1. Anima: Gate of Memories Walkthrough overview

Overview : So what we have here is a walkthrough for Anima : Gate of Memories. Anima is an ARPG with some stylistic similarities to Nier, and some in the combat as well. The main differences being that the combat is harder in Anima (IMO of course) and the characters are a bit more...cliche. The setting and story have a very JRPG feel to them. It also likes puzzles a bit more than the average ARPG. Still, it's a pretty alright game.

Difficulty : I'd rate it 3 stars out of 5, using TA's patented star system. It's more difficult than most ARPGs on Xbox. The main difficulty comes from the fact that enemies love to knock you down, and can chain knock downs and destroy your health bar very easily, so dodging and waiting for openings is much more important than it is for a lot of games. The game is incredibly difficult in melee combat, so I fight most things from afar with magic. Without magic, it'd probably be 4.5 stars. However with magic and some liberal use of healing items, it can be done.

Walkthrough : As for 100%, you'll need a full playthrough (along with an extra hour or so to get 2 bad endings) and then another partial playthrough in NG+ where we will again spend about an extra hour getting 2 endings before we do the easiest ending to finish NG+.

1. First playthrough. Here we'll get most of the achievements. We'll get all the collectibles and such so we can breeze through the second playthrough very quickly. We'll get 2 endings here as well.

2. We'll clean up anything we missed before moving on, such as collectibles, side quests, or prisoner rescues. Then we'll get the "real" ending and move onto NG+

3. NG+ playthrough. There's 2 "joke" endings we can get early on, and we'll also get the achievement for finishing NG+, when we complete the game.

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