1. Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition Walkthrough overview


Welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Among the Sleep! This is standard indie-game fair for Xbox One, a fairly easy, rather short, but somewhat enjoyable completion. The game plays like a child's nightmare, or a dark fairy tale, with the lesson being ... well, I'll leave that spolier-free. If you're looking for easy gamerscore, you've come to the right place. While it may take a little over two hours to finish, nearly half of that time will be reading this guide as you go, or watching the included 100% completion video.

There is no need for a hints and tips page. Technically all the achievements are missable save for the game-completion one, but the collectibles are easy to find and will net six of the ten achievements. The remaining three are extremely simple and will come easily. I'll leave you to it with a quick rundown of the controls.

cn_RB grabs ahold of objects. Use this to manipulate doors, drawers, stools, boxes, etc. It also 'selects' items from your inventory, in the few instances where that is necessary.

cn_Y opens your inventory. This will only be used a handful of times in the game.

cn_X picks things up. This will primarily be used to grab the 50 collectible drawings, as well as a few story-related items along the way.

cn_LB throws items you are currently holding with cn_RB. This is only used during the 4th chapter, The Closet.

cn_B makes baby stand up and walk. This lets you move faster, but after a short distance he gets tuckered out and falls to a crawl again. Think of it like sprinting for babies.

That's all you really need to know! You could probably find all the collectibles and 1k the game in 3-4 hours even without a guide, but if you wish to be as expedient as possible with your completion, please continue. toast

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