Assassin's Creed III Remastered Walkthrough

12. ACIII: The Underground

The Underground Network

The Underground Network is new to Assassin's Creed 3. You'll be introduced to it in Sequence 5, Memory 3 (Boston's Most Wanted). You need to explore the Underground in both Boston and New York. Doing this will give you more Fast Travel locations. To use a Fast Travel location, when you find them, you'll either need to unlock a door (either by picking the lock, or by turning a mechanism, or by solving a Magic Lantern.

There are a couple of obstacles in the Underground that can make it a bit harder to explore, but none of them are difficult to get around. You'll have a lantern that will be used to light your way in the Underground, without it you'll be traveling in darkness. There are lights on the walls throughout the Underground that you can light.

There are also a few enemies scattered through the Underground. Fighting them will involve you needing to put your lantern down - you can't do much while holding it, including running.

The maps below show the locations for all of the fast travels points in the Underground, along with the solution to the Magic Lanterns.


Boston Underground

In the Boston Underground, there are 3 Magic Lantern Puzzles. You'll need to place 4 images in the right place. When you get to these doors, you'll have to find a clue. This clue hints at how to solve the puzzle.

Map LetterExitUpper ImageRight ImageLeft ImageBottom Image
DCrown Coffee HouseEarthRudder Cross Scales
H South Commons CrownVitruvian ManStrawMasons Symbol
J Boston Gate Masons SymbolMale SignFemale Sign Scales

New York

New York Underground

There are three Magic Lantern Puzzles in the New York Underground.

Map LetterExitUpper ImageRight ImageLeft ImageBottom Image
FNorth Dutch ChurchTriangleScalesCrossJester
HSt Paul’s ChapelSunMasons SymbolMale SignScales
ITrinity ChurchTriangleCrownDouble-Headed EagleMasons Symbol

You need to uncover all of the Underground Network for 100% synchronisation.

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