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    31 Oct 2018
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    After spending around 25 hours with the game, getting all of the achievements, I must say this game is truly a gem in a lot of ways.

    STORY: The story is somewhat interesting, to a degree. You play as The Bearer of Calamities along with Ergo Mundus who you'll be able to switch between very easily.

    I won't be spoiling the story, because there's enough online that goes into detail and does a good job. 4/5

    GAME PLAY: I gotta say, I feel torn a bit, so I'm going to break this into 2 categories.

    COMBAT: I personally loved the combat. You're given 2 skill trees, one for The Bearer, and the other for Ergo Mundus. Early in the game, everything is pretty smooth and you'll find yourself probably switching out between the 2; this feeling won't last long. You'll soon realize going melee is absolute suicide and you have to be able to move really fast in order to dodge.

    When you realize melee is garbage, you'll also realize that Ergo Mundus is garbage too and only use him to deal damage to dark enemies and maybe as cannon fodder in some of the tougher boss fights.

    Magic is the only way to go. Essentially, the only combat spell you should ever be using is a slash attack that goes very far and disrupts almost all projectile spells coming at you. Couple that with making sure to acquire all the passive bonuses on The Bearer's skill tree (and Angelus/Dark Angelus late game, that's the win button.

    Now, I really enjoyed the combat, it was a real treat, in my opinion. 5/5

    PLATFORMING Now, the platforming that's required for some memories and items, which is required for 100% is borderline ridiculous. You fight the camera more than anything; it's terrible and will just feel like a cruel punishment 2/5

    ACHIEVEMENTS overall, it's not a bad list. Thanks to the walkthrough, all achievement are a breeze. I won't go into detail, because the walkthrough already does a great job. 4.5/5

    Overall, a solid 4/5
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    Smallville2106Great review. Also a huge thanks for letting me know about this game or I would have missed it. Really enjoying it so far smile
    Posted by Smallville2106 on 31 Oct 18 at 15:42