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BioWare will be "redesigning" Anthem over the next few months

BioWare's latest blog has some big news for Anthem. They've decided, after taking on player feedback, that in order to bring out Anthem's "full potential", they're going to start focusing on a long-term redesign of the game.

Posted 6 months ago by Heidi Nicholas 59

Season of Skulls is Live Now for Anthem

Following on from the Cataclysm, Season of Skulls is a themed event running the length of the season. The Season of Skulls is "a festival of the fallen and a celebration of humanity's survival".

Posted 10 months ago by Heidi Nicholas 20

Anthem Livestream Details the Cataclysm

Bioware used a Twitch livestream to share details of the upcoming Cataclysm content for Anthem, which is about to enter a 2-3 week public testing phase on PC.

Posted 1 year ago by Lucy Wood 18

Anthem's Shrinking Player Base is Wrecking Matchmaking

Despite bringing some players back into the game, The Sunken Cell stronghold seems like it hasn't been enough to solve matchmaking problems that are starting to appear throughout the game.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

The Sunken Cell Arrives in Anthem

Two weeks ago, BioWare teased a new stronghold for Anthem. The stronghold has made a surprise appearance today alongside patch 1.1.0, and it's now called The Sunken Cell.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith