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TA Playlist Wrap-up: Assassin’s Creed

Take a leap of faith and check out our recap of all the stats and community feedback for the TA Playlist game for April, Assassin’s Creed.

Posted 2 years ago by The TA Playlist Team

TA Playlist game for April 2022 announced

Join us for the April 2022 TA Playlist game Assassin’s Creed, celebrating a great game and commiserating a terrible movie.

Posted 2 years ago by The TA Playlist Team

Vote now for April 2022's TA Playlist game

Vote now for April 2022’s TA Playlist game, with a focus on games that have been adapted into critically less than successful movies

Posted 2 years ago by The TA Playlist Team

Games with Gold Titles Revealed for November 2018

We have just two days of October left, but never fear because Microsoft has finally announced the four titles we will see joining their Games with Gold program over the next month.

Posted 6 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Four More Xbox 360 Titles Enhanced On Xbox One X

A brand new and exciting feature has arrived for Xbox One owners as more Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 titles have become enhanced for the Xbox One X. Titles include Fable Anniversary and Crackdown.

Posted 6 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

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