Armored Freedom Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

The description for this game reads: "Armored Freedom is an intense strategy board game where giant robots fight for dominance." Alarm bells should be going off at the use of the word "intense" in combination with "strategy". If you're going to use a word like "intense" to describe the strategy in a genre that has heavy hitters like XCOM, Stellaris, Divinity and Halo Wars your game should be at least decent. On paper this description makes it sounds like the game should be good, have some potential, or at least be marginally interesting. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The only parts of that description that are true is that there are robots and a board (hex grid) involved.

To start off with the game is almost devoid of strategy. You always command a squad of 4 identical robots that are completely without any personality. You cannot customize them in any way, nor do they have any different stats. The robots will always have 12HP. On your turn, you'll roll 2 dice and split the result to move them. You can do one attack per turn once you finish moving. The entirety of the game is to just focus down the weakest enemy and then move onto the next one.

The core battle mechanic is to arm you with a random hand of 6 attack and defense cards ranging in value from 1 to 12. Your attack minus the enemy's defense equals the damage you do. The attack value is also the range of the attack. That's almost the entire game right there. The maps are randomly generated and each tile has small perks (+ or - to attack, defense, range, or movement). If it sounds like there's a high chance for RNG bias, there is. If it sounds like there really isn't that much strategy, that's also true. Pretty much all you do is make sure you're standing on a +attack or +defense tile.

There are also random power-ups scattered across the map. One repairs your shields. Another one is used as energy to boost the effects of your cards. A final one generates a random event. These include getting or missing turns, getting or swapping cards, damaging yourself or the enemy, etc. Like with the attack and defense cards, there's heavy RNG involved here as well. This concludes all the game has to offer in terms of mechanics. There's no cover, line of sight, group attacks, special moves, nor anything else you might find in a similar game.

There's next to no story. The graphics look like they're from an early PlayStation 1 title. The music is highly repetitive and completely forgettable. You'll wind up playing the same boring RNG battles again and again as you play through the short campaign. Then you'll be forced to replay the same missions in order to grind out the rest of the achievements which are pointlessly drawn-out considering the lack of content in the game.

There is some good news. The game is relatively short. There are only 7 campaign missions. There are no buggy or missable achievements. You will have to grind out wins and kills, but should be able to finish the game in around 15 to 20 hours.

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