Angry Birds Trilogy Reviews

  • Cheeky ConswalaCheeky Conswala208,150
    10 Oct 2012 10 Oct 2012
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    Angry Birds Trilogy

    The popular puzzler transfers from mobile devices to the Xbox for more pig smashing fun. You either like it or don't!

    I think everyone knows how Angry Birds plays out, but for those that don't here's a catch up. The story involves a gang of piggies stealing eggs from a selection of birds. The game involves you using the birds, fired from catapult, and their special abilities to smash the pigs in a variety of defended positions.

    Included are the first 3 incarnations of the game, Classic, Seasons and Rio.

    Before we continue
    There are 2 "issues" with this game so let's get them out in the open from the start.

    Firstly you are either a fan of Angry Birds or you're not and this release is unlikely to attract many new fans. My view is that I don't like Call of Duty, but i don't complain about it being released or ridicule people for playing it.

    Secondly this version is vastly more expensive than the mobile variations and lacks then newest addition to the franchise (Angry Birds Space). In my opinion (and this is my review!) I'd rather I and in particular my daughter played on a bigger screen and if I want a game I'll shop around and get the best price I'm prepared to pay. I got this for £23.99. I'm happy with that.

    Anyway let's get on with the review!!

    So we all know what to do, you select a bird, you take aim and fire. If the bird has an ability you factor this into where you aim and when you unleash the ability. The aim is to smash the pigs using as few birds as possible.

    There are 2 ways to play this on Xbox. With a standard controller you aim with the left stick, fire with the A button and unleash abilities with the same button. It works well and I can't find a fault with playing this way.

    The other option is buy using Kinect. Use your left hand to aim and pull back the catapult. Use you right hand to fire (move it upwards) and use abilities (move it downwards). These controls function, but don't feel joined up or for want of a better word, accurate.

    There is allegedly 300hrs of gameplay in this to complete all the achievements. It has 700 levels!!

    All the other extras from the mobile games are included, golden eggs, bonus level etc. Unfortunately so is the Mighty Eagle which basically is a mode to complete the level with one special bird that destroys the level in one go. I don't see the appeal and never have.

    Hey what you expecting, the game looks smart on an Ipad and this version looks the same. There is an annoying blurring effect when the birds are inflight, but I can live with it,

    An exact replica of the mobile versions, and grates after a while!!

    If you see my progress I have around 2/3rds of the achievements from around 10hours play.

    They all come from repeated play, are cumulative and are not Kinect dependant. This will be a grind to complete 100%

    If you like Angry Birds you won't be disappointed, if you don't then why are reading this review!! I'm kidding if you haven't played before this is a great version.

    I'm disappointed with the Kinect controls and omission of Angry Birds Space, but I guess that's for patches and DLC to resolve.

    My 5 year old loves this though, so maybe play it with your kids!!

    This is my first and possibly last review. Be constructive please
  • LukeyBaby93LukeyBaby93514,377
    20 Jan 2013
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    Over the last couple of years Angry Birds has dominated the mobile gaming market and after been pushed to every single platform possible from mobile to web browser it now faces a new challenge. The latest challenge for the franchise is to try its luck with the console gamers and see if it can compete with the triple A titles that are released every month. The Angry Birds trilogy doesn't fail to bring the Angry Birds experience to consoles but does it really have the same effect on the console as it does on the mobile devices? The simple answer is no. It may bring the same great game but on the console it just doesn't offer the quick fun experience of the mobile, no quickly doing a level, 3 staring it and then moving on back to whatever you were doing. You actually have to sit down with you controller or kinect (if you were one of the people the actually brought into that gimmick) and play the game and trust me sending birds flying with a catapult to hit some pigs is fun for the first 10 minutes but after that you realise that it's the same thing over and over again and also the same thing as what you have already completed on you mobile device previously. Even though you have the chance to use kinect I would keep far away from it as the game is around 10 times worst with kinect.

    The main problem that the Angry Birds trilogy faces is its repetitive game play, okay so every mission is different but they still rely on the same old gaming mechanic lunch the bird at the pigs. As much as people love it, it gets old quick on the consoles. I have also came across small problems with the game play, when playing on a mobile device it feels a lot easier to aim your birds but on the console it seems to be harder. This will make you constantly have to restart as you keep messing up the first bird that you send flying. Which over time can get annoying.

    Graphically the game really isn't much different to the other versions, yes it looks better being brought the big screen but is that a good thing considering you are used to playing on such a small screen? With games there is always one small thing that just gets on my nerves in this game it's the Music. The music never really changes and the sound effects are always the same and after playing for a good 30 minutes, you will find you're self lowering the volume or turning the sound off all together and there is a limit to the amount of squawking birds you can hear in one day.

    What is the point of the angry birds trilogy? The point was to bring the game that has sold millions to a new audience. The Angry Birds trilogy offers you the original Angry Birds game, Angry Birds seasons and Angry Birds Rio. Okay so yes they are 3 of the top seeing IOS games and they are great, but on the console they just don't seem to capture the same effect as what I remember on my IPhone.

    The verdict

    Overall the game is still Angry Birds, but with out the quick accessibility of the mobile device it just doesn’t capture the same effect and seems very hard to get into. Also the game is the same as what most people would have already played so there is really nothing new which I must say is a big let down to most gamers.