3. Anima: Gate of Memories Tutorial and 1st Wing

Town of Aria

Town of Iria

After you choose new game and pick easy you'll get a pretty typical tutorial stage. Follow the path. After jumping up some platforms head east before you go in the gate, these flames represent items. Walk into it to pick it up, it's a Life Fragment. The game tells you about equipping things. Life fragments heal you, so make sure you keep them in a slot for when you need them. Now you can go into the gate. The game will explain the controls bit by bit as you fight enemies. The easiest way to deal with them is to back away and let them bunch up, and then hit them with an Energy Cutter cn_LT which will knock them up. You can hit them with a melee attack when they land to finish them off. As a general rule you should always avoid being surrounded, as you can get destroyed very quickly. If you get knocked away or knocked down enemies can still hit you while you're in the air, so you can take a ton of damage from getting hit multiple times. The puppets move quite slowly, so you can back away and take them out with magic attacks to make things much easier. As a note, you'll notice a slowdown effect when you kill the last enemy, this lets you know the fight is over.

Once they are all dead head into the alcove to the west for an Ensis. Now head east, you'll have 2 ways to go. Go east. Near the end on the right you'll have a small alcove, and you'll see an item in the air. Jump on the wooden platform and then jump off that to reach the flame. You can double jump by pressing cn_A in the air. It's a Life Fragment. Now backtrack to the fork and take the north path. You'll see a crystal on the left, you can break this for health. You'll see these all over the place, and they regenerate when you leave the area, so don't be afraid to use them if you need them. Continue to the end of this path and kill the enemies, then head through the door to the next area.

Forsaken Road

Forsaken Road

First follow the wall east, in the alcove next to the door you came through you'll find a Life Fragment. As you head south out of the alcove you'll see a big rock thing ahead with an item on top of it, on the map it's the big grey circle. For some reason some ledges can't be jumped on. I double jumped to the platform on the southwest side and then double jumped to the top for another Life Fragment. To the west you'll see another rock thing, climb to the top of that for a Magic Soul. Magic Souls temporarily boost magic damage, so they are best saved for boss fights. Now head all the way east to a big alcove and get the Uriel Ring at the end of it.

Once you have that go toward the path south of the rock formation that had the life fragment at the top and the game will tell you about locking on with the left stick. The Red Lady will start attacking you by throwing magic. Lock onto her by pressing cn_LSc and then hit her with an Energy Cutter. She'll be knocked away, move up to her again and repeat. She'll throw magic bolts, make sure to dodge them. When you see a bunch appear around her she is going to throw them all at you, so run left or right to dodge them all. After she throws up a barrier you'll be shown the 3 things you need to kill next. One is in the southwest alcove, one is at the entrance of the southeast alcove, and another is in the alcove to the west of where you entered the area from. They fire magic bolts much like the Red Lady does after charging up energy for a second, you'll hear a buzzing sound while they do. Dodge it, lock on, and hit them with Energy Cutter. It only takes one hit. Once you're ready go back to where the barrier was and follow the path to a new area.

Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass

Follow the path here to find more orbs you have to kill. Past them you'll see a big rock ahead with an item on top of it. First head to the left of it (if facing it) and follow it around to a Life Fragment. Then head the other way around it to fight a memory knight. He has some pretty obnoxious melee attacks, so stay away from him and hit him with Magic Beam. When you see him charge something up with his hand, he's going to throw a magic bolt at you, so be sure to dodge it. As long as you stay away from him all he ever does is throw a bolt, so the fight is pretty easy when you do it this way. Once he's dead you'll get an achievement.

First Down!

Defeat a Memory Knight.

First Down!
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Now that he's dead, you'll see stone columns in the south side of this area. You want to use those to jump up to the rock formation with the item we saw earlier and grab the Erebus Ring. Once you have that head south jumping up the stones to continue. Once you reach the stone platforms in the air, the first one has a Life Fragment. Get it and keep going. After the stone platforms you'll have to face more shooting eyes. Be careful once the 3 spawn together, as they don't shoot all at once. This can make it hard to dodge and might end up with you falling off and taking damage, so try to kill at least 1 or 2 before the first volley to make it easier. Now keep going to the next area.

Old Ruins

Nothing to collect.

Head forward and a ranged enemy will spawn. Kill it and head forward for a bunch of melee marionettes. After that a bunch of ranged ones will spawn on the platforms ahead. Use ranged attacks to kill them. Note that if your magic bolt hits one of their shots it disappears, so use Energy Cutter. It will destroy the shots in the air and not dissipate. Continue to the area with the blue orb, killing the ranged enemies on the way. Here you'll have a boss fight. To start regular enemies will spawn and you'll have control of Ergo. Once you've killed them all, the boss fight with Red Lady starts.

Again, fighting her melee kind of sucks, so magic is the best option. You can switch back to Bearer with cn_RB. To start, she'll only throw a single magic bolt at you. After 2-3 she will teleport, though your lock on will follow her when she does. The magic bolt will cancel yours, so shoot her with Magic Beam in between her attacks (or use Energy Cutter, but remember it takes a ton of MP to cast), and stay decently close to her so it's easy to do so. Once she's down to about 2/3 health, she will teleport away and summon enemies. You'll need to kill them while she takes potshots at you. Once they're dead you can fight her again, though she has a new attack in her arsenal. She will still fire the magic bolt, except now she will sometimes summon 5 bolts, and then throw them at you. While she's charging this, move AWAY from her, and then move left or right when they start coming to dodge them. If you try to dodge, I find it's actually harder to dodge them, as if you time it wrong a bolt will hit you while you are finishing your dodge, so I generally just ran left or right, as if you're far enough away they won't hit you this way. Once she reaches 1/3 she'll teleport away. When she comes back, she'll have another new attack. She will make a big shock wave that moves outward from her. If you aren't very close though, it won't hit. Also, her magic bolt attack now shoots 3, though you can still dodge through it. I stayed a decent distance away so her shock wave attack wouldn't hit and I could easily dodge her 5 bolts, and shot her with Magic Beam. After she's down to about 1/5 of her health left she'll summon some enemies. I ignored them and just kept hitting her with magic beam until she died, or you can kill them before you finish her. Once she's dead you'll get some scenes and be in a new area and you'll have an achievement.

A Mysterious Place

Reach Arcane.

A Mysterious Place
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Arcane Core

The game will explain leveling up to you. Page 2 has a breakdown of all the skills I suggest using. Head to the lantern icon on the mini-map, on the east side of the area. You'll see a makeshift bed here, press cn_RB on it and choose save. Afterward you'll have dialog choices. Use them all, as you need to use them all for an achievement. If, for some reason, you want to check the dialog options without saving, choose "rest" instead of save to do so. Each time you're back in this area make sure to check for new dialogs. As for saving, there are 5 slots and the one you are currently using has a checkmark. The game autosaves quite often and it overwrites any save you made, so you can't load a previous save from an hour or so ago unless you create a save in a new slot. It's not really relevant until we want to get all the endings, which is far away from now, but just so you know.

Anyway, this is the main "hub", and it has an entrance to all the dungeons of the game and multiple floors. There's 3 dungeons on the first floor, 2 on the second, and mostly ending related stuff on the 3rd. You have to kill at least 2 bosses to get to the 2nd floor, and 4 to get to the 3rd. One thing to note is that each floor of this hub is referred to as "Arcane X Floor" and there's also "Arcane X Wing". The wings are entrances to the dungeons that lead to the main boss fights. Also, we're in the Arcane Core, and each boss is in an area called (the bosses' name) Core. To avoid confusion, I will simply refer to Arcane 1st wing as 1st wing and Arcane 1st floor as 1st floor, and the area we're in now as the Arcane Core. Head to the south end of the room for a scene, then go up the stairs to reach the 1st floor. On the 1st floor, head into the west door to enter the 1st wing.

1st Wing

1st Wing

Ahead you'll see barrier, and if you go up to the stairs by it and go around the left side, you'll find a War Core. You'll have passed by a block on the right, you can go up to it and hold cn_RB and push it on the track. You want to push it a few steps and then look up and to the left, you'll see a hole in the wall up above. Double jump from the top of the block to this hole to find a Kurotsuki weapon. Drop down and push the block to the end, jump on it and jump on the platform with a Gladius and head forward for a scene, you'll be sent to a new area.


This area has no map.

No map for this area. Head forward, jump on the platform below. Head forward to the column and then jump down on the lower platform. Go to the end and jump back up. Now go ahead and jump to the right side of the lower platform. Go to the end, and then jump to the higher spot, and then jump to the next higher platform. Go to the end and jump to the lower platform. You want to head to the end of this one past the column (you can jump around it). Go to the end and go up the 2 higher platforms and grab the Life Soul. Now head back to the beginning. If you aren't super low health you can simply fall off, you'll be returned to the beginning, turn around and go through the portal. After some scenes go forward through the door to the next area.

Mansion Main Body

Main Body

Some doors here are locked, they have a green number on them. You can open them by entering a certain word at certain paintings (which also have green symbols by them). I've included them all. Head straight forward to a painting of a woman. The answer is NASCAL. To enter it, use left stick up/down to change the letter, and use right/left to move to a different letter. Now face the painting and go up the stairs on your right. At the top you'll see some wooden platforms hanging from the ceiling, and you'll see an item on it. You can fall through the middle of the platforms so stick to the wooden beams. Jump up there and grab the Life Fragment. From where that is, if you look to the right you'll see an item on the second floor, head over to it and grab the Spatha. From the Spatha spot, turn and face west and you'll see a painting. The code is Gaudemus. A door under the stairs to your left (if facing the painting) opens, get the Prison Key inside. Head back to the painting on the 2nd floor and turn left from it and head down this passageway. You'll reach a big room. You'll see a health orb on the left side, and a small pillar in the corner on the right. Go up to the pillar and use it. Return to the first room. On the bottom floor if you approach the north door a magitek golem will appear. Stay away from it and all it will do is charge up and shoot a beam (it'll jump at you if it gets close). Stay away and hit it with Magic Beam. Once it's dead go in the north door.

Painting Corridor

Painting Corridor

Here you'll find some puppets. They'll charge at you to attack. Stay back and kill them with Magic Beam, or stagger them with melee, though they'll take 4 hits like the maronettes to kill. Head south and enter the 3rd door on the right. You'll have to fight some puppets, and there's an Edamiel Brooch in here. There's also a painting on the west wall. The code is Grimoire. Backtrack to the previous locked door and go in to find a Mehirim Memory. Once you get the memory a bunch of magic bolt shooting puppets will start spawning. They only attack one at a time, so keep an eye on which one attacks, dodge it, and kill one or two. They die in 2 hits. Leave the room and go south to a new area.

Mansion Workshop


Follow the path to a fork and head south. Activate the pillar in the back of the room on the right. Now try to leave, and the puppet will unsurprisingly come to life. In the beginning just concentrate on killing the living puppets until they stop spawning. While you do this the miniboss will shoot lightning out of his hands straight ahead of himself, and then turn himself toward you to try and hit you with the lightning. He turns quite slowly and stays where he is, so it's not too hard to stay away from it, the main issue is keeping track of it while you kill the puppets. Once they are down, wait for the boss to start his lightning attack, then get behind him and melee him a bunch. Magic does very little damage to him. Once he's dead head back to the initial fork. Go north to another fork. Go east for a Dark Scimitar, and go west and you'll find a painting on the wall on the right and a code thing by it (under the green arrows). The code is Rubedus. Head north all the way to the end, where it turns west. Go west into the room. On the left is a Life Fragment. In the back of the room on a table behind the board is a Mehirim Memory. Finally, turn right from where the memory was, and check behind the bookshelves for a Ki Soul.

Head back south to the first fork you come to. Head west through the water wall and keep going to enter the Portal Chamber. The Portal Chamber acts as a shortcut between each area of the game world and the Arcane Core. So this let's you save your game, buy items (when it opens) and talk to NPCs when you want/need to. When you enter the Arcane Core you'll get a scene, approach the stone thing in the north of the room for a scene in an area called the Boundary of Worlds. Romeo is in here, you can talk to him. He gives you items after you beat each of the main bosses, though I don't think they're required for the achievement (I missed 2 and got the achievement). Still, it's free stuff. Make sure to come back after each main boss. Eventually it will unlock a conversation with Ergo when you sleep, which you need for an achievement. Afterward turn around and head into the portal to return to the Arcane Core. Head back to the Mansion via the Portal Chamber. Head straight east and go into the door at the end of the path.

Mansion Basement

Mansion basement

This is where the 8 prisoners you need to rescue are for an achievement. Freeing each prisoner takes a Prison Key, for a total of 8. Some of them provide useful things or are required for achievements, but it'll be quite some time before we have enough keys to rescue them all, so we have to be picky about which ones we rescue for now. Regardless we'll worry about them later. The main issue here is the spike traps. You'll see holes in the wall, these shoot out spikes fairly often. Generally speaking the spikes shoot out, and then you can walk past them and do the same for the next set of spikes. Here the spikes generally alternate between the left and right wall. Head forward, waiting the spikes to shoot before passing by. When you reach the group of 3, wait until the 2 outer ones shoot and then run through. Ahead you'll see an item. Work your way to the Gabriel Ring and then get past the next 2. For these last 2, wait until the farther one activates and then rush through them both. Straight ahead is a pillar you can activate. There's a Life Fragment in the room too. When you go north a bunch of magitek drones will spawn. They just charge at you, so they are a lot easier to deal with than the magitek golem from earlier. You can use Magic Beam, or just melee them.

Head north to the traps, but instead go east to the fork and go north until you see spike traps. Here the right ones go off and then the left ones go off not long after. Wait for the right one and then go forward, and wait for the left one and then go through that. Wait for the next set and do that until you reach a break in the spike traps. The next set work the exact same way. Once you get past the next set you'll find a few more to the north. Head past them and go east through the waterlike door to find a Holy Claymore behind it. Now backtrack past the last 3 spike traps to find a small break in the wall on the right. It leads back to the Main Body, go in it. Go forward, activate the pillar to the right to open the door, and continue for a scene. You'll get another Prison Key. As a side note, the NPC says you'll be one key short to free everyone, but he's incorrect so do not worry about that. Under the stairs in the north side of the room is an Ifrid, the door is now open. Return to the painting corridor, the first door is now open and has a Mehirim Memory in it. You'll have to face more enemies. Return to the Main Body and enter the Attic. The door is right by the top of the northern stairs.



Inside you'll find a flaming puppet. It will throw fire bolts at you, and if you touch it with your body you'll take damage, which is very easy to do when you're hitting it with melee attacks. Although you likely won't be a high enough level now to use it, energy cutter will knock them in the air and get rid of the fire for a bit. Keep that in mind for the future. Generally I'd stay close to it, wait until it attacks, and then dodge and hit it a few times with a melee attack from as far away as possible. Once it's dead you'll find The Right Eye on the west side of the room. A painting is on the north side, the code is Bourlage. To the south you'll find a small path with a Mehirim Memory at the end, but note that some more flaming puppets will spawn in the main room once you take it. You'll have some living puppets along with a flaming puppet. I destroyed the living ones first and then the flame one. Once they're down some more living puppets will spawn and you'll have to deal with 2 flaming puppets at once. Kill the living puppets first if you can and then work on one cinder puppet while keeping the other on camera so you can see when it attacks you, so you can dodge. Once they're dead, return to the Main Body. From here use the shortcut to the Basement. Head south past the traps to the fork, then go south to the next fork, and then head all the way west, the chest is now open and has a Chronos. It gives extra experience, I tried to keep items with the experience boost equipped as much as possible. While we're here, free the Bird Mask guy. Head all the way back east, go north to the fork and west at the next and open the first cage on your right, his name will show as Bird Mask when you talk to him.

Now return to the Arcane Core, you'll find the Bird Mask near the entrance to the 1st wing, talk to him to get the last mehirim memory. We're about to fight the first boss. Return to the Mansion of Puppets, it'd be faster to go there the normal way instead of the portal chamber. In the Main Body, head in the door next to the top of the southern stairs. In the big room you'll face a ton of magitek drones and living puppets. Move away from the puppets and fight the drones until they're all dead, then kill the puppets. A memory knight will spawn once they're all dead. Kill him the same way as last time, stay back and kill him with Magic Beam. After he's dead 2 magitek golems will spawn. Stay away from them and kill them with Magic Beam. With everything dead, head south through the door.

Nascal Core

No items.

Head forward and you'll get a scene. You'll see 5 candles. You can activate a candle for each memory you have, for a max of 5. The boss door will open when you activate 3, but you need to get all 5 memories anyway for the achievement so you can't skip out on 2. Each main boss works this way. Activate all 5 and then head through the newly opened door for the boss.

To start he has 3 attacks (all directions given are from your perspective). He will slam down his right hand OR slam down his left hand OR he will slam his right hand down followed by his left and then right again. When he slams down his right hand and doesn't slam with the left, hit his right hand a few times. When he slams his left hand down, wait for the shock wave to go away and then hit his left hand a few times. When he does the triple slam, after the right hand slams down hit it a few times. Once you do enough damage the messenger will fall, go to its head and hit until it starts getting back up, then get away as some spikes will drop down near his hand. If you're standing up against his right or left side, right next to his head, they usually don't hit.

In this next phase he will slam his left hand down a lot, and sometimes afterward he will swing the left hand toward you (I always jump after he slams his left hand down to make sure I avoid it). He also still does the triple slam. He will also use the things on his back to hit the ground in front of him, and circle the room with them to try and hit you. Just keep dashing left or right and they won't catch up to you. If you're brave you can jump and hit his hand as you do this. After his health drops enough he will fall down again, hit his head until he gets back up and get away.

In the next phase he will sometimes summon a ring of fire, as far as I know you'll need to dodge out of the ring to avoid damage, you can't run out of it. He still slams his left hand down and sometimes swipes it, and still does the triple slam and uses the things on his back to hit you sometimes too. Once you get him to a little below half he will summon a bunch of puppets, which you should be able to easily kill. When he's dead, you'll get an achievement.

Master of Puppets

Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

Master of Puppets
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You'll be back in the Arcane Core.

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