Asemblance Reviews

  • A Big RadroachA Big Radroach540,116
    24 Jul 2019
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    Is a slow paced, puzzle solving, Walking sim. You are within Asemblance Labs and interact with a Memory Simulator. Endlessly reliving your memories until you can accept the past and its truths.

    The game itself is agreeably very slow paced and rather short. A full completion can be achieved in 30 minutes if you are following a guide. For the adventurous and strong willed. It can take up to several hours of abstract thinking whilst requiring a backpack of patience if you're not used to puzzle games. It, sadly, lacks excitement. It's best to remember that each playthrough is slightly different and requires you to rethink your approach in the quest for the truth. So repetitiveness is to be expected when you have just 3 Memories to dive into. Seeing them countless times isn't really the issue. The repetition is from the voiceover hints that tend to grind on those nerves once you're lost. Ending your experience feeling a little catatonic. Asemblance does remains mysterious though, you don't know why or how you're inside this Memory Simulator exactly but, you want to know.

    The plot itself is interpreted differently by many players and still isn't agreed upon "exactly what happens".
    All we know is that the protagonist, left unnamed is immersed within the Asemblance Labs Memory Project. Reliving their memories until they come to terms and accept the truth. Each time they learn a truth. A new Ending is achieved. What the truth to us as the player. Is the interpretation and left semi-ambiguous.

    So how does it play?
    In a nutshell, it's not bad but its not a memorable experience. There's a bombshell hidden within the game but yet unobtainable. The concept is brilliant, the design is beautiful. The controls are standard, minus subtitles, sensitivity and brightness (not that they're needed in this title but it's always a nice touch). The save system is slightly confusing to what constitutes as a save/checkpoint. Often losing track of where you last left off and what you were specifically doing; if you weren't playing in just one sitting that is. The game doesn't hold your hand and spoon feed you the answers. Which is gold dust in today's industry. It's fine to be presented a challenge. You just seem to lose the excitement you built up about the game when you start up. Because of so, the chances you'll load up a guide within the first hour of play to "get it over with" will increase.

    The Brief:
    - Mysterious game, will either be loved or hated by a player. Both reactions sadly not leaving an impression on the player. Parting ways with the feeling that "it's alright".
    - The replayability is essentially story progression. Casual players would most likely be satisfied with the very first Ending before putting the game down forever. The steps can be retraced and rebuilt to complete each progressive ending.
    - A potentially fast completion for TA Users. 30-60 minutes with a guide. And a Ratio of a just 1.
    - £6.39, often on Sale/Available on Game Pass.
    - 2.23GB Download