7. American Fugitive Vehicle ChecklistUpdate notes

Driving every single one of the game's 28 unique vehicles will unlock the following achievement:

Almost all of the vehicles can be found very early on, many of them just driving around and parked in car parks. The auto shop on the first island also serves as a good base for building towards unlocking this achievement.

It should also be noted that you can buy cars from very early on in the game, with the list opening up to the last few vehicles as you progress into Act II, and finally Act III. It's highly likely you'll have already driven them all by the time they become purchasable though!

As well as the locations below, you may find the odd rare vehicle driving around. Feel free to grab it there and then. This includes tractors, hearses, garbage trucks, mail trucks, and flatbeds.

Finally, some vehicles are exclusive to the missions they are driven in. These are clearly marked in the table below.

Here's the full checklist: Print it off or load it into your favourite spreadsheet editor to mark them off as you go.

Armoured TruckDriven during Fixer missions 'Security Job' and 'The Heist'1
Astro ZXCar Dealership1
BisonCar Dealership1
Buzzard GTXDriven during Dwayne mission 'Clue? The Killer's Car'1
Classic VanCar Dealership1
Flatbed TruckDriving around rarely1
Garbage TruckLandfill Site1
HearseDriven during Undertaker missions; can be found driving around rarely1
JeepGet a six star wanted level and keep it up until the army arrives1
JeffersonCar Dealership1
KamaraCar Dealership1
LoaderQuarry, northwest of Spray + Fix1
Mail VanMail Centre1
MinivanCar Dealership1
MuskateerCar Dealership1
Pickup TruckCar Dealership1
Police CarEverywhere1
Police VanGet a five star wanted level and keep it up until the SWAT arrive1
QuinzoDriving around1
RevelleCar Dealership1
RooseveltCar Dealership1
TankGet a six star wanted level and keep it up until the army arrives1
Tow TruckDwayne's1
TractorParked near the lock up, east of the time trial near Dwayne's1
ForkliftDriven during the Wilde mission 'Blue Collar Blues'2
Hot RodDriven during Dwayne mission 'Hot Rod Fever'2
AmbulanceOutside Redrock Hospital in Ridge Plains3
Vintage TruckDriven during Rusty's mission 'Rusty's Test'3
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