter the tool shed and collect the note and the map. Leave the shed.

You'll notice the map image corresponds to your in-game map – scroll directly east, all the way until you see the matching rock formation. The spot you're looking for is at the east end of the road which runs west-to-east between the outdoor supplies store and the pawn shop. Go there and dig. Afterward, follow the objective marker.


Digging up the Past – Steal Nicky Two-Shoes identity. Go to the casino.

Carjack Nicky, take everything including his clothes, then stash him in the boot of his own car. Drive it to the lockup, then follow the objective marker to the casino.

Make sure you're always packing for the rest of the game. Rifles and shotguns should be fully loaded at all times!


Construction Chaos – Drive the frontloader. Move the pallets.

Deliver the pallets from point A to B, then kill the enemy mob who appear.

Yellow-Bellied Coward – Locate the coward. Paint the coward yellow.

Find the henchman on the railway platform. Knock him out, nick all his gear, and stuff him into the boot of your car. Drive to the body shop, retrieve the target and drag him, on foot, through the Fix + Spray (you won't be charged). Stuff him back into the boot, then drop him off at the hospital.

Taking out the Competition – Intercept The Tailor. Defeat The Tailor.

Block the target's car, and drag him out with cn_X. Kill him, stuff him in the boot of his own car and take him to the scrap yard. Crush the car with him still in it.

A Little Less Loyal – Defeat the McCoys.

Make sure you're carrying as much shotgun ammo as you can, then go to the objective marker. Enter the McCoy house. Kill every single one of those mothers. Now run around the back of the house and grab a change of clothes before crouching in the bushes out back until the heat dies off. Completing this mission will also unlock the following achievement:

Meet the Moonshiner.

This will unlock a new contact.


Rusty's Test – Play Rusty's game.

Drive to each location as quickly as possible, answering the payphone at everyone. Then deliver the keg to the objective marker.

The Great Train Robbery – Steal the secret ingredient. Return the secret ingredient to Rusty.

Take the flatbed you're provided with to the marked location. Wait for the train to hit it, then drag the barrels to the grain carriage. Load up each barrel, shooting the cops which swarm you, and load them onto the nearby truck and drive it to the lockup.

Moonshine Delivery – Deliver Moonshine.

Make three deliveries as instructed, then be prepared to kill some cops when you go to collect your cash.

Two Wrongs Make a Right – Get the truck. Return the product.

Go to the bar, and be prepared for a fight. Follow the objective marker to the truck, take it and drive it to Rusty's lockup. Completing this mission will also unlock the following achievement:

Follow the objective marker to the motel and speak with The Shark. He'll send you to the casino. Go into the office and open the safe with the code 1952. Follow the objective marker to the location you're given by Vito. Kill the onslaught of bodyguards and cops, and search the mansion room by room until you find what you're looking for. Make any decision you like.

Leave the mansion, take a car and drive to the objective marker. Ram the target vehicle off the road, jack the driver with cn_X and make any choice you like.

Completing this final story mission will unlock the last progression-based achievement:

Now, I highly recommend going through the Hints, Tips and Miscellaneous Achievements page to make sure you've unlocked everything so far. Finally, you'll find collectible guides over on the next page.

Thank you for choosing my guide to see you through to your 100%. See you real soon!

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