Armed and Gelatinous Achievements

Armed and Gelatinous achievements will appear here when available.

Armed and Gelatinous Store Description

Armed and Gelatinous
Fast-paced blob warfare! Take on your friends in a fighting game of epic proportions! Grow your girth and firepower by gathering as many weapons as you can! Or play small, dodging bullets and charging up that super-lethal dash attack to unleash on unsuspecting opponents! Switch things up and take to the field in 1v1, 1v2, or 2v2 Blob Soccer! This exclusive demo showcases just two of the ten unique game modes in this upcoming space-based smash-n-dash. So break out the chips, heat up those nachos, fold up some tacos, and order a burrito while you're at it 'cause it's about to be a long night and the smack-talking just got real! They're Armed and Gelatinous and oh boy are they hungry!