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Posted on 29 August 19 at 09:37
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Hi, and welcome to my review of Ashes Cricket, published by Big Ant Studios.

Firstly, you do not need to be a fan of cricket in order to enjoy Ashes Cricket, although it helps as the gameplay and commentary can quickly become repetitive to non fans of the sport. Secondly, some of the supposedly grindy achievements can be done with relatively little gameplay.

For those that aren't cricket fans, the Ashes is a series of games played between the England Cricket Team and the Australian Cricket Team, in both the men's and women's forms of the game. The term 'The Ashes' was coined after an obituary for English Cricket appeared in a British newspaper after a victory for Australia in 1882, the first time the Aussies had won on British soil. The article stated that English cricket had died, and "the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia", and after the then English Captain stated that he wanted to "regain those Ashes" the media dubbed the series The Ashes.

There are a few different modes to get your teeth into, which should help provide some variety to the gameplay, including Career mode, casual mode and the Ashes mode. Within the Ashes mode, you can choose to play as either the Men's or Women's teams of English or Australia and play through the full series, including the test matches and one day games.

The Career mode is much akin to the "Be a Pro" modes within FIFA where you control one player at the start of their career within the sport and look to increase your stats and reputation within the game. Within Ashes Cricket, you start at your chosen club side, and need to perform well in order to increase your stats, and get picked up by bigger and better clubs, across more forms of the game. Once your reputation is high enough, you can also be selected for your chosen Country and play in international series. When playing you will only control your player, and can elect to skip the fielding and overs that you are not involved in with either the bat or bowl. There is objectives based on your gameplay which will increases your stats quicker.

For those who may have been put off by the controls used in Big Ant's previous cricket games (The Don Bradman Series) can relax as Ashes Cricket returns to the more conventional button controls, as opposed to the analogue stick controls previously used. This gives this game the feel of the old cricket video games, like Brian Lara/Ricky Ponting and International Cricket. This allows for the casual gamer to pick up and play Ashes Cricket, as well as the avid Cricket fans. The analogue controls are still available for those that prefer a bit more of a test!

As previously said, and as with the majority of sports games, the commentary can quickly become repetitive and monotonous. The commentators can disappear for overs and when they do talk, they can be very off in their description of the action. After a while, you may find yourself, like me, choosing to turn this off in the settings and listening to something completely different.

In summary, you don't have to be a cricket fan to enjoy Ashes Cricket, but it will definitely help. As with most sports games, quickly becomes repetitive and easy but you'll have some fun before that happens.
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