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    Better Late Than Never Review: Army of Two: The 40th Day

    I remember playing the first Army of Two back when my buddy and I were starved for co-op games. We had already run through Gears of War 1 & 2 on the various difficulty levels. We tried playing the first Army of Two and it just wasn't up to snuff when compared to the Gears series. Having said that, I still appreciated Army of Two. It was rough around the edges, but an enjoyable enough experience. When 40th Day was announced, I was pretty intrigued. I had hopes that they would smooth out the rough edges and make a better play experience. Because Gears of War 2 has set the bar on 3rd person shooters, you will see some comparisons.

    If you read my reviews, you'll know I don't go into great detail about the stories in games. There is essentially no reference to the first game, so no need to worry about not having played it to catch up on any storylines. The funny thing is, when it comes to 40th Day, I wasn't sure what the story exactly was right away and strangely enough, I didn't care as I progressed through the game anyway. We're two bad dudes, Salem and Rios making positive or negative morality decisions and slaughtering wholesale baddies along the way. I will say that I really liked how the game started out. Missiles blowing up skyscrapers and general chaos throughout the city seems like a great way to start the T.W.O. day. Because of what happens (depending on your choice) at the end of the game, I'm intrigued to see what could happen with a sequel. If the series is to continue,

    Graphically, this game is a huge step up from the previous. Everything is much more crisp and bright. I loved chapter 3 as we're fighting through a zoo. There were some interesting elements to the game that I'm not sure quite fit right, but I liked the concepts. Each level has a "morality" choice you need to make. Aside from obvious achievement awards, you can earn money for making a positive or negative choice. Once your choice is made, you get to see a comic book style cutscene of the near future as it relates to the character or scenario.

    One very interesting aspect of the game is the mask (and shoulder pads) customization. You can log onto the Army of Two website and actually create your own mask. Or, if you like one of the ones uploaded by users, you can download it to your game and use a custom mask during gameplay. The website seems very buggy though, so be prepared to work at it.

    The gameplay is mostly the same as the first Army of Two. The controls do feel much tighter than the first game. Though I liked the first game for what it was, I wished the controls were more crisp. I would say the AI is "better". What can you expect from a computer controlled character? Besides, if you're going for The Beast achievement, you want all the kills you can get anyway. Mock surrendering and taking hostages are nice additions to the game. The staple 3rd person Gears of War control setup is present. Although I wish they would simply make a duck/cover button. Its still not very intuitive as you can take cover while running and hitting A, but not while walking or crouching. If you just press against cover or a wall, your character takes cover. I mean, if you're going to make a Gears clone, why not copy the best elements?

    Co-op sniping is more automatic now. Quick draws when mock surrending are a bit tricky depending on if the computer wants to do its own thing. And again, you can choose to be a nice soldier of fortune and tie down enemies while holding an officer hostage, or you can gank them. Or, if you're really sadistic, you can tie them down and then gank them. Same with civilian hostages that you can rescue for money or not.

    You can customize weapons at any point during the game. There are some special weapon items to be found, but for the most part, you're simply earning money to buy your weapons and upgrades. I really only stick to a few weapons once I got some decent upgrades. It just didn't make sense to me having a shotgun when I spend most of my time under cover firing at enemies across the stage. At times I felt kind of wrong mowing down enemies with my customized M4 painted with pink and red hearts... It was all for the agro...seriously!

    Which leads me to the difficulty. I played through on Normal and then Contractor (hard). Even on normal, I had a rough time at certain spots. Taking your time is a necessity, or you'll be reloading checkpoints a lot, especially on hard. Beating the game on normal and opening up heavier armor helped a lot. Obviously along with the upgraded weapons.

    Explosions and gunfire. Lots of it. That's what you'll hear. Not every game is going to have an epic soundtrack like Gears of War 2. Personally, in a fragfest like this. I don't necessarily find it a drawback. Although a little more immersion would be nice.

    Multiplayer, what can I say? Utter garbage. Granted, I have only just recently tried multiplayer, hoping to collect some achievements. So, there aren't going to be a plethora of games running, but the few that are...they are plagued with lag. Even if there isn't lag, the game feels like the more crisp controls were left out of the multiplayer aspect of the game. Even the graphics don't seem as good. There's no real need to become "skilled" at this game, so you'll see everyone running around spamming automatic shotguns. You've got your standard MP modes also, including the now standard "horde" mode called Extraction. Of course, with games like Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, you have to take multiplayer with a grain of salt. I have a feeling even when the game was released, the MP community on this game died down quick. FYI, Extraction on the later levels is ridiculously hard, especially factoring in terrible players, lag, and enemies that take copious amounts of damage and will run through your shots and melee you to death. Good times.

    EA made some improvements all around, setting Army of Two up to be a worthy, challenging series. More boom for your buck. I enjoyed the game more than I would a rental and if you've got a buddy to play with, double the fun. With the price dropping so quickly on newer games nowadays, you should be able to pick this one up for a nice bargain.

    I'd like to see more polish on multiplayer. Nowadays, too many games have multiplayer thrown in just because. Bad multiplayer is not a bonus, especially if you're an achievement whore. More customization is nice too. The mask customization is a fantastic way to get your fans involved in the game. Make it more user friendly and maybe include full on armor and weapon graphics customization.
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    Army of Two: The 40th Day
    (This is just based on single player campagne)

    NOTE: You will probably completely disagree with my results.
    But just read this, and then once you have finished. Give me the negative vote and comment on my horrible grammar and such.

    What can I say about the days leading up to this game. I was so excited, like a child again. I went back and played through Army of Two, just as a refresher for the coming days.
    I was tied up with school starting back up with the new term for a few days.
    I picked it up yesterday, and finished it an hour ago.
    In the least I can say, before this I have never cried because I was disappointed with a game.

    The graphics have greatly improved since Army of Two, but they no longer resemble the feel of Army of Two, the comic style movies that play when you make a good morality choice really reminded me of Red Steel for the Wii (which I enjoyed, unlike most people). But Rios and Salem looked much to different in some areas but too much the same in others.

    Rios and Salem are back along with Alice, but they all are different. The voice actors have changed for Rios and Salem. Salem still keeps the same style of tone, but Rios has had the biggest change, it feels as though he has moved more towards Salem's attitude and thinking, though he does show some signs of the Rios from Army of Two. The biggest disappointment with Rios and Salem, is that the dialogue between them is so minimal in comparison to Army of Two, there are few jokes between the two throughout the game.

    Story -
    Asides from the three of them (Rios, Salem and Alice), no one is mentioned asides from Dalton who is only mentioned in the first few minutes of the first mission. No mention of Cha-Min Soo, whom they were working with at the end of the last game. And there is no mention of them being Trans-World Operations, though it does appear on their uniforms. Not once did they mention Clyde. The whole game takes place in Shanghai and is much more linear than it feels. And it is never explained who and what they are fighting against. It is just riddled with holes.

    As great as it was, it did not flow with the game as well as it could have.

    Game play-
    Extremely unsatisfying experience, the GPS was a terrible annoyance, as it did little to help you do anything, and would just run out of batteries at the worst of times. There hardly any Back-To-Back which was great in Army of Two. There is no more Co-op Sniping to the same effect as Army of Two had. Overkill is gone right out, but keeping Aggro, there is no real challenge with the aggro anymore, once you build it up you can cool down and wait and then go at it again, no incentive to take it the extra limit. The co-op actions are nothing impressive, they have taken the same door and placed it everywhere. And there are step jumps like no tomorrow. The morality choice, were weak and the only one I really had a hard decision making was the final one, which also turned out to be my one negative moral choice. The game play honestly made me feel like I was playing Gears of War and Red Steel mashed into one with a slight touch of Army of Two. In comparison to Army of Two, I truly feel that they have removed the Army of Two aspect. The mock-surrender was cool, but you could only perform at certain points in the game, not enough, that and the forcing your enemy to surrender. It was good until the 3rd and 4th missions, were the officers are no longer right were you want them. Also the civilian rescuing thing was alright, until you actually receive a pathetic attempt at repayment for doing it. Another thing that annoyed me was the way weapons were bought and upgraded. It doesn't make sense to be able to upgrade in the middle of the fight. Throughout 40th Day you encounter several enemies, and to me they all look the same, I feel that the heavies have too much too them. And the small grunts just fell the same time after time.
    Side Note on things I personally miss: Parachuting and the Hovercraft.

    So anyways, that's my true honest opinion of the game.
    But you should not forget, it has received AMAZING reviews from much more official sources. IGN ect.

    So there you have it. I started playing this game and I was slightly disappointed at first, but had all the hope that there was more... It just led to pain for me.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

    In short, there is no nostalgic feeling playing this game, and I am truly disappointed.

    You have complete permission to say I suck.
    And you can toss up a negative vote.
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    A game I've been wanting to play for a while after really enjoying the first Army of Two, Boomerang decided the next title I'd be playing would solve this for me.

    The first thing I did, fuelled by curiosity and a thirst for more information, was to head to the review section here at Curiously there was only one review, and not a glowing one at that. That worried me slightly. Was the game so uninspiring it didn't warrant anything more?

    Well thankfully, this isn't quite the case. I'll start by saying that the true enjoyment is to be had from this game by playing with a friend, either locally or across Xbox LIVE. On the first game me and my brother battled through side by side. Unfortunately, this time round, it was just me and my AI partner, Rios.

    If you've played the first game, then you'll know what to expect. And to be honest, not that much has changed. The control system remains more or less the same, with a slight alteration to the way in which you direct your partner around. The control system is fairly solid though, so this draws no negativity from myself. I personally like the over the shoulder camera system, the simple click to the change between left/right shoulder views, and the traditional aim down the sights for greater accuracy.

    The camera rarely, if ever, does any of that weird 'jumping' around fighting your commands, so your always in the know about where your enemy is and where your heading.

    The core of the gameplay is also well put together, which means the cover system is smooth, the firing feels appropriately 'chunky' (and sounds great too) and as you direct your partner forward with a single button to flank your opponent, you quickly take full control of the battle and enjoy pasting your opponents with your teamwork.

    However, it's not always so simple. If you're playing with a real person, great. If your teamed up with the AI... well, you know what's coming. Sometimes the AI just makes stupid decisions. You tell him to move forward. He shouts 'Got it!' and then... sits there... inactive... immobile... useless. Especially annoying when the whole combat system revolves around 'Aggro'. If you have all the Aggro and the entire enemy force is focused on you, you'll be desperate for your pal to circle round and start picking them off. Sitting there like a plank is not helping, no matter which you look at it.

    Curiously should you become downed and in need of a quick jab of something to get you back on your feet, your team mate turns into Rambo, Rocky, GI Joe and Superman all rolled into one. He'll twist and turn across the environment laying down some serious heat until he makes it your side, drags you to cover and administers a pick me up. "Why don't you do that normally!", you'll scream, but by then he'll have reverted to Muppet drone status.

    There's little in the way of story this time round too. And that means two things. Firstly, there's hardly any plot. Stuff blows up, you kill people in red outfits, you make some decisions as to whether to save some civilians or not everyone's more or less happy. We know it's a massive shoot 'em up, so whilst more plot would be nice, you never went into this expecting Mass Effect. (Although occasionally the game suffers from delusions of grandeur and tries to implement the flakiest and most haphazard morality system you're ever likely to set eyes on within a game).

    However, the plot is also incredibly succinct. I played on and off (mainly thanks to the World Cup being on TV all day which consumed much of my time) and still finished in a little over a day. At a guesstimate, I finished the story mode in about four and half hours. If that.

    I'll replay again on a harder difficulty to net some achievements, but beyond that, there's little else to do after exploring some short online options.

    In short, it's not at all bad. In fact the gameplay I enjoyed a lot, there's just not enough of it. The lack of refinement in the AI remains an annoying thorn in the side of those without friends to team up with too.

    I'd advise a rent, and not an outright purchase.
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    Army of Two promised a lot when it was realeased, action packed co-op, extensive gun customisation and 2 fantastic characters.
    Sadly it never actually lived up to its promises but was still a fairly enjoyable 3rd person shooter.

    But now the Army of Two return in a brand new game titled The 40th Day and this time it delivers….

    Salem and Rio’s return as the games main characters, since the events of the first game the two best friends have set up their merc business in Shanghai, but as you might expect things will never go well for Salem and Rio’s.
    Thankfully Salem and Rio’s are no longer the annoying prat’s from the first game and now are much more believable and fun to play as.
    After your tutorial that shows you the ropes Shanghai comes under attack and building explode, walls crumble and your stuck in the middle of it all fighting for your life.
    The plot in Army of Two: TFD is wafer thin and lacks any real substance but it does set the game up for some great locations to fight in such as fighting your way down the side of a collapsed skyscraper.
    But the story does allow for one of the games most interesting mechanics, the Morality system.

    Ok, so morality decisions are nothing new in games but Army of Two takes a different slant on it, once you make your decision you will then see the consequences of these decisions played out.
    You may have made the choice with the best of intentions but your choice may not actually work out and the consequences can be startling.
    Usually if you choose the morally wrong choice you receive cold hard cash while morally good choices will often get you a reward further down the line.
    It’s an interesting take on the standard system.

    Now that we have that explained we can move on to the core mechanics of the game, this is a 3rd person cover based game and as such has a lot of competition to face if it wants to dominate.
    The cover mechanics are solid, simply walk up to your cover of choice and your character will auto lock into cover, I never experienced any problems with this and it felt smooth and natural as I advanced through the games well laid out levels.
    Army of Two also provides some neat features to set it apart, such as taking enemies hostage.
    if you manage to grab yourself and officer the other soldiers will often surrender to you, at this point you decide whether to tie them or execute them which increases or decreases your morality.

    This time around Army of Two holds up on its promise of vast gun customisation, it now boasts arguably the most extensive customisation system out there in a shooter.
    You buy yourself a stock gun, lets say a G36, and after that you can swap out the barrel, stock, cartridge, scope, muzzle, and add this like bayonets to it, it’s a vast system and it has a large part selection enabling you to create your own dream weapon.
    It does have a glaring flay however, most of the weapons feel very samey and don’t have enough of a unique feel to them and one gun often feels like another

    Army of Two does have one very big flaw though, its campaign is only 5 hours long, possibly 6 if you play it on hardest level.
    Now this is not unheard of, look at Modern Warfare 2, but sadly that game has an extensive multiplayer to supplement its lifespan and Army of Two does not and as such a 5 hour campaign is very disappointing.
    While it does have a multiplayer it is a pretty basic affair, not to mention you are always partnered up with someone and many Xbox Live users are simply not willing to work as a team.

    Happily the 2 player co-op through the campaign will keep you coming back as you blast your way through collapsing buildings and hiding behind the corpse of an elephant, yes, thats what I said, an elephant.
    And thanks to the games Aggro system team work is essential and fun to use, as one player fires his weapon at the enemy they start to shift attention to him, once the aggro meter has built up his partner is almost invisible and can snipe or flank to his heart’s content giving the game some great team-work options

    The whole game now feels much tighter, smoother and more fun to play as you advance through the game and while the plot may be a bit daft it’s still enjoyable to follow.

    It’s Army of Two’s ending that will stands out in the game however, as opposed to some massive shootout or boss battle the game gives you a simple choice to make, and while this has been done before in the likes of Fable 2, this choice will actually make you stop and think, it’s one of the few times in a game where I have actually had to stop and put some major thought into a decision.

    If you ignore the rather silly plot you will find a great shooter in Army of Two: The 4oth Day and a perfect game for some co-op play.
    However the short campaign and a few other minor flaws do ruin it somewhat.


    Graphics: 80%
    A pretty enough shooter but with some dodgy parts.

    Gameplay: 85%
    A solid 3rd person shooter with great weapon customisation

    Lifespan: 75%
    With a 5 hour campaign and limited multiplayer it wont last that long.

    Overall: 84%
    Army of Two is a fun shooter and a good laugh in co-op, but horribly short and lacking in plot.
    15 Feb 2010
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    Si jugastes el primero este es mas de lo mismo pero mejorado.

    Bueno los graficos antes que nada han mejorado.
    Las armas pues hay mas armas que antes y con mas personalizacion.
    En cuanto a la historia, bueno a quien le importa la historia, pero si era mejor la historia del 1.
    El control es un poco mas torpe que en el 1, pero es cuestion de acostumbrarse.
    Le quitaron los movimiento de furia pero siempre le han dejado la agresividad.

    Es un buen juego aunque no fenomenal, hay ciertas cosas que agradan y otras que no gustan mucho, quizas experimentaron muy libremente a la hora de mejorar el juego.
    Quizas en el 3 nos den el juego que estabamos esperando.
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    This game is awesome in so many levels. I think ima give it a 4.0/5 because all of the stuff you can do in it like..

    1) Weapon customazation.
    2) Fun storyline and good dialoge.
    3) Killing your friends in multiplayer.
    4) Mask customazation.
    5) Collectables are actully not that difficult to find. 6) Co-op is fun and Co-op Choices really mix things up.

    I hope this review helps people make there choice easier!