6. American Fugitive Collectibles Maps & CodesUpdate notes

Everyone loves collectibles!

Aside from the vehicles, there are three types of collectibles in this game, although one is technically not one, as the stunt jumps can't be collected. You still have to do each one for the completion though.

Each one has been broken down into map form below. Many thanks to Lewis of Fallen Tree Games for allowing me to use the assets and maps, and assisting me with finding the final few collectibles!

STUNT JUMPS. You have to land perfectly on four wheels, and clear the minimum distance for them to count. Completing these will unlock:

Map 3


Number 14 can be frustrating. You have to get a huge run-up via the dirt road to the south of the jump, and hit the ramp dead straight at full speed. You will land on an island in the middle of the lake. The game is very finicky about the landing! I completed all the jumps in a Kamara, which can be found at the car dealership on island one.

PAINTINGS. 19 of 20 paintings are freely collectible. The other one is stolen and sold as part of Ana's missions in Act I. This is why there are only 19 map markers. You must sell them to the art dealer for them to count. If you get killed/arrested whilst carrying paintings, they will respawn at their original location. I advise collecting one or two then selling, to keep an accurate record. Completing these will unlock:

Map 1


Every painting is found INDOORS by burgling the property where the marker is on the map.

I recommend getting the keys to the houses from the owners, either by waiting in lie for them and bashing them with a shovel and taking the keys off their unconscious body, or by breaking into an occupied room, killing the person inside, then choosing to drag their corpse out of the nearest window / door. This will toss them outside, allowing you to steal the key, wander off until the heat dies down, then go back and rob the place without any alarms.

Of course, this isn't possible with the ones hidden in the back rooms of stores and other commercial properties - just be quick.

To get into the police stations, you will have to dress in a cop uniform and have NO wanted level. You then get free run of the place.

If you can't find the painting in the house and you're sure you're in the right place, check any outhouse/tool shed/garage at the location.

Paintings are not random and do not reappear once sold.

STASHES. You have to open the stash and take the money inside for it to count. If you need a code to get into the safe/bunker, I've noted them on the map. IF THERE'S A PAINTING IN THE LOCATION WHERE THE STASH IS, DON'T FORGET IT! Completing these will unlock:

Stashes 2

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