Asemblance: Oversight Reviews

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    06 Aug 2018
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    Asemblance : Oversight the second installment to the Asemblance series. Something new the guys and girls at Nilo Studios are trying to do, is to make a video game series that feels and plays out like the Twilight Zone, the X-Files, and Black Mirror.

    I just want to point out that the game is extremely vague with the story at times and its hard to make out but I feel this is done purposefully so that whatever happens is left to interpretation so players can make their own endings. So this is my interpretation of what happens in Asemblance: Oversight. You play as a test subject in this machine that can simulate human memories, under all the genius hides a truth you must uncover, they are always watching you. Uncover the truths and you will be dealt with , make the right choices and do what they say to survive.

    Now in terms of gameplay the game isn't much different to what the first did, all you do is load memories and do certain things in a certain order to trigger story events to happen. This isn't a bad thing but I felt at times I was running around trying to do something different each time. This is also what makes the game good, because it makes you explore the memories for little things you might have missed. By doing this uncovering the truth of why you are here.

    The game lacks in content a bit but they make up for it with the story and by the graphics, They did an amazing job in making this game look really good and when the game transitions from memories to the machine itself. They use glitches and pop ups on the screen as if the recording is being interfered with and it makes those transitions that much smoother. The game looks so good at times you can read off the monitors and read the pieces of paper for story details of course.

    Now I still doesn't understand how this ties into the first, apart from the machine that can make human memories. This only further tells us that there is a lot more to this series that we don't know yet. Only reason we can't piece together what this means is cause we haven't seen the entire picture. This might mean because after being clueless after two games now, that there is a third game even a fourth game in the works. It makes me excited to see the next chapter and I can see why they made this a series style instead of one big game.

    Should you get this? I say a big yes, with the awesome visuals and the narrative style that they going for by leaving things down to interpretation. It makes you want to see wat happens next. You can already tell there are a few more games in the works by the looks of things. So we can expect a lot more from Nilo Studios in the near future.