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    Forward Notes:
    Remember, this is purely how I feel, though I have gotten input from a couple of friends who participate in Co-op sessions with me. You are open to disagree and I strongly recommend constructive viewpoints through the comments box at the bottom. In the singleplayer/multiplayer/others section I'll be touching more on how the game is played while in the pros/con section I'll be more talking about the nitty-gritty of the game.

    Singleplayer - Description and final rating ( out of 10 )

    If you haven't played this game and you're looking for a review on what you can expect, here's where you'll get the majority of that information. You're a mercenary/army super "cool" guy. Yup. You and your partner go out and do missions to pull "bank" (yea, it just means to get cash). I'm throwing out some lame ways of putting things because the game does that.
    Yes, it does. It has the cliche characters (two super big and menacing guys) with the cliche personalities ("I don't know if this is the right thing to do" personality with "there's a conspiracy going on!" combined with the other character that feels that money is the most important thing and the other guy is just paranoid). Yea, it's lame. But if you can get past that, and the lame storyline that's horribly predictable, you'll find yourself in a classic Xbox 360 shooter. If you haven't played an xbox 360 shooter, you haven't played an Xbox 360 game.
    The "interesting" thing about this one is they add in the idea of "aggro". This means that if you are shooting a lot, even blind firing, the enemy will be more focused on you. That means that your partner can sneak up behind the enemy and take him out. This is the basis of the game, and honestly, you'll be using it the entire time.
    If you're playing on anything but the hard mode you don't really need to, except against heavily armored bad guys who you need to come up from behind (for some reason they didn't plate themselves on their backs?)...Yea.
    So you can play the single player with a computer controlled AI bot. Now since Aggro is clearly an important part of this game, the developers clearly did spend a lot of time working on making the computer AI decent. However, no matter how much time you spend, there are going to be some flaws, and when they happen this will lead to serious frustration and maybe a thrown controller. Checkpoints happen but sometimes they just plain don't trigger. You can't really run out of ammo since ammo will be dropped by the enemies everytime you're running low.
    You earn money for each level completed which you can use to buy new guns and upgrade your guns, which is a pretty interesting part of the gameplay.
    Here's the problem. If you can get past the AI being questionable, you'll still get annoyed at how repetitive the levels are. Move forward, hide behind cover, use aggro, kill bad guys. Move forward, hide behind cover, use aggro, kill bad guys.
    The computer AI just plain isn't smart enough either to "heal" you when you need it, which means if you die you can basically count on going back to a checkpoint. There are a good amount of levels that should keep you playing for about 7 hours, and a couple of difficulties keeps it somewhat interesting. But in the end it really is just another shooter.

    Single Player Rating: 6/10.

    Multiplayer - Description and final rating ( out of 10 )

    The Multiplayer is the more interesting facet of this game. Yea, you can deal with the annoying single player AI, but sooner or later you're going to want to put this game down for eternity on the harder difficulties with it. Instead grab a buddy and play the co-op. This means that there will be a lot more teamwork as you physically tell the other person what you think is best ("can you grab some aggro so I can take out this turret?" "Hey, I'm down, can you move me back like 2 feet and heal me?" .
    The other cool part about co-op is that you can decide with your friend what guns you want to have each. This means you can specialize yourself (I'll go snipers, you go rocket launchers!). If you want to get through the harder modes it will require you to have a living person playing with you.

    There is an online community, but it is dwindling with every day that goes by. There are some online achievements, and almost all of them will show that you are blatantly trying for them rather than trying to win the game for your team. Although there is nothing technically wrong with it, there's nothing technically special about it either.

    Multiplayer score: 8/10

    Others - Description and final rating ( out of 10 )

    The graphics are actually pretty good in this game, which makes sense since the game was so heavily advertised and marketed. Your character's attributes look good and the cutscences are actually pretty special. When a helicopter flies overhead you don't get slow down or anything like that, and some of the scenery, especially when you hang-glide (more on that later) looks pretty good. The "slowed down time" that you get during "back to backs" (more on this later) will also prove pretty good.
    The sound...the sound. Your characters each have a voice, and so does the predictable bad guys and good guys. They each speak pretty well, it's just, well...the dialogue is really bad. Like exceptionally bad. Like you'll be sitting in your home on your couch laughing at the television bad. This makes you associate the voice acting with bad voice acting which translates to bad sound. Beyond that the shooting sounds relatively realistic and the "computer sound" and explosions are fine. It's actually pretty good sound if you can look past the dialogue.
    The achievements are...upsetting to say the least. It is like the game creators didn't test the game to see how long it would take to get each one. Yea, you'll get some from playing through the game (as long as you play on a hard enough difficulty) but others will take "milking" of levels (Kill 250 enemies using shotguns). If you're hardcore into these achievements, as I was at one point (when this was one of the few games I owned), you'll end up playing the same level repetitively as you attempt to grab those few extra kills. If you want to collect all the briefcases you're going to need a guide. Right now I'm sitting at 890/1250 (DLC) and that has taken me about, I'd say, 60 hours of playtime. I'm pretty content to sit at that level, and will doubtfully ever entertain any more points.
    There is some DLC acheivement points, which are okay, but the last one I tried (Kill Dalton on the hardest difficulty) proved disastrous after about 8 hours of trying (with different people too, not just one guy who was incompetent). It's just plain too hard in my opinion.
    You'll have to physically check out what the achievements are and physically attempt to get them, rather than just get them magically while playing through the game. That being said, let's see if they qualify for TastyPastry's "3 attributes of good achievements".

    1)You get achievements for playing through the game. True. Complete mission 1 as contractor or higher, heal your partner for the first time, etc.

    2) There are achievements that have you play the game in different ways. Mostly true. It's mostly true in that you'll use different guns to kill people (Kill 250 people with assault rifles, pistols, shotguns...) (Kill 30 enemies using the riot shield melee attack...). But, since you can't do these on one playthrough, or even two, or even three, you'll have to milk levels if you're really up for it.

    3)There are no offline multiplayer achievements. Unless you count beating the game on the hardest difficulty as a requirement to use co-op since the AI wont get you through it, there are none. There are however online multiplayer achievements, which means boosting, which means detraction from the enjoyment of a online multiplayer experience.

    Then there are the "loved" collector achievements. Unlock every mass, earn 1 million dollars throughout the campaign, find every case...check out a guide, and then move on, interrupting the flow.

    However, as of now, the online achievements are no longer obtainable. The servers have been shut down

    DLC. There is DLC. What's better is that it is free (at least last time I checked). Which is actually pretty ridiculous. It's an "alternate ending" that is actually pretty good (ignoring the lame dialogue). It seriously is as good as the levels in the game that you paid money for while being free. I believe it is two levels if I'm not mistaken. The graphics are just as good, the destructible environments just as good, etc. I've never seen better DLC in fact.

    Graphics - 10/10

    Sound - 9/10

    Acheivements - 6/10

    DLC - 10/10

    Final Score : Multiplayer + Singleplayer + (Graphics+sound+achievements+DLC/4) / 3

    6+8+(10+9+6+10/4)/3 = 7.6
    Final Score: 7.6

    Summary : List pros and cons and other comments.

    Here's the interesting part of my review in my opinion.


    *The DLC is simply astonishing. It's free! For basically 2 bonus levels of the game and 250 more possible achievement points! and it isn't like they released some garbage just to appease you, no, the alternate ending is actually interesting and the levels are actually just as good as the game you paid for. There is also a challenge map pack (costs 600 points), and some picture packs and themes if you're into those. I haven't seen a game that has had so much solid downloable content, so that's a big plus.

    *Co-op is pretty well done. While single player lacks that "something", Co-op puts you right in the fight with your buddy. Interacting right next to each other injects that "just enough" strategy feel while keeping the game from becoming as hardcore as Call of Duty 4 online.

    *Allowing you to unlock guns is a pretty good idea. It gives you more incentives to complete every mission and grab as many "briefcases" (extra cash) as possible per level. Since there is a wide assortment of guns, armor, masks, and other things to choose from, it'll keep you mildly entertained at the least. Don't forget to pimp out your Deagle.

    *The average gameplay is longer than most shooters I've experienced. Since there are multiple difficulty modes as well you can continue to advance yourself forward, challenging yourself more and more.

    *Graphics/sound are really solid, some of the best, even though the game is getting older every day. You wont be disappointed in that respect.

    *There are subtitles (which is often overlooked) and you can adjust the video/sound qualities/controls pretty easily. Although pretty minor it can really make or break how much you like a game.


    *Although unlocking weapons is a cool idea, it's poorly implemented. You'll plan with your friend. You'll say "hey buddy, why don't I get the sniper and you get the rocket launcher?" He'll be like "yea dude, good idea, we will be so unstoppable and balanced!". Well turns out you have to save your money for 3/4 of the game for that to really happen. And once it does, you'll be disappointed. The rocket launcer is extremely pathetic, as is the mini-gun, which you probably had high hopes for. For some reason "special ammo" (Ammo for snipers, rocket launchers, etc) doesn't fall often unless you beat "extra armor" type bad guys. This means that your sniping will become more of a novelty than a part of your equipment.

    *Some things just don't make sense. At one point you have to take down a bridge. You have to shoot it. You wont have the rocket launcher unlocked by now (most likely). So how do you do it? Oh, just shoot at it with your M16 from a mile away and it falls down. Oh, did I mention it is a concrete bridge? ....

    *I've never heard worse dialogue. Just think of all the cliche things you would hear in a bad army movie and put it into this game. Not only that, each character is horribly cliche. There is one character who is questioning the morality and is thinking there is a conspiracy going on. There is another who is just in it for the money and is an idiot and thinks the other guy is being irrational and paranoid. And then there is another guy who is the classic back-stabber who just wants to do every mission by himself in "questionable" methods. can you guess how this plot turns out? I mean, honestly, it's really bad.
    Let me give you some quotes.

    "I'm going to kill you, drain the blood from your body and take out your bones, put your body on a chair with a bunch of elves and reindeer, sit on your lap and tell you all the cool **** I want for Christmas."

    "blow faster than a Thai hooker"

    I mean come on. That's just bad dialogue writing. It's just bad.

    *Some of the achievements are just plain stupid and frustrating. Do you want to get your buddy to play with you so you can activate power mode and get 100 kills with it? No, no one wants to do that. The points are distributed poorly as well. Some are just impossible unless you are really lucky/really interested in 100%ing this game (Final shot to the head of Dalton is with a type of pistol) Yea right. This was the first game I really "Went at it" in terms of looking up how to get achievements and what not, and I managed 860. I don't recommend you do the same.

    *You don't want to use any of their "vehicles". You get a hovercraft. It's annoyingly hard to drive. You'll soon realize that it is just better to zoom past the bad guys in the other hovercrafts than to stay and fight as well. Which kind of takes away some of the purpose of the game...
    Oh, and did I mention you get to use a hang-glider? Oh, yea, that's cool. You just think "these guys are idiots" the whole time you're doing it because you are using a hang-glider, above a huge canyon, while there are at least 40 guys throughout the "gliding" part shooting at you. Someone has to shoot your hang-glider during this, honestly. Your co-op buddy you have will try to take them out with the sniper he bought, but it's way too impossible with how much the glider moves. Even if you do manage to kill someone, you'll probably be moving past them already anyway.

    Remember my final score was a 7.6
    High scores went to the DLC, Graphics, Sound, and Co-op Multiplayer Mode. If there was a "dialogue writing" section it would have a 0.
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    Tasty PastryThank you for the insight Van. Cheers.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 05 Feb 10 at 01:32
    Haseo ATCThe "Thai hooker" quote was the low point of the game's dialouge, but I actually like the Wu-Tang Clan bit, which you took out of context. And the characters weren't as cliche as you had me thinking, especially compared to the many games I've played in which the characters don't have a personality at all. The more I play through this game, the less I'm liking about the review, sorry.
    Posted by Haseo ATC on 13 Sep 11 at 03:05
    Tasty PastryNo offense taken. I have updated the review to mention the discontinued achievements.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 13 Sep 11 at 03:44
  • CrimsonGaidinCrimsonGaidin198,236
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    Army of Two

    There are several good reviews on this game already, but I felt a new one was needed. As I am writing this, EA is in the process of shutting the servers down and killing the online play forever which significantly affects the worth of this game and my review will reflect that.


    You play the role of Elliot Salem or Tyson Rios, who start as Army Rangers. Without giving too much away, they quickly become private military contractors for the Security and Strategy Corporation (SSC). Many missions ensue until a few twists lead the two protagonists on a mission to save themselves and their country.


    In its most simplistic essence, Army of Two is a cover based third person shooter. It has a lot of the standard elements you would expect such as sprint from one cover to the next, pop up over the cover for accurate shots or blind fire for less accurate shots (pretty crazy accurate still though). The co-op is what makes it interesting and unique for its time. Others have done similar things now, but this was one of the firsts. Co-op and aggro (being a threat to the enemy and keeping their attention) are a key part of the combat. One teammate fires at the enemies and draws their fire while the other flanks and lays waste to them.

    Outside of the basic combat, there are a few special scenarios that pop up throughout the game as well. Back to back is my personal favorite. This is where Rios and Salem are surrounded so they stand back to back and slow mo fire on everyone around them. You can rotate which leads to working with each other, calling out enemies, firing over each other’s heads and around each other’s bodies. It’s a good time…until the end of the game when it starts to get old and overused. There are also things like lifting each other over high ledges, weapon swapping, partner reviving, overkill, and synchronized sniping. They all add up to a pretty unique experience.

    There are a few boss fights but they are nothing too special. They just take a lot more bullets and help encourage the use of aggro and flanking (but they’re not actually necessary)


    There use to be three main ways the game could be played, but it is now down to two. Solo with an AI partner and split screen are still available, but online co-op is now out. EA has killed the servers, taking the most popular option for playing Army of Two off the table. Clearly it has made some people pretty angry!

    I believe playing local co-op is the best option of the two that are still available. The game was built for co-op, so common sense (along with some experience on my part) tells you that playing with another real human being is a lot more fun as well as a lot less frustrating. Elements of the game were certainly built to work better with a real life person on your side.

    The AI option isn’t too bad either though, especially compared to a lot of other computer AI partner games. You are given a LOT of control over your partner’s actions. You have 3 orders you can give at any time. They are stop, stay close, and charge. Within each of these options are two sub options. Go aggressive or keep a low profile. On any difficulty but professional, the AI will easily get any job you ask of him done. It gets a little trickier on professional difficulty. He still does tasks pretty well outside the occasional standing in the open for no good reason but the real frustration comes with reviving. If you go down, it’s probably over. The AI loses all brains it has when he decides the best place to drag you and heal you.


    As I stated earlier, servers are being shut down as I write this. Multiplayer was a good time, but is no more! It was a 2 on 2 fight for the most money accumulated within a time limit. Money was gained by completing objectives while simultaneously fighting off the other team.


    For its time, the graphics were great, and they still hold up pretty well today. They are run on the Unreal Engine which is one of the most powerful graphics engines out there. Textures are nice and lighting is good. The character models are very detailed and appealing to look at. Lastly, the environments are pretty diversified and definitely keep you interested in where you are.


    The music in the game is well done but nothing to write home about. The scores typically fit the nature of the situation which is good enough for most players. The voice acting is pretty good. There is a lot of banter between the two characters on each mission. If you enjoy goofy, cocky comments with the occasional swear word between your characters then they will keep you entertained. I personally got a kick out of the verbal support button that would cause the two to play air guitar together while mouthing the sounds. Gunfire and explosions all sound very good as well.



    The single player achievements are all pretty easy. You do have to beat the game with the AI for one achievement so it will require multiple playthroughs if you want to play it with a real person first. There is also a briefcase collection achievement but it is very easy and quick with a guide. The rest are all about killing certain enemies or using certain weapons on so many enemies. A few may require a grind if you don’t focus on them on your run through the game but nothing terrible.

    Multiplayer makes up for 95G of the 1000G in the main game meaning that the best you can get is 905G as of today. The SSC Challenge Map Pack DLC is completely MP based also so it will be impossible to get a single achievement on it after today.


    Story: 8/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Human CO-OP: 9/10
    AI CO-OP: 7/10
    Multiplayer: 0/10
    Graphics: 7/10
    Sound: 8/10
    Achievements: 2/10

    Overall: 5/10 (8/10 before server shutdowns)
  • oneluckybulletoneluckybullet332,381
    20 Jun 2011
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    "Prepare for a new kind of game"

    Army of Two has finally released. Question is, was it worth the wait? I say yes, and in the following review I will explain why.

    Story: 8/10

    The usual Merc for hire, double cross, and betrayal we have all seen done before. Yet somehow I'm actually connected to Samel and Rios ( your characters which you can choose from). From the simple movies in between missions, to the speech they share through the game, whether it is talking about the Dallas game to stories of army troops being ambushed and so on. I really started to get into the guys, and then the game was over. Short and sweet, just like Call of Duty 4.

    Controls: 9/10

    Very simple and easy to use. Everything is explained in a tutorial level at the start. Whether you're using an elevator or ripping off a car door for a shield, the controls feel right on, except for the aiming. Now granted it's not bad and you can change the speed, it never feels right. It's either to slow or way to fast. But that's the only complaint I have for the controls.

    Graphics 9/10

    This is a very nice game to play. The environments are very detailed and full of broken down cities to over run army bases. Character models really make Rios and Salem stand out from the other Co Op game ( Kane and Lynch). Whether it is the masks they wear, which you can change, the weapons they have, or the detail in each one of them. I simply love the style of this game. Speaking of weapons, they actually look like their real life counter part, and there are a lot of guns to unlock and purchase throughout the game.

    Multi player 10/10

    The only thing in my mind that comes close to the multi player in this game is Gears of War, and even then it's a close call on which one is better. The whole story can be played through on co op with a friend either on a split screen or on line with a stranger. Now lets not forget the other modes online, such as bounties. In this game type you and a friend try to outdo another team and kill more targets than them, while collecting the bounties offered on each target. There's also a mode called extraction where you and a friend must help get wounded people out of the battle while trying to protect them from the opposing team. Also, the other team is doing the same thing as you. So it requires a little bit of strategy and a little bit of firepower. The multi player is great, but the co op is what's gonna have you playing this over and over.

    In closing, I highly recommend this game and urge all the doubters and nay sayers ( I was one) to go and get this game. You will love this game and be playing for a good long while. EA has already promised downloadable content. So this game can only get better. See you online.
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    Army of Two promised to set a new standard for multiplayer cooperation. The game's credo was "Combat, Camaraderie, Cash." Let's delve into that.

    Combat: The targeting system of this game is terrible. While firing over cover at long distance baddies works well enough, shooting at hostiles as they get close is miserably implemented. You will often find that it is much easier to just give up on your weapon and run through bullets to go for the melee at close range. Forgive me for saying so, but a combat system has to work up close and at range in or to be functional. Thus, this system is broken.

    Once you resign yourself to eliminating run-and-gun close range tactics and restrict yourself to either methodical ranged attacks, or melee-spamming, you will find that the combat is more enjoyable. Working as a team to coordinate suppression and flanking works well, but works infinitely better in the Brothers in Arms series, making this game look poor in comparison to a system that has been around since the original Xbox. There is something to be said, however, for the ability to do this with your closest pal over Xbox Live.

    Camaraderie: Opportunities to work collaboratively to accomplish objectives (other than the aforementioned suppress-and-flank combat mechanic) are few and far between. The only cooperative operations that are supported are:
    - at scripted times in the game, you will go back-to-back with your buddy and enter bullet time to fend off an onrush of enemies.
    - at scripted times you will have to do a tandem parachute jump. One of you will steer the chute, the other will be able to snipe.
    - at scripted times, you can get in a hovercraft. One of you will drive, the other will shoot.
    - you can occasionally find riot shields (or car doors) in the level to create rolling cover for you and your buddy
    - at limited locations, you can boost your buddy to a high area that they can shoot from
    - when your buddy is hit, you can drag him to safety while he shoots to cover you

    The expectation for a game built around two player coop is that coop is built into the general fabric of the game. Instead, the players are dropped into role-based mini-games at scripted times, which disrupts action and seems shoehorned in. There was so much potential here... For example, why not let either player tackle and cover the other, such as when you both get caught behind the same cover facing a grenade you won't get away from? How about making the two characters physically different enough such that only Rios can lift certain objects, or only Salem can fit through certain areas (thus increasing the replay value, so you can try to beat the game with both characters)? Perhaps giving Salem the ability to hack electronics and Rios the ability to perform bomb disposal... The potential is endless. Sadly, this potential is never realized.

    Cash: The opportunities to get cash bonuses during the campaign are woefully slim. There are perhaps four sub-missions during each level that are placed right in your path. There are no real "side-quests" that you can do for extra challenge or extra money. In my first playthough, the only objective my buddy and I failed at was shooting down a Chinook helicopter, and that's because we didn't bring rockets with us. This game would have benefited from a more open world environment that would enable players to take their own routes, set up more elaborate ambushes, and perform more coordinated sub-missions along the way. Sadly, everything is laid right out in front of you, so it feels like the amount of cash you earn is fixed.

    Be that as it may, the cooperative multiplayer is the best part of the game. Playing with the idiot AI as a partner in the single player campaign is frustrating and not worth doing, unless you've just got to have the achievement for it and the competitive online experience is absolutely miserable. Only one in six attempts will land you in a ranked game that will run to completion without a disconnection occurring. When you are able to find a stable game, it's just a lame experience. Objectives spawn out of thin air within a very fixed amount of map space, often requiring the player to blow up the same map target twice in the same game.

    While I applaud the developers for attempting to build a game around the cooperative element, unfortunately, the game just fails to execute. I would recommend that folks rent it to try out the online coop with a good friend that they know will finish the coop campaign with them, but otherwise, don't bother spending the money.
  • ur dootyur dooty384,738
    09 Jul 2009 18 Sep 2011
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    Army of Two is a shooter game that relies heavily on cooperation between you and your partner. Throughout the campaign you will find yourself in very unique positions (back-to-back and riot shields) which is very fun. Another feature is the Aggro meter, if you've played it then you know this. All aggro means is the more you shoot the more attention the enemy puts on you and not your partner. At certain points. the campaign can be a little tricky on professional which is why I recommend playing with a friend instead of the AI. The AI is very weak and for the achievement I highly suggest playing on Recruit. It will save you a lot of time and frustration.

    The final part I will discuss is the way you are allowed to upgrade the guns. This was the best part about the game to me. Finally the money you earn in a campaign is put to good use. The upgrades for your gun will make the game more interesting and entertaining.

    The reason why most people dislike this game is because of the multiplayer. The multiplayer definitely has potential. The one thing EA needs to fix is the terrible terrible lag.

    If you are looking at this game I would say buy as long as you have someone to play with. If not rent it and invite a friend to play. The campaign is very fun and you will probably beat it easily.