3. Armored Freedom Story walkthroughUpdate notes

The game completion is pretty straightforward: complete the campaign (a total of 7 missions) and then grind out any remaining cumulative achievements. The latter really fall into 3 categories: kills, map wins, and action cards (yellow power-ups).


The campaign missions fall into two general categories: kill all enemies and point capture (i.e., spend a turn or several on specifically marked tiles).

There really isn't too much in terms of advice I can give here. The placement of your units is fixed, but the tile bonuses are randomized. If you read the prior section then you understand the game mechanics. So move your units into tiles that have +defense or +attack and then slowly start focus firing the enemy. If it's a capture stage than simply beeline for the capture points.

Personally, I like spending the weaker attack cards to soften up enemy units and use more powerful cards when I roll doubles or am standing on +attack tiles. You should breeze through the first few stages. On the later stages, there will be a lot of enemies... but they'll also fight each other (this is particularly true of the last stage). Simply hang back and let the enemies soften each other up. Once an enemy starts to get weak snipe them with one of your more powerful attacks. If your units get hurt you can always grab the shield power-up to heal.

That's pretty much it. Completing the entire campaign should take you only a couple to several hours. I'll provide a brief overview of each mission.

Mission 1 - Lost Patrol

You'll start with 4 mechs and your enemy will start with only 2. 2 of your units will be in the very north and 2 in the very south. One enemy will be in the very center of the map. The other all the way to the west. The odds are greatly in your favor since you have more units and therefore more HP. Simply march towards the enemy and focus down one unit at a time.

For completing this mission you will get the following achievement:

Mission 2 - Meltdown

This time it will be 4 on 4 so the odds are roughly even. Your units will start on the south-west and south-east sides of the map, while the enemy will be in the center. Simply focus down one enemy at a time. The enemy doesn't seem to focus down on your units so he'll attack them at random. While he's spreading the damage around all of your units you can take out his one at a time.

For completing this mission you will get the following achievement:

Mission 3 - Frozen

The objective of this mission is to hold a capture point in the north section of the map. Your 4 units will start directly south of it. The enemy will be on the west and east sides of the map (2 units each) effectively creating a tunnel you need to run through. You only need to hold the objective for two turns and don't need to actually kill enemy units. Simply beeline for the objective and use your strongest defense cards once on it so your robot doesn't get killed.

Due to the quick nature of this mission, you can use it to grind out mission wins if you want to by just repeating it.

For completing this mission you will get the following achievement:

Mission 4 - Retrieval

This is another point capture mission with a pretty similar setup to the last one. Again all of your units will be on the south portion of the map and the enemy will be 2 each on the east and west sides. This time around there will be 3 different capture points in the north, but you will only need to spend a single turn on each. Again, beeline for each objective location. You can use the rest of your robots to distract the enemy.

For completing this mission you will get the following achievement:

Mission 5 - Under the Ice

Once again your 4 robots will start at the south of the map. This time you'll be up against 5 robots. 3 in the east and 2 in the west. You'll need to use the terrain bonuses and healing in order to outlast the disadvantage you face in terms of numbers. This will be probably the toughest mission since you do need to put out more damage to take down the enemy than he can put out on your units. You might need to re-try it once or twice in order to get some lucky card draws, but the +defense bonus tiles and healing should give you enough of an edge.

For completing this mission you will get the following achievement:

Mission 6 - Desert Skies

This is the final point capture mission. Same setup as the other ones. You'll start with 4 robots in the south except there are now 6 enemies (3 on the east side and 3 on the west side) and there's a total of 4 capture points for 2 turns each. Again, focus on just grabbing the capture points. Since only one unit can attack per turn you should be able to outlast long enough to just capture all of the points.

For completing this mission you will get the following achievement:

Mission 7 - Showdown

This is the final mission and at first look, it'll seem incredibly unfair and almost impossible. You'll start with your 4 robots in the south part of the map as usual. The enemy will have a total of 8 units spread across the rest of the map. This mission would be very hard if all 8 were united against you... but they're not! The enemy is actually 2 separate teams of 4 and they will attack each other. So keep a safe distance while the enemies attack each other, position your robots on bonus tiles and snipe any robots once they start getting low on HP. With this strategy, this mission is actually very manageable.

You'll also be replaying this mission a lot to grind out kills since it's the one that has the most enemies and they'll do a good job of weakening themselves for you.

For completing this mission you will get the following achievement:

You will also get the following achievements for winning matches:

You will also get some kill-related achievements, most definitely including the following:

  • Chop

    Killed 16 enemies

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you pick up any yellow items you will also get the "action card" achievements but I'll save those for the next section.


Now that you've finished the campaign comes the (more) boring part. You've probably made some headway on the cumulative achievements, but very minimal. The rest of this section is for mopping up the rest of the cumulative achievements. These include kills, map wins, and action items (yellow power-ups). I would do them in the order listed if you're trying to minimize the time being spent.

Kills will take the longest. You have to play legitimately and get the kill on the robot. You will be getting a win per map as a result and if you pick up yellow items you will also be making progress on that achievement.

I recommend the last map, i.e., mission 7. Simply hang back while the robots get softened up and come in with strong attacks on doubles or on weakened robots to finish them off. You can theoretically get up to 8 kills per match, but chances are the computer opponents will take some out. While grinding these you will get the following achievements:

While working on the above you will probably get some of the achievements for map wins. To get the rest fire up mission 3. This mission requires only a single capture point to be held for a couple of turns. Simply beeline for the capture point, pass turns until you win, and repeat. This will be significantly faster than the kills. You will get the following achievements:

If you've been picking up yellow power-ups the whole time you'll probably have the following achievements:

If not, fire up your favorite map and just run around picking up yellow power-ups.

That's should be it. Enjoy your 1000GS!

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