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Welcome to American Ninja Warrior: Challenge! This game is based on the television series of the same name. The goal of the show is to start off in a Regional Qualifier, where if you place in the top 30, you get a chance to go to the City Finals, where if you place in the top 10, you get a chance to go to the National Finals. From here you run through a course of obstacles through three brutal stages, and if you are strong enough to make it you get a chance to take on Mt. Midoriyama, where if you conquer it, you have achieved Total Victory. The series itself is based on the Japanese television show Sasuke (known as Ninja Warrior in American dubs), that started back in 1997 where 100 contestants competed in an obstacle course to see who would make it the furthest, and achieve Kanzenseiha (Total Victory).

Now, for the game itself, it is more based on the American Ninja Warrior show, with many of the obstacles coming from there. There are three modes of play in the game, Quick Play, Career, and Ranked. In Quick Play, you can choose a difficulty for the pre-made courses and then run through them. If you wish, you can also create your own course from all of the obstacles that have been purchased in-game (you do start with most of them, just a few that you have to really buy). Here, you can also have a set of custom rules, so if you like to fall into the water a lot, you can set it up that way, or if you want it to be real to the show, you can have it if you fall in, you're eliminated. Career is where you will be spending most of your time, where you get to join the ranks of being a Ninja with the hopes and dreams of conquering Mt. Midoriyama to achieve Total Victory. Ranked is where you compete in online leaderboards for the fastest time across three different courses and on Easy, Medium and Hard. Once you fail, you are done and out, just like the real show.

Overall, there are 26 achievements in the game and they are broken down as such:

  • 17 achievements are tied to Career Mode
    • 4 achievements are for purchases with in-game currency (120G)
    • 5 achievements are for stage times (250G)
    • 8 achievements are for general progression (380G)
  • 1 achievement is tied to Ranked Mode (10G)
  • 3 achievements are tied to Quick Play Mode (50G)
  • 4 achievements can be done in any mode (90G)
  • 1 achievement is for collecting all of the other achievements (100G)

The guide itself is going to be pretty straight forward. I will start by explaining each of the obstacles (they are in alphabetical order for ease of finding) and the button prompts that go along with them, and then we will dive right into the beginning of our own career as a Ninja Warrior.

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