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    Armored Core: Verdict Day is the latest entry of this hardcore mech-game series, it brings few additional features; improved multiplayer matching-system, the whole new storyline and a merged USA-EU-Asian version of the Game.

    AC:VD like it's predecessor's require a lot of time to build your War machine, to make it effective, you need to spend many hours in your garage, those without a patience could find it tiresome but I believe this is worthwhile and it`s why game fans love it so much. As a result, you only get out what you’re willing to put in. It takes a lot work.

    Sooo here we go!

    CAMPAIGN: 4/5
    "I have no idea what we did here, not that I ever do!"~Fatman

    The story is set after the events in ACV, "the Dark Raven" that you used to play is being mentioned at few retrospectives.
    Story missions and order missions that used to be separate in ACV, are merged together creating one whole new storyline, it's still not as good as was in AC:FA but much more better than ACV, that's for sure.
    You are a mercenary that work in small combany known as "Storkers", you got 2 friendly Operators, Maggy and Fatman that helps you through the missions. The world is split between 3 main factions that fights to gain control over Towers builded many years ago, and you are being set in the middle of action.
    Verdict Day does offer 60 decent story-driven missions that can be tackled alone, with a teammate or mercenary player, or, once unlocked, a programmable AI mech called a UNAC.

    "A:By the way, do we have a strategy?, B:Do we need one?, A:Same as always then, B:Shoot till they stop, then shoot some more!"~two enemy AC

    This is where the real fun begins!
    To join a multiplayer in World Mode, you must create or join small teams (up to 20 players) which in turn pledge allegiance to one of three factions. When you undertake online missions, the results impact the overall standing of your chosen faction. The players can fight either in their own teams, or sign up as mercenary to be picked up by another team. The War ends if there is only one faction left, or the time limit for this season has ended, it takes about 5 days. After the season ended there is a 1-hour break, when players can fight all Bosses in the game without sacreficing a special sortie. When this break will end, new war has started and all stats are being reset.
    While the community in ACV was pretty dead, here you can came across much more players online, especially because of merged version of the game and being able to add UNAC to your team squad. The battles can be fought between max 10 players(8+2 operators), each team can determine in sortie conditions, to fight on it's own territory (restoring AP of the terrain), or play offensive, damaging enemy faction territories. When there is no players at the moment your team will be sent on mission fighting defensive instalations, after completing 6 missions as victor, you are getting a change to fight an enemy in their custom-made territory or BOSS battle if there is no players at the moment. Winning a Special sortie is the only way to destroy an enemy territory as a final blow, if this territory AP is at emergency state.

    ACVD extra features:
    "It seems that this era is about to end..., To raise a new one, that doesn't sound that bad."

    After completing several missions in Story mode you will be able to load and customize your own unac, unac can be customized just like your own AC, but in addition you need to customize it's operations aswell, it's goes for in what range should he fight, when shoot equipped weapons, evasive manuevers, detection range and much more. To create a powerful unacs you need to spend much more time than creating your own AC, but good-customized unac can fight just as fine as average players. So if you don't have full team, that would help a lot! You can also purchase complete unacs from the marketplace, that can serve as another AC for you to use.
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    matdanSo how does it compare to ACV achievements and difficulty and other such things? Nice review, awesome game.
    Posted by matdan on 05 Feb 14 at 03:53
    Cid OniStory related achievement are easier mostly due to, "no Zodiac subquest", and to obtain rank S, you don't need to finish mission almost perefctly, and ofcourse there is a unac that don't take your money when deployed (teammates and mercs does).
    The Boss battles are harder than in ACV (i used to solo all of them in ACV), here you need a decent, organized team to actually beat them all, good thing is that you dont need to grind your rank like in ACV, you can beat them on special sorties or after season has ended.
    Posted by Cid Oni on 05 Feb 14 at 16:16
    ScottMacFreedomI would like to mention to you Cid, I noticed at the start you didn't capitalize an I and you used ` instead of '.... And at the last line you didn't capitalize the C of AC...
    Just small things... I don't know why I am pointing them out...
    Enjoyed the review. When you opened with Fatman's quote... That was great...
    But in reply to your response to MatDan....
    UNAC's don't take a cut of your money for having them there.. However you do pay for the repairs and ammo... so that can cost a ton...
    But yah... Bosses are a pain... But once you know how... Really simple... Get a good team.
    Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 11 Feb 14 at 21:50
    Cid OniThanks for the info, I will edit those grammar mistakes.
    Abou the UNAC, that's true that you pay for ammo and repair, but if the UNAC will use only TE weapons and wield shields, he won't cost much money.
    Posted by Cid Oni on 15 Feb 14 at 08:52
    HarbringernightGreat review. Going to start it soon.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 05 Jul 17 at 02:41
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