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2. General hints and tips

Hints & Tips

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Assassin's Creed 3 Hints & Tips


  1. Animals are found in the Frontier and on the Homestead. If you open the map, and using cn_RS, scroll up to the Hunting Map, you'll be able to see what animals are found in which area.
  2. Animals are discovered (in areas) by either killing them or finding a clue about them. You'll need to discover every animal, in every location, for a Hunting Society Challenge.
  3. Predator animals, e.g. Bobcats, Bears, Wolves, will attack Connor if they see him. You'll have to perform a QTE (Quick Time Event) to kill them. If you have your Hidden Blade equipped, you'll be able to skin animals for perfect pelts.
  4. Passive animals, e.g. Deer, Hares, Racoons, will run if they see or hear Connor. It's easier to kill these animals with Snares or your Bow. I found the exception to this are Beavers and Racoons, as they're slow enough to kill straight away with your Hidden Balde. You'll then get perfect pelts to sell/use in contracts.
  5. This goes for clues in general throughout the game, but using Eagle Vision will highlight any clues about animals in the area. Interacting with clues will highlight the animal on your minimap so you can hunt them.
  6. To make the most of hunting and collecting pelts, you're going to want undamaged pelts. These can be obtained by killing animals with either the Hidden Blade, Poison Darts and the Bow. You can use your fists, but for Predator animals, this may make things a tad more difficult. Any other weapons will result in damaged pelts. Damaged pelts sell for less money.

Making Money

There are a number of ways to make money in AC3:

  1. Treasure chests. If you're going for 100% completion in this game, you will need to collect all of the Treasure Chests. Each chest contains a different amount of money, and occasionally items. It is highly recommended that you purchase the Chest Maps for Boston, New York, and the Frontier. It will make your life easier. To me, the initial spend is worth it in the long run.
  2. Complete Assassination contracts (when you're able to). And when you're far enough in the game to have Assassins, send them on missions. You'll need to level them up anyway, and they'll provide you with some money upon successfully completing a mission.
  3. Hunting. Bears and Beavers are a very time-effective way of making money. Beavers are slow and easy to kill. Bears net you a fair amount of money for a perfect pelt. You'll need to collect a number of Beaver and Bear items anyway, so I'd recommend going a little overkill on hunting these animals. Wolves are also good too, especially as it'll be groups of them that attack you. Once you've completed the Delivery Contracts that require hunting items, you can sell all of the extra ones you have - either by trading or selling directly to a General Store. I managed to get most of the money I needed to upgrade the Aquila by selling extra pelts.
  4. Homestead Missions. I cannot stress this enough - when they are available, complete them. Completing them will provide you with items you need to complete crafting. These items are then used for Delivery Requests. You can then trade any surplus items for money. (Crafting is one of those "it costs money to make money".)
  5. Attack Enemy Convoys. They spawn randomly in the Frontier. They'll be marked with a hexagon symbol with a star in. (There's also an achievement for looting a convoy without killing a single guard. Get this by using your fists!)
  6. Sending Convoys. See the section below.
  7. Clearing Forts in Boston, the Frontier, and New York. You'll need to do this anyway for 100% completion. By clearing them out, you'll lower taxes in that area, making trading more profitable.

The Aquila and Naval Combat

Here is some important information about the Aquila and Naval Combat:

  • Broadsides can only be fired when the camera is facing the port/starboard side of the Aquila. It will recharge when not facing that way, but you may not see the recharge progressing.
  • Given AC3's dynamic weather system, the Naval missions occur in different weathers. During missions where there are Rogue Waves, use Brace cn_X to mitigate any damage from the Rogue Wave.
  • When being attacked by enemy ships, Brace cn_X, will lessen the damage dealt to the Aquila.
  • There are two speeds at which the Aquila can sail - Half Sails and Full Sails. During situations when you need to limit the amount of environmental damage, Half Sails is better used, as the Aquila is more controllable with movements.

Cannon Ammo Types

Ammo TypeDescription
Round ShotDefault ammunition that is used.
Swivel GunAn accurate gun that can be used for long-range attacks. Can destroy Gun Boats in one shot, and other small shots in two shots when upgraded. Can be used on exposed weak points on larger ships, such as Frigates. The Swivel Gun can be fired from any angle.
Chain ShotDestroys a ship's mast. Depending on the size of the ship and damage inflicted, it will slow the ship down, or bring them to a complete stop. Necessary shot if needing to board another ship. Must be bought as an upgrade.
Grape ShotA large spread shot. Effective at destroying a number of small ships in one go. The most ineffective against larger ships. Must be bought as an upgrade.
Heat ShotMost powerful ammunition type. Extremely effective against large ships. Must be bought as an upgrade.

Types of Ships

  • The smallest ship, low damage.
  • Easily destroyed with the Swivel Gun.
  • Second smallest, moderate damage.
  • Can be destroyed with two upgraded Swivel Gunshots, or broadsides.

You'll want to destroy these ships as quickly as possible, as if there's a group of them, they could cause you a problem.

  • The second biggest ship, moderate damage.
  • Reloads broadsides quickly.
  • Usually have a weak spot that can be exposed, and fired at with the Swivel Gun.
  • The largest ship, a fair amount of damage.
  • Rarely engaged in missions.
  • Can shoot from the front of the ship.
  • Use Chain Shot to immobilise it.
  • Heat Shot is effective at damaging this ship.
  • Weak spots can be exposed too.

Trading and Sending Convoys

Convoys are going to be an incredibly useful manner in which you can collect money. You can have up to three land convoys and a naval convoy. These can be used to send resources to various places. In return, you'll get a fair bit of money. I'd highly recommend crafting the following:

  • Land Convoy (so you can have the maximum amount of convoys)
  • Land Convoy Capacity Upgrade
  • Naval Convoy
  • Naval Convoy Capacity Upgrade.

All information about these is on the Crafting page.

You also want to ensure that you've liberated the Forts and done (some of) the Privateer missions. What this will do is lower the risk of your convoys being attacked, and any taxes you'll have to pay for sending items.

When it comes to trading resources, what you want to do is send items that will give you the biggest monetary reward.

The top 5 highest market prices for items sold via Naval Convoy are:

  • Fine clothing to The Virgin Islands - £1922/each
  • Fine clothing to Louisbourg - £1861/each
  • Bear pendants to Saint-Augustine - £1690/each
  • Quilts to The Virgin Islands - £1670/each
  • Quilts to Louisbourg - £1617/each

Bear in mind that it'll take around 30 minutes for the money to come through.

For Land Convoys, for any item you want to trade, look at how much you can get from each trader in each location. It doesn't really matter about the time it'll take, as it's not that much between traders. And then you want to go for the highest trader. You can send items to different traders in one convoy, so don't think you're limited by who you can trade with per convoy.


It seems to be that in the Remaster, you no longer need to lockpick Treasure Chests. I cannot confirm if this is true. However, here are the tips for lockpicking:

Don't go too quickly when rotating cn_LS and cn_RS. If you go slowly and when the controller vibrates, hold the analog stick in place. Repeat for the other stick. Once in place, hold the sticks in their position and repeatedly press cn_RT to pick the lock.

If you liberate forts and recruit Assassins, you shouldn't need to pick any locks.


To capture Forts, you'll need to do three things:

  1. Kill the Fort's Captain
  2. Destroy the Powder Reserve
  3. Replace the British Flag with an American one.

You can do this in whatever manner you feel comfortable. Stealth is optional. To destroy the Powder Reserve, you can either interact with it, and then run away when the timer appears, or place a powder keg next to it and shoot it.

Assassin's Creed Liberations Hints & Tips

The current version of the Hints & Tips for Assassin's Creed Liberations is found on the AC:L Story page. They will be updated in the near future.

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