Assassin's Creed III Remastered Walkthrough

14. ACIII: Frontiersmen Club

The Frontiersmen Club

The Frontiersmen Club is one of four clubs that tasks you with completing 3 groups of challenges. The Frontiersmen Club also has missions that you'll need to complete.


Challenges I

Unlocks after you complete Sequence 4 and visit a Frontiersman campfire in the Frontier.

  • Perform 10 leaps of faith.
  • Reach 5 viewpoints.
  • Discover 5 Underground Network Entrances.
    Discover the location of every Fort.
  • Explore the canopy by traveling 100 meters through the trees.
  • Collect 5 feathers.

Challenges II

Unlocks after you complete Challenges I.

  • Dive into the water from a height of 50 meters.
    This can be completed as the final constraint in Sequence 6, Memory 4 (Hostile Negotiations). If you didn't get it here, watch this video to get this challenge.
  • Complete an Almanac.
    You'll unlock an achievement for completing this challenge. More information is on the Boston & New York Collectibles page.
  • Climb for a total of 1,500 meters.
  • Discover the location of every Trading Post in the Frontier.
  • Listen to all of Washington's conversations. This is a very specific challenge and cannot be completed until after you have completed the main story. The first two/three conversations can be obtained in Sequence 9, Memory 1 (Missing Supplies). You'll need to speak to Washington after the game is finished. You'll find him in New York, on the map he'll be a "W" icon. This video shows you what you need to do.

Challenges III

Unlocks after you complete Challenges II.

  • Reveal all of Boston's map.
  • Reveal all of New York's map.
  • Reveal the whole Frontier map.
    To reveal all of the maps, you only need to uncover around 75-80% of each map. Trees and rooftops make this easier, especially after you've done all of the Viewpoints.
  • Reach all of the viewpoints.
  • Discover all of the Underground Network Entrances in Boston and New York.
  • Visit every tavern in the Frontier, Boston and New York.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Available after you visit a Frontiersmen campfire.

After the cutscene, head up the hill to the marked area. Analyse the dead body at the camp to trigger a short fight with a wolf. Kill the wolf to complete the mission.

Finding the Sasquatch

After the cutscene, head over to the marked area in Black Creek. Once in the green zone, look for the Unusual Footprints clue. Then enter the cave and continue until you meet this Sasquatch.

The Haunted Lighthouse

After the cutscene, head over to the lighthouse in Great Piece Hills. The clue is located at the top of the lighthouse. Climb up and analyse it complete the mission.

The Headless Horseman

After a cutscene, head to the area in Troy's Woods. Look for the marked clue and analyse it to complete the mission.

This complete the Frontiersmen Missions in the Frontier. The remaining two are located in Boston.

Monster of The Sea

Available after 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and talking to the Frontiersmen group in one of the marked taverns in Boston.

Approach Daniel and the group at the tavern. There are four marked people on the map, and you'll need to approach each one and listen to their conversation. Once those four conversations have been listened to, go over to the old lady, and then make your way over to the Trader's House. Look for the clue to complete the mission.

Unidentified Flying Object

Available after 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and talking to the Frontiersmen group in one of the marked taverns in Boston.

After a cutscene, the UFO is located at Beacon Hill. Head over there and you'll find it stuck in a tree. To reach it, jump above the outhouse, and then climb from tree to tree until you reach the object. Analyse it to complete the mission. This is the last Frontiersmen mission.

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