2. American Ninja Warrior: Challenge General hints and tipsUpdate notes

There are three control sets that you can choose from in this game, one of which can only be used in Quick Play Mode. The three are Rookie, Novice, and Pro. Rookie is a special control set, where it is impossible to fail an obstacle unless you run out of Stamina. Novice, which is what we will be using for everything in this guide, is the standard control set where we only have to worry about a few buttons that are the same. Pro is the hardest control set as you will be pressing a lot more buttons, but this is balanced by a speed and stamina boost. Below are the general controls while playing on the Novice set, which we will be using most of the time.

cn_LSr: Advance forward through the course on flat surfaces, before/after obstacles

cn_A: Primary Button Prompt for a jump

cn_B: Primary Button Prompt

cn_X: Primary Button Prompt to start an action

cn_LB: Recovery Button Prompt

cn_RB: Recovery Button Prompt

cn_LT: Recovery Button Prompt

cn_RT: Recovery Button Prompt

cn_up: Taunt to recover Stamina

cn_down: Taunt to recover Stamina

cn_left: Taunt to recover Stamina

cn_right: Taunt to recover Stamina

Now that we know the main controls of running the course, let's move onto looking at all of the obstacles that we will encounter, with a breakdown of each button prompt. I had to break down the controls of the obstacles into three separate pages as I couldn't get all of the button prompts to show for every single one. If you don't want to read through the pages and like learning by experimenting, then jump right to the Career Mode - Part 1 page.

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