Alan Wake's American Nightmare Achievements

Full list of all 12 Alan Wake's American Nightmare achievements worth 200 gamerscore.

  • Escape!

    Escape the Taken to the motel.

    1 guide
  • Rewrite

    Rewrite reality for the first time.

    1 guide
  • Cool It

    Make sure Dr. Meadows can take another look at the skies.

    1 guide
  • Happy Ending

    Rewrite reality for the last time.

    1 guide
  • Glorious Dawn

    Survive until dawn in any Arcade Mode level.

    3 guides
  • Poetry in Motion

    Get a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level.

    8 guides
  • Enter the Nightmare

    Unlock all of the Nightmare Arcade Mode levels.

    3 guides
  • Skill Beats Gun

    Survive an Arcade level using nothing but the flashlight and handheld flares.

    4 guides
  • Survivor

    Get 70,000 points in any Nightmare Arcade level.

    4 guides
  • Split Splat!

    Take out two Splitter spawns with a single shot.

    4 guides