Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Achievements

Most Earned

Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties10 (10)Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time.
Battle Wounds
Battle Wounds21 (20)Complete DNA Sequence 1.
Sanctuary! Sanctuary!
Sanctuary! Sanctuary!21 (20)Find a secure place to hide and re-enter the Animus.
Golden Boy
Golden Boy21 (20)Discover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano.

Least Earned

Abstergo Employee of the Month
Abstergo Employee of the Month90 (20)Get every single bonus at least once (Multiplayer Only).
Download Complete
Download Complete153 (40)Reach Level 50 (Multiplayer Only).
il Principe
il Principe239 (100)Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of the Da Vinci Disappearance.
Role Model
Role Model71 (20)Get all the Co-op bonuses in 1 session (Multiplayer Only).
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