6. Anima: Gate of Memories 4th Wing

4th Wing

No map for this, this area is multilevel and the map only shows the basic outline of the place, so it's not very helpful.

Now head up to the 2nd floor and go to 4th wing, which is the south door on the 2nd floor. Follow the path. You'll run into archers. Shoot them with Magic Beam. By the first one you'll see some pots and the purple flame of an item. Break the pots to get the Life Soul. Follow the path until you reach a gap, try to jump across and you'll drop, the Zero mask will appear, talk to him. Backtrack until you see him again, talk to him. Now jump off the edge and land on the platform below you. Follow the path up to find a Naga Flute. Now follow the path down. You'll face a Golden Knight. He doesn't take much damage from magic but that's how I chose to fight him anyway because he's incredibly annoying in melee range. He dashes at you to melee, and then he usually follows with a second swing after dashing at you again, so it's pretty annoying to deal with. However if you're far enough away he won't dash at you until he closes the distance. I just stayed far away from him and used Magic Beam. He only has one ranged attack, where he summons 2 orbs and throws them at you, but he didn't seem to use it much. Once he's dead follow the path to the bottom and hit the switch, a block will appear you can use to get back up. Now follow the path up, using the block to jump across the gap. At the end you'll find a door to the next area.

Ancient Graveyard

Ancient Graveyard

Go forward. A Shadow will spawn, which does damage if it touches you, stay away and blast it with Magic Beam. It should die in one hit. Through the arch follow the wall on the left around to find an alcove with a Life Soul. Continue north until you reach a fork, take the east path. You'll see a Dux on the way, and at the end is an NPC to talk to. Now go back to the fork and head north. You'll come across a Malekith Memory, and if you look left you'll see an Armor Core. Once you grab the memory a bunch of shadows will spawn, stay away from them and blast them. Note that a ton spawn, so either move the camera often to catch newly spawned shadows or move far away from this middle section so they all come from one side. Once they're dead head east to the exit.

City Outskirts

No map for this one.

This area occurs in a 2d plane, there's 1 or 2 other areas like this in the 4th wing. It doesn't change the game much, just a lot more jumping than usual. Head east to find a Magic Soul, and find some enemies. You can just blast them with magic. Continue forward. You'll have to face a Dullahan who loves spamming his ranged attack along with a lot of Dark Memories and Dark Memory Archers. I would generally sit at one edge of the arena and spam Magic Beam. When the Dullahan's missiles come toward you, use melee to get rid of them. When the Dullahan got close I'd run to the other side of the arena. Repeat until he dies. Following the path you'll run into a pretty annoying mini-boss. You can only stand on the floating platforms, and they disappear from time to time. The orb in the background is the boss, lock onto it to hit it reliably. It has a few attacks. The first one involves a bunch of black columns on the screen, this will turn into a big pillar of dark energy that hurts you, just get out of it's range. Another attack is where the orb charges up and shoots a beam of energy at you. The last is where you'll see a static energy thing, which will turn into orbs that hurt you (there's 3). You'll need to dodge them all, shoot magic at the orb, and make sure you aren't standing on a platform that is about to disappear. Generally speaking I would shoot one Magic Beam, wait until it attacks, then get off another beam, etc. If you get greedy and try to get too many Magic Beams in between attacks you'll pay for it. Once it's dead keep heading right until you fall into a new area.

Sewer Labyrinth

Sewer Labyrinth

Follow the path, keeping an eye on the left side so you can get a Life Soul. At the fork go south for a War Anima, then go west. You'll have to fight a Living Nightmare. Hit it with a few Magic Beams to reveal the core, then hit the core with melee. It usually fires a bolt of energy when the core first appears. You'll see an eye or whatever, if you're in front of it, it will fire. To avoid it get on the other side of the orb, technically "behind" it. When it's dead follow the path to another fork. You'll see a cloud of energy, you'll need to avoid it many times in this dungeon. For now go east at the fork to find a Malekith Memory and the Lawbringer weapon. 2 Magitek golems will spawn, avoid their attacks while blasting them with Magic Beam. After they're dead head back to the fork and go north. You'll find a Slave Chain at the end behind some boxes. A bunch of archers will spawn, blast them with magic. Return to the fork and go west. You'll come across a bunch of memory knights, they have no ranged attack so stay away and hit 'em with Magic Beam. At the fork head east to find a switch to hit, then return to the fork and go through the door you opened to the north. On the way the cloud will appear again and the game will tell you to run to the light. Find the nearest light (likely behind you) and stand in the light while the cloud passes. Continue north to the next area.

Inner Sewer

Inner Sewer

In the new area, go east at the fork for a Durandal, then go west. You'll see the cloud behind a switch, hit the switch. Go forward and take the path on the right going east. This leads to a big square room. A cloud patrols it going around the square clockwise, and there's lights throughout the path. Your first objective is going to the south end to find a passageway to a Malekith Memory. Once you get it you'll have to face 2 magitek golems along with a bunch of the smaller ones. I chose to blast the golems and then kill the smaller ones later. By now you should have the upgrade to Magic Beam to do AoE damage when it hits something, so you can do a lot of damage to the smaller ones while you hit the big ones. Once they're dead you want to head to the east side of the square to find an exit. Right when you go in, look for a box on a platform to the right and break it to get a Life Soul. Go through the first archway and immediately turn left and get the Life Soul on the platform above you. Go through the next archway and then look for a War Core behind some boxes on a wooden platform to the left.

Follow the path north to encounter another living nightmare and a bunch of shadows. Kill the shadows first and then kill the living nightmare. Continue north to a fork and go east. In here go south and then straight east to find a Life Fragment. Now head south to find a platforming section. You'll need to stay on the planks to avoid falling. A Blue Fire artifact will be on a platform to the left, grab it while you go across. Your real objective is to reach the end and hit the switch. There's no enemies on the way, so it's all about landing your jumps. Generally speaking you don't need to double jump to most of the platforms (and double jumping makes it harder to land in my opinion). Once you hit the switch go back. Return to the fork of this "C" shaped area and go north. Go east to the portal and save/buy stuff if you need it. Once back in the Inner Sewer, head west until you see a path going north.

This part sucks. You'll have a cloud chasing you and you have to go through a maze while you try to outrun it. After the short scene take the left path. Go straight to the wall and then west, then north (jump over the pipe). Then go east and then west when you see a break in the wall. Follow the path until you can go left or right, go left and jump over the gate. Now you just need to go north, but you have to avoid the spike traps. You'll find a switch. Hit it, and backtrack to before this gauntlet. Archers will spawn on the way. Once you're back to where it starts, head west to the fork, and then west again. The door to the next area is open but we aren't quite done yet. Head west. You'll have to deal with another cloud, though this time we have to use magic to activate the green gems to create light. The catch is that only one light can be active at a time, so if you activate the next one, the one behind you goes dark. The first one is right in front of you. The next one is on the right behind some boxes. The third is behind some boxes on the left. The idea is the same, hit a switch, stand in the light, wait for the cloud to pass, then hit the next switch and stand in the new light. Repeat. Hit the switch at the end and then backtrack to where the exit to the portal room is. You'll have to face some shadows, a living nightmare, and some melee guys. When you get to the portal room, go in the door nearby we just opened with the switch to get a Malekith Memory. Now use the exit to Cardinal Fear Castle we opened, in the north of the map.

Cardinal Fear Castle

Cardinal Fear Castle

Go straight ahead for the last Malekith Memory. A Djinn will spawn. He has a ranged attack that stuns you and I'm not sure what else he does. Magic Beam staggers him so I just spammed it until I ran out of magic, let it regenerate, and then blasted him with a bunch of Beams again and he died. Go south after it's dead to find a Prison Key, and go through the water wall to find a Dream Mirror. Head back toward the entrance and take the north path. Once the room opens up immediately look right for a Magic Soul. Go forward and a bunch of melee and archers will spawn. As always kill the archers first. Once all the melee enemies are dead 2 living shadows will spawn. Try to use the pillars in the room to separate them to make them easier to deal with. Once they're dead you want to check the 3rd pillar back from the northernmost ones on the right to find a Ki Soul behind it. Continue north to the halls of nightmare.

Halls of Nightmare

Another 2d section with no map

Prepare for a stealth section. You need to move east when Malekith isn't looking at you. Basically, when he moves down and disappears you need to rush to the next object to hide behind (usually a pillar or block), as standing behind something means he can't see you. To start head east using the pillars. When you have to jump to the next platform, be warned that the platform will move back and forth so you'll have to move to stay behind the pillar. Past those 2 platforms just move between them as he disappears. After a couple pillars you'll see a box, you need to push it when he's not looking. Note that only when he's standing facing you can he see you. When he appears far in the background looking to the right you can push safely for a bit. Note that sometimes he doesn't stay far away for as long, so be ready to dash back to a pillar. Once you've pushed it all the way to the wall, wait for a chance and then double jump over the wall and stand behind a pillar. For the next section, Malekith will be looking at you 24/7. You'll see blocks moving back and forth, you have to move behind these and stay behind them to avoid detection. The first one goes left and then goes up, stand in front of the pillar it stops and goes down at. Wait for a 2nd block coming from below, and use that to get behind the big pillar. Wait here for the third block, which can take a long time to come. Follow it east until you reach steps, then you can run up these to reach the core.

As a side note, this is one of the places you can grind for levels. I grinded to 12 (for arcane summon for the boss, which ended up being a waste of time IMO), but you don't need to. You'll hit 20 for the achievement during your NG+ playthrough regardless. If you want to, simply go back to the Halls of Nightmare and walk west until enemies spawn. Kill all but one, and then go east to the stairs and the enemies despawn, and you can go west to spawn them again. If you kill them all go up the stairs to leave the area, and return to respawn them. Like I said, not necessary, but if you want to you can.

Malekith Core

Prop the memories up and go through the boss door. This will likely be the boss fight that frustrates people the most, for a number of reasons.

-Creates clones that have some of the same abilities as him. So, when he does this you'll be facing 5-10 clones that will all fire spells at you.
-An attack he uses that reverses your controls and poisons you. You can't dodge this.
-Flips the screen so you're upside down. Can't dodge this either.
-Creates clones and they fly in a circle around you. The real Malekith will throw spells at you and sometimes flips the screen upside down while doing this. Despite sounding awful this is the most pleasant attack he may use.

As always, you want to blast Malekith with Magic Beam, though you can use Energy Cutter if you're at least level 11 and have the cost reduction upgrade. If it hits, it will stagger him, meaning you can spam the spell at him and hit him again and again. However, he disappears or teleports often, so you won't be able to lay a ton of damage on him at once. Generally the fight goes like this. You hit him with Magic Beams and he teleports away after 5-10 hits. If he doesn't summon clones or starts his circle thing, just go up to him and blast him with Magic Beam again. If he summons clones, you want to lock on to one Malekith and jump and use air beam, which homes in on enemies and fully upgraded will go through their own bolts. If it kills them it was a clone, if it doesn't it's the real one. If it's the real one lock on to a different Malekith. This is important, because obviously less clones means you aren't getting bounced around, but they also give health, which is critical in this fight. The other option is that he summons clones and they all form a circle around you. Here only the real Malekith attacks. As a result dodging Malekith's attacks are easy (just dodge) but it's important to kill as many clones as you can for the health though. Magic Beam won't hit them, you need to use Air Beam. Once the clones are dead hit Malekith with Air Beam for a little extra damage until he stops spinning.

he also has other attacks he can use. He can throw 5 bolts one after another, or one big bolt. He can charge up and release a gigantic beam, the only way to avoid damage is to dodge right when it's shot. He can also summon a bunch of red tornadoes that will chase you. He can use other spells while the tornadoes are around, so you have to avoid them and also watch Malekith. He also has a 2 swing melee attack, but you should stay out of melee range as much as possible. He will summon the clones to fight you 3 times in the fight, and generally does his circle thing about 5 times, it seems. Once he's dead you'll be back in Arcane Core with a shiny new achievement.

Inner Nightmare

Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

Inner Nightmare
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Head over to Romeo (through the portal in the Core at the top of the first landing of stairs) and talk to him. When you go back to rest, you should have a conversation about Romeo, and that should be the last one if you haven't got it already (with Malekith and Eli being the others), giving you an achievement.

Midnight Chitchat!

Finish all possible conversations with Ergo.

Midnight Chitchat!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

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