1. Asemblance: Oversight Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hi everyone and welcome to the Assemblance: Oversight (2018) walkthrough. My name is Jet and I will be guiding you through the entire game, how you should best handle certain situations, how to solve puzzles, support you to complete all challenges and naturally how to get all the achievements related to this very short but strange game.

The game is a straight-up first-person puzzle game that's quite short and multiple endings provide all achievements, let's start...


  • A large part of this guide is sourced from Velvet from Playstation Trophies (with permission). I have edited parts of it to help the gamer understand the parts I didn't find clear during my first run of the game and adjusted for Xbox.
  • One other source is from "AllGamesWorldHd" for the YouTube video walkthrough that I found very helpful after doing a lot of searching around.
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