2. Asemblance: Oversight General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Hints & Tips can be found in the story walkthrough section however below are some points that may help you along the way if you're not keen on doing a step by step walkthrough...

  • Listen closely to the advice you get from the narrator over the comms.
  • The game centers around the colour filter you finish the game on so once you've got a new colour then aim to finish the game the same as before.
  • White is the hardest achievement to get and the last one too as it requires a lot more steps.
  • Zooming in on objects can teleport you to another simulation so if in doubt zoom in on something with the cn_LT button.
  • The cn_Y will turn off the simulation so use it when you have got what you need or to switch to another sim via the terminal.
  • When you require voice activation to open two of the doors you need to time the voice recording to so it says their name and title clearly upon click.
  • I'd suggest walking forward while zoomed in on something that is transforming.
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