ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Walkthrough

5. Miscellaneous/Missable

All the achievements in this section are technically missable. If you disagree, I'm sorry. My reasoning is solid, or at least it seems so to me, but it would take longer than I'd like to explain it, and most of you probably don't care, anyway. The exceptions are a couple of the level based achievements, but I decided to group them together because it looked better, and I want my guide to be as sexy as she can be.

Deft Hands in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Craft your first item
  • Unlocked by 6,919 tracked gamers (65% - TA Ratio = 1.24) 10,704

Just craft anything. Real easy.

Alchemist in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Alchemist29 (20)
Brew 50 potions or elixirs
  • Unlocked by 4,962 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.46) 10,704

You'll have to craft a lot of potions and elixirs for "Richer Than Diego." Just keep pickin' those flowers!

Weaponsmith in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Craft 5 weapons
  • Unlocked by 3,301 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.80) 10,704

The easiest way to do this is to craft the Mageglass Sword. The ingredients are all incredibly easy to find. You can find this sword in a chest in the mountains southeast of the Cleaved Maiden Tavern.

Merchant in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Merchant29 (20)
Sell 200 items
  • Unlocked by 5,253 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 10,704

While selling everything for "Richer Than Diego," you'll get this.

Glutton in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Glutton17 (10)
Consume 200 items
  • Unlocked by 3,661 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.70) 10,704

Using runes counts towards this achievement. With that in mind, use a rune every time one is available until you get the achievement. If you don't have it by the time you get to the point of return (Refer to Legend), just save, and eat every single consumable you can.

Don't want to be a fat man, have not the patience to ignore all that. Hate to admit to myself half of my problems came from being fat. Won't waste my time feeling sorry for him; I seen the other side to being thin. Roll us both down a mountain and I'm sure the fat man would win.

Knight in Shining Armor in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Complete all quests
  • Unlocked by 3,778 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.68) 10,704

There are no hidden, or even particularly difficult quests to find in this game. Every quest is clearly marked on the map, and they're always in towns, or around buildings. Just by following the main quest, you'll be taken to just about every place that has a side quest. Check your map frequently for exclamation points.

This should unlock around the time you get the "Forged by Destiny" achievement. It seems to unlock at different times for people. You don't have to complete all the quests, but you do have to complete the majority of them.

Bad Dog in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Bad Dog53 (30)
Defeat Jabo’s watchdog
  • Unlocked by 3,491 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.75) 10,704

On your way out of the Sea Cliff Monastery and into the Black Gorges, you'll hop down from a ledge and meet a monk who will offer you the quest Seeds for Jabo. Once you have the seeds, you'll need to deliver them to Jabo. Jabo can be found in the Northern part of the jungle. Just keep heading North, and don't enter the temple ruins. Once you've given the seeds to Jabo, talk to him again and he'll offer you a quest to kill his watchdog.

If you can't find Jabo, refer to the map in the collectibles section. His hut is clearly labeled.

Explorer in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Explorer29 (20)
Cover more than 50Km on foot
  • Unlocked by 5,191 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 10,704

This is basically story related. I got it before I even hit Tooshoo. If you only did the main quest, maybe, just maybe you could miss it. But I seriously doubt that.

Awakened in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Reach Level 2
  • Unlocked by 9,193 tracked gamers (86% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 10,704

Refer to "Legend."

Greenhorn in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Greenhorn12 (10)
Reach Level 5
  • Unlocked by 7,096 tracked gamers (66% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 10,704

Refer to "Legend."

Adventurer in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Adventurer27 (20)
Reach Level 10
  • Unlocked by 5,896 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 10,704

Refer to "Legend."

Veteran in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Veteran63 (40)
Reach Level 20
  • Unlocked by 4,271 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.58) 10,704

Refer to "Legend."

Legend in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Legend59 (20)
Reach Level 30
  • Unlocked by 1,220 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.96) 10,704

To get this achievement, you'll have to kill just about every monster and do every quest. Explore every area thoroughly before moving on to the next. That's really all there is to it. It's easier to screw up than it sounds. Below is some general information to make things easier. Enjoy.

Points of no return:

There are two points of no return. A point of no return refers to a point in the game at which the only thing you're allowed to do is continue with the main story. No exploring, no going back to previous areas, ETC.

First thing's first, when you get the quest "The Beacon," with the objective that reads, "Touch the teleporter," save your game, and do not overwrite it! This will be your fallback save. If you forget to do anything, or collect anything, or whatever, load this save.

The first point of no return is when you teleport into Xardas' Tower, using the teleportation crystal atop the Northern lighthouse in Thorniara. Note: This one can be avoided if you activated the teleportation circle at the fortress entrance, entitled "Rhobar's Fortress - Forecourt." If you activated it, you can simply teleport back and forth from Xardas' Tower and Thorniara. If you didn't activate, then there's no going back to Thorniara, or anywhere else.

The second point of no return is when you exit the Xoldren Tunnels. This will be shortly after you fight a couple Ahn'Bael and Demonlords... all at once. As soon as you jump off the ledge, and onto the mountain side near the Sea Cliff Monastery, there's no going back. There's a vendor still at the monastery, as well as several chairs/beds in case you forgot to get "Relaxed Attitude."

Here is a short list of quests that have a good amount of "Missable" XP:


Do the first quest for Gilana that requires you to talk to Vultus. While talking to Vultus, accept his quest. Return to Gilana and turn in the quest, and then accept her next quest. Do both of these quests, and then turn them in. Now, both Vultus and Gilana will offer you a quest that takes you to the same place, and offers the same rewards. Choose whichever.


Rhobar's Fortress:

You'll have to talk to Lester. He'll tell you to talk to Rauter, or Jilvie, or Daranis. Talk to all of them, and accept each of their quests. You can only complete one of these quests, but you can still go down all three paths and kill all of the enemies. Be sure to explore every nook & cranny of each path. Ya never know where the zombies will spawn.

Rauter's path: To get to Rauter's path, head out the gate to the South. Follow the path (It's pretty linear) until you get to the barred door. Don't open it yet!

Jilvie's path: To get to Jilvie's path, from the teleporter, head Southeast and down the stairs next to Rauter's path. Continue down the path, enter the building marked by the quest and talk to Snaf. You'll get 1,900 XP. Now follow Snaf over to the bridge and kill the 5 enemies. DO NOT talk to Snaf after killing the 5 enemies, or you'll finish Rhobar's Fortress and get the least amount of XP for it.

Daranis' path: To get to Daranis' path, head into the building to the North, and exit out the door to the Northeast. Follow the path, kill all the enemies and the golem. DON'T talk to Daranis again.

Now that you've killed everything there is to kill, and milked all the XP you can from these paths, it's time to finally finish the quest. You'll get the most XP for completing the quest by way of Rauter's path. 2,800 XP + about 10 monster kills at 35 XP each. Daranis' path is a close second at 2,900 XP.

The Sleeper Amulet:

After dealing with the 16 cultists and speaking with Daranis, he'll tell you that each of the mages has a solution to the problem. Talk to all three of the mages, and accept all three quests. You can complete whichever one you want, they all reward the same amount of XP on completion, just make sure that you kill all 5 Ahn'Bael before completing and turning in any of the quests.

If you kill the 5 Ahn'Bael, you may just want to turn in that quest and be done with it, but if for some reason you want to turn in a different quest, this should help you out:

Meteoric ore locations:

  • Slums: There's a house on the East side of the slums near a tunnel. Jump on a rock to get to the roof.
  • Fortress: Inside the fortress on a balcony.
  • Temple: One is just outside the temple. Another is on a bookshelf in a house with an open door, and the last is South of the cemetary gate, near several benches.
  • Harbor: On the boat, atop some boxes. West end of the harbor, before the gate leading to the lighthouse, atop a broken box next to a broken barrel.

Rune locations:

  1. Located atop the southern lighthouse in the harbor.
  2. Located atop the bastion near the arena. This is the place where you freed Maldun. You can find stairs to the top East of Maldun's holding cell. At the top of the stairs, head West.
  3. In the fortress. Facing King Rhobar, turn right and head up the stairs. Pass through the room with the water pipe and you'll see the rune against the wall on the left.

Chickenbane in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Kill 10 chickens in the game
  • Unlocked by 3,896 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.65) 10,704

If you get to the point of no return and you don't have this achievement, you'll have to start a new game. It won't take you all that long to get back to the Cleaved Maiden, but it won't be fun. Chickens can only be found in 3 places:

  • The starting island.
  • The Cleaved Maiden. Be prepared for some serious guilt if you kill these chickens.
  • The small farm just North over the bridge from the Cleaved Maiden. Not to be confused with Ogtar's Farm.

If you miss the chickens on the starting island, you can still get the achievement. I didn't kill a single one on the island, and still got it.

Richer than Diego in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Hoard 200`000 pieces of gold
  • Unlocked by 981 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.30) 10,704

This can be a rough achievement. You'll have to have 200,000 gold at once! Don't buy anything, and you'll have to kill and loot just about everything. Also, gather every ingredient that you see, as you'll need to craft potions and sell them. Never sell the ingredients for potions or elixirs--EVER! Turn the ingredients into potions or elixirs, then sell them. You probably won't have many vials (Or whatever) when it comes time for you to start crafting and selling, so feel free to buy some. They cost a bit, but the potions you make with them will usually sell for double what you paid, if not more. Not all potions were created equal; a mana potion that restores 100 mana will sell for a different amount of gold than a health potion that restores 100 health. As I mentioned in the overview, try to avoid using any potions yourself. If you must heal, use bandages.

Until you get to the end of the game, I would recommend that you don't sell anything. You have infinite inventory space, so there's really point in selling anything until you're ready to get the achievement. Once you get to the point of return--Refer to "Legend"--there will be one last vendor that you will sell everything to. Save before doing this, and sell every single thing you have. Once you've no more weapons/armor to sell, start crafting potions/elixirs and sell those, when you've no more ingredients with which to make potions/elixirs, start selling runes and weapon recipes.

If you've been dilligent with picking flowers, looting enemies and opening chests, you should get this achievement. I had about 205,000 when I finished selling everything, so there's a little leeway.

Champion in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Champion25 (20)
Kill 100 enemies with melee weapons
  • Unlocked by 6,698 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 1.26) 10,704

Melee is going to be your best friend. Especially if you're going for "Richer Than Diego." Magic is slow to kill generally, and arrows can run out. Melee is what you'll be using to kill the majority of the enemies with.

Duelist in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Duelist53 (20)
Kill 100 enemies with flurries
  • Unlocked by 1,516 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.65) 10,704

To unlock Flurry, you have to invest at least one in Discipline. You should invest a lot more, though. Anyway, swing with your weapon, and as soon as it glows gold, swing again to perform a Flurry. Simply land the killing blow with a Flurry 100 times. Note: This is best done earlier than later, because later, enemies are a lot stronger, and they will deal a ton of damage to you while you perform the Flurry animation.

Marksman in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Marksman34 (20)
Kill 100 enemies with ranged weapons
  • Unlocked by 3,698 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.70) 10,704

Refer to "Sniper."

Sniper in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Sniper58 (20)
Kill 100 enemies with headshots
  • Unlocked by 1,277 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.89) 10,704

The best way to get this is to lower an enemy's health with melee, shock him with Lightning Bolt (Or by throwing a tennis ball), and then pop him in the head. It's much easier to hit an enemy's head if you invest in Precision enough to get the unique skill, Steady Hand. It can be a bit hard to tell if you got a headshot; if the enemy's corpse gets knocked back, or the attack deals an abnormally high amount of damage, that's a good dication.

As with "Duelist," the sooner you get this achievement, the better.

Battlemage in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Battlemage42 (20)
Kill 100 enemies with magic
  • Unlocked by 2,476 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.07) 10,704

Refer to "Arcane Reaper."

Arcane Reaper in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Kill 300 enemies with magic
  • Unlocked by 1,516 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.65) 10,704

The best way to get this is to invest in Dominance until you get the unqiue skill, Slay. Not only is Slay incredibly useful later in the game, but it makes getting magic kills real easy. Just lower their health with melee, then blast 'im with electricity. Note: Do not invest in Slay until you've got the "Sniper" achievement. Stunning enemies at 10 - 20% of their HP, then shooting them in the head is the best way to get that achievement. Slay will make that impossible!

Deadly Adversary in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Defeat 500 enemies
  • Unlocked by 5,002 tracked gamers (47% - TA Ratio = 1.46) 10,704

Refer to "Army of One."

Army of One in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Defeat 1000 enemies
  • Unlocked by 3,837 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.67) 10,704

If you're going for "Legend," You're gonna get this achievement. Hell, even if you're not searching every nook & cranny for enemies you'll probably get this achievement. If you're coming up to the point of no return--Refer to "Legend"--and you don't have it, start exploring the world again, and killing anything you might've missed.

Master Chef in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Master Chef267 (10)
Learn all recipes
  • Unlocked by 15 tracked gamers (0% - TA Ratio = 26.70) 10,704

As I mentioned in the overview, this achievement and "Geek" are currently glitched and unobtainable. On top of being unobtainable, this achievement is missable. Did I just blow your mind?

JoWood have said that a patch is on the way, so with that mind, below is a list of recipes and where you can get them. This list was NOT made by me, I just copied and pasted it. It was written entirely by II OE II from Big thanks to him for letting me use it!

NOTE: Any missable recipes that have a specific location will have a BLUE color. These are recipies that you MUST get before progressing with the story too far. Failure to collect the blue recipes before leaving the region will require you to reload an old save or possibly starting a new save file. Check the warnings below for more information.

WARNING!: Any recipes that can only be obtained from Feshyr Island are missable and you cannot go back once you give Lyrca the bundle of herbs from Diego.

WARNING!: The "Mana Potion" recipe is actually named "Potentiation of Minor Mana Potion" so be on the look for a double listing in your inventory. I have marked down the ones found in Melog's Hut and Silverlake Keep Archives to be the regular version (made from plants) and the potentiation of minor mana potions (combine 2 minor to make one regular) is found on Alzar's body near the Valley of Blood.

WARNING!: Mama Hooqua in Tooshoo will stop selling items (and more specifically the "Strong Mana Potions" and "Elixir of Arcane Might" recipes) after you rescue Lester from the Orc Cave. Be sure to purchase the recipe before heading off to rescue him.

Setarrifian War Robe - secret room with Ancient Relic at Sea Cliff Monastary

Fire Arrows - Branson in Stewark Keep
Light Frost Arrows -
Muck Wasp Arrows - Mama Hooqua in Blackwater, Calamus' Hut at Tooshoo

Dragonslayer Bolts - Haggir in Thorniara Market
Lurker Bolts - Welgard at Silverlake Keep
Serrated Bolts - Borran in Blackwater


Bracers of the Shaman - chest upstairs in Worgen's Shop at Stewark Keep, south house with the Innos statuette in Stewark Keep, Welgard at Silverlake Keep

Ore Amulet - quest from Nejos in Blackwater, Caldar at Sea Cliff Monastery

Quintessence of Hatred - Zoldren Tunnels
Quintessence of Spite - Zoldren Tunnels
Quintessence of Woe - Zoldren Tunnels
Quitessence of Wrath - Zoldren Tunnels
Steel Ingot - Welgard at Silverlake Keep, Borran in Blackwater, Caldar at Sea Cliff Monastery, Sacred Forge

One-Handed Weapons
Blazing Avenger (upgrades Sword of Vengeance) - locked chest in Mari's House in Thorniara
Burning Blade - Rhonda in Stewark Keep
Mageglass Sword - chest in the mountains southeast of Cleaved Maiden Tavern, Rhonda in Stewark Keep
Ore Forged Mace - Shipwrecks chest in the Jungle, Rigo in Thorniara Market
Sword of Vengeance - Sacred Forge
The Bearded Axe - locked chest in The Goddess' Temple, Haggir in Thorniara Market, Rigo in Thorniara Market, Snips at Thorniara Harbor

Ranged Weapons
Antique Crossbow - Forgotten Grave on the beach of Tooshoo, Caldar at Sea Cliff Monastery
Arcane Crossbow - locked chest behind a house at the west end of Stewark Keep
Bow of Woe - Sacred Forge
Minecrawler Crossbow - locked chest in The Goddess' Temple
Ranger's Bow - chest in house at Hunter's Lodge
Woebringer (upgrades Bow of Woe) - locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara

Runic Armor
Rune-Etched Myrtanian Cuirass - Zoldren Tower
Rune-Etched Myrtanian Leather Cuirass - Zoldren Tower
Rune-Etched Myrtanian Plate Armor - Zoldren Tower
Rune-Etched Myrtanian War Robe - Zoldren Tower

Aegis of Rancour (upgrades Shield of Bitterness) - locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Shield of Bitterness - Sacred Forge

Two-Handed Weapons
Awakened Wrath of Innos (upgrades Wrath of Innos) - locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Blade of the Battlemage - quest from Welgard at Silverlake Keep, Borran in Blackwater
Hatred's Reaper - Find all 30 Beliar Artefacts
Master Blade - Welgard at Silverlake Keep
The Dragon Axe - Caldar at Sea Cliff Monastery, Haggir in Thorniara Market, Snips in Thorniara Harbor
Wrath of Innos - Sacred Forge

Alma's Best - Alma's House in Feshyr Village, Diego's Cave on Feshyr Island, Lyrca's Hut on Feshyr Island
Beliar's Blood - chest behind Snip's house in Thorniara Harbor, locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Draught of the Conqueror - locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Eagle Eye Elixir - quest from Nejos in Blackwater
Elixir of Arcane Might - Mama Hooqua in Blackwater
Elixir of the Berserker - secret room at Sea Cliff Monastery
Elixir of Black Bile - Jabo's Hut
Elixir of Dark Tears - locked chest at Silverlake Keep. locked chest at Shurak's Tower
Elixir of Prowess - Borran in Blackwater, quest from Mama Hooqua in Blackwater, Mama Hooqua in Blackwater, Lester's Hut in Tooshoo
Elixir of Strength - quest from Mama Hooqua in Blackwater
Elixir of the Seven Winds - Melog's Medicine Chest, Lester's Hut in Tooshoo, Mari in Thorniara
Elixir of the Warrior - chest at Silverlake Keep, locked chest in Silverlake Orc Cave
Elixir of the Whirling Hand - Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif, Rigo in Thorniara Market, Snips in Thorniara Harbor, Cera in Thorniara Fortress
Essence of Immortality - locked chest in the Innos Temple of Thorniara
Greater Eagle Eye Elixir - Thom in Thorniara Market
Greater Elixir of Arcane Might - locked chest in the Goddess' Temple, Rigo in Thorniara Market, Snips in Thorniara Harbor
Greater Elixir of Prowess - Thom in Thorniara Market
Greater Elixir of Strength - Thom in Thorniara Market
Heartsting Elixir - secret room at Sea Cliff Monastery
Ironhide Elixir - secret room at Sea Cliff Monastery, Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif
Lesser Eagle Eye Elixir - chest in house at Hunter's Lodge
Lesser Elixir of Arcane Might - Silverlake Keep Archives
Lesser Elixir of Prowess - Ulfrich (northeast of Cleaved Maiden), chest on the beach just northwest of the Watch Tower near Cleaved Maiden, chest in the Watch Tower southwest of Cleaved Maiden, Elgan in Stewark
Lesser Elixir of Strength - Welgard at Silverlake Keep, on a barrel at Silverlake Keep
Nighteye Elixir - Ulrich's herb field northeast of Cleaved Maiden, Worgen in Stewark Keep
Stewark Cider Vinegar - quest from Gerrick in Stewark Keep
Stoneskin Elixir -
Strongtoe Applebrew - quest from Ingor in Stewark Keep
Swift Death - locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Worgan's Secret Reserve - quest from Worgan in Stewark Keep
Wasp Elixir - locked chest in northeast goblin cave near Valley of Blood, locked Ranger chest in the goblin cave north of Silverlake Keep

Brackwater Stew - northwest house in Blackwater, Mama Hooqua in Blackwater
Grilled Meat - Feshyr Village, Blue Toadstool Cave on Feshyr Island
Grilled Minecrawler Meat - locked chest at Orc Deserter camp in the Jungle, Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif, locked chest in The Goddess' Temple, Tadoy's Cave
Grilled Venison - Gunda at Hunter's Lodge/Silverlake Keep, chest in a Hunter's Lodge house
Meat Stew - chest in a cave northeast from Cleaved Maiden, Murdra at the Cleaved Maiden
Meat Bug Stew - reward from Jabo in the Jungle, Refugee Camp near Setarrif, Snips inThorniara Harbor, locked chest in Snaf's house in Thorniara Plaza
Shadowbeast Steak - locked chest near Orc Deserter camp in the Jungle, Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif
Spicy Haunches - Caldar at Sea Cliff Monastery, locked chest in the Jungle Temple, Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif
Stewark Stew - quest from Ogtar in Stewark

Healing Potion (Potentiation of Minor Healing Potion) quest from Semele at Silverlake Keep
Healing Potion - Gunda at Hunter's Lodge, quest from Gunda at Hunter's Lodge/Silverlake Keep
Mana Potion (Potentiation of Minor Mana Potion) - Alzar's Body near the Valley of Blood
Mana Potion - Melog's Hut, Silverlake Keep Archives
Mighty Healing Potion - Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif
Mighty Mana Potion - Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif
Mighty Stamina Potion - Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif
Minor Healing Potion - reward from Ulfrich (northeast of Cleaved Maiden), Worgen in Stewark Keep
Minor Mana Potion - Ranger chest in a cave northeast of Cleaved Maiden, chest in goblin camp southwest of Cleaved Maiden
Minor Stamina Potion - chest at Garv's camp, Dartan's Hut
Potent Healing Potion - reward from Jabo in the Jungle, locked chest at Orc Deserter camp in the Jungle
Potent Mana Potion - reward from Jabo in the Jungle, locked chest at Orc Deserter camp in the Jungle
Stamina Potion - Gunda at Hunter's Lodge/Silverlake Keep
Strong Healing Potion - Borran in Blackwater
Strong Mana Potion - Mama Hooqua in Blackwater

Geek in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
Geek40 (40)
Obtain all other achievements
  • No tracked gamers have this achievement 10,704

As I mentioned in the overview, this achievement and "Master Chef" are currently glitched and unobtainable.

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