Ashes Cricket 2009 Reviews

  • tweekfutweekfu561,681
    03 Feb 2010 03 Feb 2010
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    Ashes Cricket 2009 is a revamp of the codemasters Brian Lara/Ricky Ponting cricket franchise.
    they have given the license to new developers transmission games who have started again from scratch.

    The batting is very similar to previous codemasters cricket games. you have your big hit button, normal button block button and use your stick to aim. A new feature in this game is using Left Trigger and Left button to choose between front foot/back foot shot selection or don't hold either for the game to auto choose the right foot for you, but with the penalty of less accuracy. I really like this system as it rewards the advanced player who can decide which foot to use with a slight advantage to help get the ball into the gaps of the field.
    Running between the wickets is the same as before 1 button to run, another cancels the run and the new addition of the dive button to make up some ground to avoid run outs. works well.

    Fielding in the game is good, when the ball is hit in the air for a catch the camera goes behind the fielder who is catching the ball and you see the ball which initially has a red circle around it, the circle will turn orange than green and back to red. you need to push a when the circle around the ball is green to catch the ball, if you press while its orange you will have a slight chance of catching it, and if you press it while its red its a dropped catch. Much better than the bar system of previous games.
    To return the ball while fielding is just a matter of holding the stick up or down to choose an end to throw the ball too. 1 complaint i have with the game is the stupidity of the fielders, sometimes showing no urgency at all, plenty of times you can have the chance for a run out but the fielders while let you down with very slow pick ups and releases.

    Bowling is very similar to previous games 1 button to select your delivery, use the stick to select where on the pitch you want it to land and another press to confirm pace of the ball. One thing with this system is each type of delivery has a certain bowler skill level needed to bowl it and even in the case of reverse swing, a minimum number of overs before it able to be bowled. Unfortunately edges don't seem to carry through to the slips very often with most falling just short.

    I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable and certainly a good first up game from the new developer, im looking forward to playing many more games of cricket.
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    15 Aug 2009 15 Aug 2009
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    Hey, this is my 1st review headspin

    Ashes cricket is really for avid cricket fans. Its graphics are not great, commentary is very repetitive. Also you really need to play the lessons to survive but if you love cricket Im sure that you will want to give this game a crack. To be honest the gameplay is much the same as 'Brian Lara cricket' the commentary is much the same as well. Wouldnt really recommend a non cricket fan buying this as there isnt a great lifespan, though i did pick it up for £25 in Asda.

    The achievements arent hard as you can change difficulty to easy, so if any of you are an achievement whore and is looking to boost their gamerscore and true achievement you should really have a look at this game.

    The game has the main ashes series along with "20-20", one day international and 5 day test cricket to give the gamer a bit of variety.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this guys!!!