2. Anima: Gate of Memories General hints and tips

The controls when you start what amounts to the tutorial are as follows...

cn_A = Jump
cn_B = Skill hotkey
cn_X = Melee Attack
cn_Y = Skill hotkey
cn_RB = This switches characters but you can't do it until you unlock the second character.
cn_LB = Skill hotkey
cn_LT = Skill hotkey
cn_RT = Dodge (Hold to run)
cn_leftcn_upcn_right = Use items
cn_down = Map
cn_LSc = Lock on
cn_RS = Change lock on targets when locked on to something, move camera

Note that once you finish the tutorial area all the skills are removed and the buttons do nothing. As you level up and unlock the skills you can put them back in these hotkey slots and use them.

Gameplay - The bulk of the game works like this : You go through a dungeon, which I'll refer to by the name of the first area (1st wing, 2nd wing, 3rd wing, etc), collecting items and memories. Once we collect everything, we go to the core of each area and fight the boss. Once you beat the boss you're sent back to the "hub" and then you can go through another wing. While you can visit the first 3 and the last 2 in any order, the walkthrough does it in numerical order, because there's no huge benefits to doing things out of order. The walkthrough is broken up into pages with a page for each wing. This is preceded by the tutorial, and followed by a section where we clean up some things and then get all the endings, and move onto NG+.

Missables - There's a few potential missable items, the ones you get in the area called "Nowhere" You're sent here a few times, but the layout isn't the same every time, so you might not be able to go back and get the items. The first time you go there you need to get the Life Soul. The second time there is a Chronos Sand. Make sure you pick these up.

Another potential way to miss things is the prisoners. There's 8 prisoners you need to save for an achievement, and some of them are related to side quests that unlock achievements. If you kill the NPC, you can't do the sidequest. So, simply don't kill them. Since after you rescue them they appear in the hub with no enemies, and the area where you rescue them has no enemies, the only way you can hurt and potentially kill them is on purpose. There's one exception, and the walkthrough details when to do so.

The "real" missables in this game are the endings. There's 5 save slots, and your game is placed in one. The game overwrites this save automatically, so if you do an ending, the game saves and you can't go back to do a different one. Reloading the save will simply send you to NG+. As a result you need to save your game in multiple slots so you can reload at a later date, and I will mention those times.

Skills - The game will tell you about this after the tutorial. Basically, you use skill points (you get 2 per level) to activate big nodes, and all the little nodes between the big nodes are automatically activated when you unlock big nodes that connect. Some big nodes have multiple levels, you can spend more skill points to make the skill better. The little nodes give permanent stat boosts, while the big nodes can be passive boosts or skills you have to actively use.

You start the game playing as the Bearer, and unlock a second character named Ergo very early on. Bearer seems more geared for magic, and Ergo moreso for melee. Melee combat is quite a pain in the ass in this game, so I generally gear the Bearer for magic damage and play her exclusively, aside from a few parts where you have to use Ergo. As a result I'll talk much more about the Bearers' skills. I've listed the ones that I think are worth taking. As for skill point allocation, unlock any skills on this list that you can unlock and then use the rest to unlock skills you don't have. Even if you don't use them you get the stat benefit from linking nodes, but only do it if you can't put any points in the skills below due to level requirements.


Rank 1 : No requirement

This skill is basically a charge to the targeted enemy, putting you in melee range. You'll very rarely use it, so the extra point in rank 2 would be wasted. It does have a few uses though.

Rank 1 : No requirement

You'll do a lot of running, so this is pretty damn useful.

Improved Dodge
Rank 1 : No requirement
Rank 2 : Level 6
Rank 3 : Level 9

You're gonna do a lot of this too. The boost to defense/magic defense at rank 3 is especially helpful, as you'll be using dodge a lot.

Rank 1 : No requirement
Rank 2 : Level 7

This increases how much items heal your HP/restore MP, etc. This is a must-have for the increase to healing items alone.

Magic Beam
Rank 1 : No requirement.
Rank 2 : Level 4
Rank 3 : Level 10

Despite the name, a more appropriate moniker would be magic missile or magic bolt. This spell throws a bolt of energy at an enemy. This will be our main attack throughout most of the game. It has a low MP cost and cast time, which allows us to be pretty mobile, which is very important in this game. The rank 3 upgrade that causes an explosion has its uses too. If you hit an enemy right as they throw a projectile of their own, magic beam destroys it. A lot of enemies throw projectiles, so this is a really great upgrade.

Azreal's Blessing
Rank 1 : No requirement
Rank 2 : Level 6
Rank 3 : Level 9

This is a nice boost, especially as you get rank 2 and 3. The problem is a lot of bosses won't give you much of a window to cast it thanks to the cast time, and the buff is dispelled if you use it before a boss fight. I do try to sneak it in if I can, but it's up to you if you want to use the points. 3 is a lot of points.

Air Beam
Rank 1 : No Requirement
Rank 2 : level 10

When you jump in the air, this throws a bolt, kinda like magic beam does. Only useful for one boss, but for that boss it's realllllly good. The projectiles home in on enemies you lockon to, and the upgrade makes it go through other projectiles. This is very, very key to making the Malekith boss fight much less frustrating. Sadly has little other use.

Magic Mastery
Rank 1 : Level 5
Rank 2 : level 10

Increase magic damage. Must-have.

Blood Magic
Rank 1 : Level 6

Every bit of MP recovery helps.

Energy Cutter
Rank 1 : Level 6
Rank 2 : Level 11

A great skill, handicapped by 2 things : not available until level 6, and the MP cost is pretty high. Even when you hit 6 you'll probably only be able to cast it twice before running out of MP. Once you hit 11 and can get the Mp cost reduction, it becomes one of the best spells, if not the best. The main benefit of it over magic beam is that energy cutter will go through projectiles it hits, magic beam will not. Energy cutter also seems to stagger more enemies than magic beam does. Perhaps the best benefit is that you can cancel the animation early, meaning you can actually spam this faster than magic beam.

Magic Regeneration
Rank 1 : Level 7
Rank 2 : Level 13

Again, more MP recovery is always welcome.

Gabriel's Gift of Life

Rank 1 : Level 10

Much like Azeals spell, it gives good bonuses but can be hard to use during battle. While the HP regen is nice, it doesn't even heal as fast as the Life Fragment, which is the weakest healing item. Feel free to pass on this if you like. The main use I got out of it was using it between battles to avoid having to use healing items to heal.

Energy Ray
Rank 1 : Level 5
Rank 2 : Level 8

Shoots an energy ray, and it can be charged up. At rank 2 it breaks through guard, making it useful against block whores. I only suggest using it once or twice, but like a lot of other spells that aren't magic beam or energy cutter, that's the use case for most spells.

Light Holocaust
Rank 1 : Level 9
Rank 2 : Level 12

Creates a big explosion in front of you. It does great damage, but the cast time is awful, and if you get hit during the animation the spell is canceled. Even with the cast time reduction from rank 2 it still takes long enough most enemies will hit you. Useful for a few situations, though.


As I said, we will rarely use him. He'll mostly use Dark Beam (which is his version of magic beam) when we DO use him. Here's the skills I suggest.

Magic Mastery
Dark Beam
Magic Regeneration
Improved Dodge

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