5. Asdivine Hearts Asdivine story walkthrough (Quests 31 - 40)

Quest Received - Main Quest 31. Preventing a Ceremony

There was no one visible from the edge of the forest, so they must have gone deeper into the trees. We have to go after them and stop them!

Make your way through the forest. Eventually, you will come up to a Pentacle, use it to heal up, and then continue north - when promoted select "Let's find out!" and be ready to fight. After the battle, more dialogue will begin.

Quest Received - Main Quest 32. The Truth About the Ceremony

It turns out the Eva we saw in Alvin City was a Legion only posing as her. We'd better get back there on the double before the key to the temple is taken!

Head south and make your way back through the forest. Once out Laurent Forest, make your way east back to Alvin City. Upon arrival, some dialogue will begin.

Quest Received - Main Quest 33. Back to the Governor's Mansion

There's a powerful influence of shadow emanating from Hyde's manor. We'd better get in there quick!

Go south and enter the Governor's Mansion, some dialogue will begin after entering.

Quest Received - Main Quest 34. Seyfert Temple

After being cornered, a Legion possessed Oliver, the governor's son, and escaped with the key to Seyfert Temple. The edifice is north of Laurent Forest and we need to hurry after them!

Leave the Governor's Mansion and make your way north to leave Alvin City. When outside Alvin City, head northwest to Seyfert Temple. Upon arrival, some dialogue will begin.

Quest Received - Main Quest 35. The Temple Sanctuary

Using Oliver's body, the Legion was able to open the door to Seyfert Temple and get inside. We need to find it!

Make your way through the Temple, when prompted select "Then let's take care of it!" and be ready to fight.

Quest Received - Main Quest 36. Evil Omen

The Legion got away and we've been left with less than a good feeling about the situation. We should hurry and get outside!

Now that the battle has ended, make your way back to the entrance of the Temple.

Quest Received - Main Quest 37. Another Dimension

The powers unleashed from the two temples have created a portal to Phantasma. We need to hurry back to Gutenberg Castle and consult with Queen Gloria about the possibility of using the airship being built there.

Travel east to Holz Checkpoint and then south back to Gutenberg City, head north into the castle, go up the stairs and speak to the Queen.

Quest Received - Main Quest 38. To the Inn - Part V

It appears it'll take some time for the airship to be prepped for flight. Let's head to the inn in the capital and get some rest while it's being readied.

Leave the castle and make your way towards the entrance of Gutenberg City, the Inn is the first building on the right - a conversation between the characters will begin, later followed by a tutorial on how to use the Airship.

Quest Received - Main Quest 39. Phantasma

The airship is ready for flight. Let's get on board and make for Phantasma, west of the capital!

Exit the Inn and go south to leave Gutenberg City, to the right of Gutenberg Coty is the airship - climb onboard by pressing cn_A when stood on it - and then make your way west to Phantasma - upon entry some dialogue will begin.

Quest Received - Main Quest 40. Light and Shadow

We've entered Phantasma. Now to find the Shadow Deity awaiting us within.

Make your way through Phantasma, as you near the end you will encounter a Pentacle, use it to heal up and then continue north, when prompted select "Ready or not, here we come!" and be ready for a fight.

Parallel World

Arrive at Reveria for the first time.

Parallel World
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