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    05 Dec 2010
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    Microsoft had quite a few high-profile game apps lined up for the launch of the Windows Phone 7, like Need for Speed, Flight Control, and the Harvest. Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles has the high-profile name, but unfortunately lacks all of the aspects of the console games and is, well, a pretty poor game. Altair's Chronicles takes place in the years before the original Assassin's Creed and sees Altair chasing across the same cities (and a few others, besides) in pursuit of the mysterious Chalice and fighting off the evil machinations of Lord Basilisk.

    The single-player campaign is well-designed in the sense of taking you through different types of traps, combat scenarios, and puzzles, although the biggest challenge is not working out what to do but actually being able to control Altair to do it. In some ways this game feels more like a Tomb Raider game than an Assassin's Creed game - I had an easier time visualizing Lara Croft jumping through spinning wheels of death and over spiky pits than I do Altair.

    The major flaws of the game become apparent right away - controlling Altair can be a deadly chore sometimes, as the little cursor in the bottom left corner is either hypersensitive or not sensitive enough for the task you're trying to perform. Getting Altair to run in a straight line from left to right actually becomes a challenge at numerous points during the game. This is compounded by the complete lack of depth perception in the game, which makes it exceptionally difficult to judge niceties like your takeoff point for jumps, how to line yourself up to land on a beam, etc. The camera angle is generally adequate (with objects in the near ground becoming transparent so you can see objects nearer Altair), but at a surprising number of critical junctures, you can't see Altair at all. Imagine fighting a Templar sight unseen, or trying to make a jump when you can see neither takeoff nor landing point.

    Combat is actually the strongest part of the game, and although it's not the full combat experience from the console series, it's tight and solid (with one exception). You start with a simple sword and progressively gain more and more weapons, including heavy sword, throwing knives, bombs, and a crossbow. All of these are relatively easy to use with the exception of the throwing knives which are difficult to aim thanks to the same issues for jumps - you have to be practically on top of someone to ensure that you can hit him with a knife. Attacking someone with, say, your sword is as simple as pressing the sword button, and you can chain combinations together by pressing the button (or others) more than once. I found the combinations to be well worked and very useful, and I give Gameloft credit for getting that part of the experience right.

    The audio is schizophrenic, to say the least - the music and ambient sounds are terrific, seemingly all brought over from the console games. But the voice acting is, to put it mildly, terrible. One of the hallmarks of the series has been good voice acting (particularly Assassin's Creed II), and this is just a letdown. The lines are delivered with no passion or intensity even during what are presumably intense moments of the game, and at least one character sounds utterly caricaturish.

    The achievements are easy to obtain and are primarily story- and weapon-related. None of them pose a significant challenge, even the seemingly-impossible "Combat Genius" which requires you to survive the final level unscratched. Fear not, because this (and several other) achievements are glitched in a good way, making them almost impossible *not* to get. You should be able to get all 19 achievements in about 10-12 hours of playtime.

    While this game is considered part of the Assassin's Creed canon, only the dedicated player should buy this game. With so many aspects terribly flawed, not even well-designed combat can salvage the experience.
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    MH The RockstarSpot on review except one star is being generous. Worst game I have played on WP.
    Posted by MH The Rockstar on 02 Jul 13 at 02:36
    Shinobi of EdoOverall good review. This is an awful game that should never have seen the light of day. A game that is 90% precision platforming on an imprecise touch screen pad? Clearly the developers weren't thinking when they ported this from the DS to WP.

    I think it's also safe to assume that this is a silly, throw-away, non-canon story, as this game was originally released in 2008, with no mention or followup provided since its release. Even AC: Revelations made no mention of the mobile game's story, and that was meant to provide the definitive tale of Altair.

    Truly a waste of time, even for those avidly following the AC story arc. At least you can get the full 200G in one playthrough. That's probably the best thing I can think of regarding this game.
    Posted by Shinobi of Edo on 09 Jul 13 at 05:39
    DeviSlatorTerrible story, terrible controls and felt nothing like an AC game. Good review
    Posted by DeviSlator on 06 Oct 13 at 09:25
    BSquad561 star is too low, they did a pretty good job for a friggin cell phone. Even today, in 2014, it's decent. The controls are horse-$*** though for jumping gaps and ledges, i die involuntarily from falls, it sucks. Everything else is bearable. 4 stars, for not making a top-down AC tower defense or some shit like everyone else.
    Posted by BSquad56 on 04 Mar 14 at 20:06
    PakhairThis game is TERRIBLE and I HATE it so much. Been playing it since months cause can never play it for too long, spot on review although combat itself is not perfect either, really frustrating at times.

    Everyone Stay away from it for your own self, otherwise welcome to frustration extreme .

    P.S = it's fun at start, the more and more you play, you will start to hate it
    Posted by Pakhair on 20 Jun 14 at 17:47
    Mr DuckGreat review I've just 100% it, the only easy thing about this game was uninstalling it of my phone!
    Posted by Mr Duck on 28 Jul 14 at 12:56
    CrAzEdCaNuCk18Completely agree with this review, controls and the voice acting are so bad it ruins the game experience. Also I understand adding obstacles to add difficulty but steam vents and a constant flow of boulders falling over a waterfall in a garden??? WTF?

    I'm a big fan of the AC series but after I finish this I'm going to forget it existed.facepalm
    Posted by CrAzEdCaNuCk18 on 20 Sep 14 at 19:27
    Angels Kill TooControls are the worst thing I've ever fucking played, camera is awful, the game's just aaaaaasssss!!!!
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 14 Mar 15 at 22:18
    KanchanaburiCome on. This is SHIT!!!! the only reason i bought it was to complete all the AC. Shit controls. I hope the developers F** choke on their phones.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 15 Jan 16 at 01:45
    Dutch x MonsterThis is an abomination of a game i dont understand you would want this game even if going for series completion you need to get the extremely rare AC Pirates games on Win8 and WP
    Posted by Dutch x Monster on 21 Mar at 18:25