Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition Reviews

  • Zeppelin041Zeppelin041986,357
    20 Aug 2021
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    Amazing game, really hits you in the feels if you grew up on the chrono trigger and older final fantasy games. Great story, honestly almost grinded it out 3 days no sleep because I could not stop playing it. Hope it gets a sequel because not many know about this game, Deff one to pick up if you enjoy that old classic style turn based and great story rpg. Honestly what was really great about it is the controversy between the vampires & elves with the humans kind of just thrown in the middle trying to survive and it’s based on a huge world floating in the sky thanks to some ancient elven magic….for being made as an old style game the graphics for that style turned out to be quite beautiful.
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    EchelonSixthe kind of review i like. some people here downvote reviews if you dont write an entire essay about every fart the game has to offer. i care about a short information if a game is worth my time. upvote
    Posted by EchelonSix On 22 Feb at 02:29
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