Assassin's Creed III Remastered Walkthrough

16. ACIII: Thief's Club

The Thief's Club

The Boston Brawlers is one of four clubs that tasks you with completing 3 groups of challenges. There are no missions to complete for this club.

Challenges I

Unlocks after you pickpocket £100 in total, and during /after Sequence 5.

  • Pickpocket £200.
  • Perform 25 air assassinations.
  • Catch a Courier.
    Couriers are marked on the map as a red-coloured moneybag. They run around a predetermined route. If they see you, they'll run away. Tackle them while running using cn_B. You can't spawn them, they'll randomly turn up. Do not kill them in front of any guards. You will instantly become notorious.
  • Kill 25 enemies from hiding places.
  • Loot 10 bodies.

Challenges II

Unlocks after you complete Thief Challenges I.

  • Escape from open conflict by using blending or hiding.
  • Steal everything a guard owns 3 times.
    This is best done on a guard where you can blend into a nearby group. Otherwise, walk behind a patrol and pickpocket a guard. Keep holding the pickpocket button until you've taken everything they have.
  • Lure away a guard dog using bait 3 times.
    Go to the location shown below and look for the dog in the picture. Use this one to lure away, as it is by far the easiest guard dog to do it with.

LureDog Location


  • Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected.
  • Steal everything a rich citizen owns without being detected.
    I'll be honest, it's pretty obvious which NPCs are rich. Just get behind one and pickpocket them continuously 3/4 times, until you've taken everything from them.

Challenges III

Unlocks after you complete Thief Challenges II

  • Poison 5 enemies.
  • Find and empty the 10 chests in New York.
  • Win £500 by playing mini-games.
    By far the easiest game to do this with is Nine Men's Morris. Playing this game on the Homestead will also count towards the Original Gamer achievement.
    This website allowed me to win every time I used it. The easiest way to explain what to do is that in AC3, you take the computer's moves and make them on the website game. The website will then make its move, and you copy that move into AC3. The solution for the Original Gamer achievement has some good information on how to beat the mini-games.
  • Pickpocket or loot £1,500.
    This shouldn't be too hard to do if you're looting guards for ammo etc. Otherwise, try to continuously pickpocket one citizen to get everything from them.
  • Successfully attack and loot a convoy 3 times.
    The image below shows the best location for getting convoys to spawn. I managed to get one 7/10 times I fast traveled away and then walked back to that location.

Loot Convoy Location

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