Animal Super Squad Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


  • I didn't do this but it might help with some of the harder levels (you could bring the helicopter instead of the suggested) Suggested by Blue Radium,"There is a trick where if you bail from a vehicle right before the forced vehicle change, the vehicle you bailed from comes through the machine. You can use this to access the junk propeller on every level."
  • I don't know where the junk propeller is obtained and the WT doesn't either.
  • Hats can all be obtained on one level if you want to skip the bonus levels I mentioned.
  • I call SPECIAL a TURBO so use cn_A when I suggest.
  • There is a trick to getting 20 hats without hunting them down. There is a trick to getting all the "5 level" achievements by using community pages. So all you really need to do is find the other pilots. I will still point out other hats/collectibles as I have to be thorough to prevent rejection from the site.


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