Army of TWO (Asian)

Xbox 360

Army of TWO (Asian) Achievements

Most Earned

Out of Debt15 (15)Heal your partner for the first time. Training does not count.
Weapon Specialist16 (15)Purchase 3 weapons.
Beast with Two Fronts22 (20)Kill 50 enemies total in Back-to-Back.
Seven-six-two Millimeter22 (20)Kill 250 enemies total using Assault Rifles.

Least Earned

Running Man49 (30)Kill 75 enemies while in the stealth mode of Overkill.
Starting a Riot48 (30)Kill 50 enemies total in Co-op Riot Shield.
L'Abattoir46 (30)Kill 100 enemies while in the power mode of Overkill.
Elite PMC74 (50)Complete all missions as a Professional.
All Army of TWO (Asian) Achievements