1. Ashen OverviewUpdate notes

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Welcome to my achievement walkthrough for Ashen, an action RPG from New Zealand developer A44 that plays like Dark Souls.

This game is structured around co-op play and as you play through the game, you will often get matched up with other players working on similar objectives who will seamlessly take the place of your AI companion, often without you even realizing it initially.

Be warned that the game has several 17 Gamerscore achievements and one difficult 60 gamerscore achievement that requires completing the game in hard mode, but this is made slightly easier by playing co-op with a friend who is on the normal difficulty.

30 achievements can be earned in a single standard mode playthrough and the final achievement will require a second playthrough on the hard mode. Nothing is missable as any achievement not directly related to progression can be unlocked after defeating the final boss.

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