Assassin's Creed III Remastered Walkthrough

21. ACIII: Tyranny of King Washington: Betrayal

The Tyranny of King Washington: Betrayal

Sequences I-IV will play in succession without any breaks.

Story Walkthrough

Sequence I - Prison Break

Optional Objectives: Kill 3 guards undetected.

After the introductory cutscenes, you'll be tasked with breaking out of your cell. Approach the door to interact with it. Continue to bang on the door until the guard is looking at you. Then use Wolf Cloak to disappear. The guards will open the door for you. Remaining cloaked, leave the cell and knock out the first guard by chocking him. You'll then become visible, so fight the second guard. Then go and interact with the cell that Kannen'to:kon is in.

After a cutscene, you'll need to free him. Go into the room to the left of Kannen'to:kon's cell. You'll find your Bow and Arrow on the table. After picking them up, turn around and look at the wall. To the right of the door will be the key to free Kannen'to:kon.

Once he's free, go back into the room where your Bow was, and head through the door marked with the green waypoint. You'll then be in a room with guards rooming around. Kannen'to:kon will jump down into a haystack and kill the guard next to it. In this area, you'll have an optional objective to kill three guards undetected. It is possible to kill the guard that Kannen'to:kon will kill, but using your Wolf Cloak. Either way, there are enough guards in this room, that taking out three will not be too difficult. Just make sure to use your Wolf Cloak and the haystacks to get a good idea of which guards are the easiest to kill undetected.

Once the three kills are done, you can head over to the green waypoint. If you get spotted by enemies, just kill them. You won't be punished for being spotted now. You'll need to climb up a wall of barrels, and the look down the hole to see some more guards you'll need to kill. Once they're dead interact with the waypoint to complete the memory.

Sequence II - Sky World Journey

Optional Objectives:

  • Save all the eggs.
  • Chain 3 Eagle Flights, twice.
  • Avoid all obstacles.

You'll start this memory by looking at the large tree. Climb up it, and at the top, Connor will face the Eagle. In this part, the Eagle will sit in front of a nest with three eggs. You'll be tasked with protecting the eggs from Bobcats. All of the eggs need to survive for the optional objective. You'll have the usual QTEs you get with predator animals. Some Bobcats will ignore you and head straight for the eggs, and you'll need to manually kill these guys.

After saving the eggs, Connor will have a new ability, Eagle Flight. This is a "jump from point-to-point" ability. It's useful to cover long distances, escape situations and assassinate enemies.

The Eagle will lead you through trees and pillars, teaching you how to use this ability. All you need to do is press the indicated button when there is a point, within distance, locks on. Connor will then fly to this location. You can chain the flights by pressing the button again just before landing. You'll need to do this three times for the second optional objective.

The final part of this memory will see you following an Eagle through an obstacle course. Boulders will block the way, and mountains move to try and hit you. For the final optional objective, you'll need to avoid all of the obstacles. The memory will end once the flying obstacle course is finished.

Sequence III - Dive Bomb

Optional Objectives:

  • Kill all guards while remaining undetected.
  • Perform 3 Eagle Assassinations in the warehouse.
  • Use Eagle Assassination to kill Franklin.

Start out by climbing out of this room using the left wall. Once you're out, drop down and kill all of the enemies trying to open the door. After they're dead, Benjamin Franklin will come through with more men. After the cutscene, use Eagle Flight to get into the rafter above. Watch the guard closest to you, and he'll walk past a haystack. Once he's obscured by the boxes, use an Eagle Assassination on him. Another guard will appear to investigate, so quickly use Eagle Flight to get back into the rafters. Or you can jump into the haystack, and then use Eagle Flight to get to the rafters. While he's investigating, you can perform an Eagle Assassination on him.

Another guard will come to investigate that kill, so rinse and repeat. This will give you the 3 Eagle Assassinations objective. The final guard will stay by the door, and will not move unless he sees you. Go back into the rafters, and drop down to kill him when you're able to. You'll then get the secondary objective for killing all of the guards undetected.

Once that last guard is dead, leave the warehouse. This will initiate a chase sequence with Benjamin Franklin. For the final optional objective will require you to use an Eagle Assassination on Franklin. The Eagle Flight ability makes chasing enemies a lot easier, so keep using that until you're close enough to Franklin to perform an Eagle Assassination on him.

This ends the memory and goes straight into the next one.

Sequence IV - Consequences

Optional Objectives: No additional constraints.

After a cutscene from the previous memory is done, Connor will fall into a dream-like world. He will begin to face King Washington. You'll need to use Eagle Flight to attack him. He'll push Connor off of him and eventually pound his scepter into the ground. When he does this, use Eagle Flight to avoid being hit, and attack him again. Then use Connor's Wolf Cloak to get close to attack Washington. After that's done, Connor will fall on a platform, and a large Washington and his mother will taunt Connor. This section is a test of your Eagle Flight skills. The platform that you're on will eventually disappear, meaning you'll need to use Eagle Flight to get to the next one.

The memory will end once Washington says something about falling. You'll be on a platform with nowhere to go and end up falling.

Sequence V - Return to Sender

Optional Objectives:

  • Capture 2 of the opponent's pieces.
  • Kill both sentinels within the time limit: 21 seconds.

Head to the marked location, and when you get there, you'll need to fight some guards to clear them from the doorway so you can do inside. You'll need to be anonymous to interact with the door. Once you're inside, head to the back, ignoring the guards. There's a man standing in front of a checkers board. Interact with him to play, and Connor will eavesdrop on the guards to the left. While playing checkers, you'll need to capture two of your opponent's pieces before the conversation is over.

Once the conversation is over, the game will automatically place Connor outside of the tavern. Follow the orange waypoint marked guard. Do not kill him. Walk up behind him and pickpocket him. Connor will then move off to read the note. You'll then need to climb the buildings to the left and walk over to the edge. Use Eagle Vision to locate the gold-highlighted guard. Go and place the letter back on him.

As the guard begins to walk, tail him until he reaches a building where he bangs on a door. Then you'll need to head to the indicated location, which is a ship under construction. You'll need to clear the area of two Sentinels that are scouting. Eagle Flight your way up to the closest one, who's near the top of the ship. Once you've killed him, you'll have a 21-second timer to kill the second one for an optional objective. Jump out of the ship in the direction of the second Sentinal, and use Eagle Flight to get down to him quickly. When you're close enough, use an Eagle Assassination on him.

Franklin will try and outrun you when Connor tries to shoot him with the Bow. After you've captured him, you'll need to guide him back to where Samual Adams is hiding. Every so often you'll need to press cn_A to make Franklin walk.

When you get to Adams, the memory is completed.

Sequence VI - Man of Mettle

Optional Objectives: Steal the horse undetected.

When you reach the Blacksmith at your waypoint, drop in to trigger a cutscene. Your waypoint will then be updated and will lead you to a fort. On the left side, there's a flag pole which you can use Eagle flight to get to, and then get up to the top of the wall. Beneath you are two distracted guards. Head along the wall edge, going right until you reach an opening near the cannon. Climb into the fort and activate Wolf Cloak. Head past the distracted guard, and once you've reached the edge of the house, drop down to the right. You'll see the indicated horse you need to get.

If you get on the horse without being detected, you'll get the optional objective. Get on the horse and head for the exit. Unfortunately, you'll be shot off. You'll need to kill several guards before you can get back on the horse and leave the fort.

Once outside, you'll be shot off again, and the horse will run away. Instead of fighting, use Eagle Flight to chase the horse. If the horse gets too far away, you will desync. Once you get back to the horse, you'll need to be anonymous to interact with it. Kill any of the surviving guards, and interact with the horse for a cutscene to complete the memory.

Sequence VII - Pieces in Motion

Optional Objectives:

  • Use 3 contextual attacks during the bar fight.
  • Remain undetected during the investigation.

Head over to the marked tavern, and fight the guards to get inside. Once you're inside, head over to the man with the checkers' board. Connor will ask for information, but you won't get it unless you beat the man in a game. You don't need to win, the game will give you an option to rage quit. If you decide to rage quit, Connor will beat the guard down and instigate a fight.

If you want the optional objective, you'll need to perform three counter-attacks with the environment, such as throwing enemies into tables. It works the same as it did in the main game.

With the fight over, head over to the indicated guard and loot him. Leave the bar, and you'll be faced with a number of guards. You can either fight or use Eagle flight to escape. Either way, once it's done, the game will take you to a fort. There are guards and guard dogs here. Head right to the nearest bush, and use bait to attract the dog. When the dog picks up the scent, use Wolf cloak to run straight, going for the entrance of the fort. Find a bush to hide in while you heal. Then head through the opening, turn left and sit in another bush. Bait the next dog, and wait for him to approach. It's better to kill him as it'll save the hassle it can cause.

Use Eagle Vision, while cloaked, to find the clue in the middle of the path. Once Connor is done, head down the path until you find a load of dead bodies. Use Eagle Vision to find the next clue. Then head to the waypoint, at the docks. Speak to the man here to complete the memory.

Sequence VIII - Aquila Unchained

Optional Objectives:

  • Remain undetected while stealing the uniform.
  • Use an Animal Power to kill a guard menacing Franklin.
  • Remain undetected while protecting Franklin.

Begin with using Eagle Flight to get to to the building's roof after Connor leaves this building. Knock the guard out that's up here, and head over to the next building. Run across the rooftops, and over to the building on the lower right. Drop down behind the building, and wait for the guard to come down the alley. Use Wolf Cloak and then knock him out. Pick him up and head back the way he came. The guards will have moved by this point. Head to the right, then to the left, through the building and wait at the end. Guards will walk up from the right side, so drop the body and use Eagle Flight to get away. Once the guards stop investigating and move away, head back to the body, pick it up and start making your way to the marked building.

There are a number of red dots on your map which you need to be aware of. Guards may come up behind you. Keep Wolf Cloak ready during this time, just in case you're on the verge of being spotted. Take out any guards that stumble on the dead body. The aim is to remain undetected for the optional objective. Once you're clear, head back to Franklin.

You'll need to protect Franklin as he goes to meet Robert Faulkner. The first two guards are in the alleyway. As Franklin passes, use your Wolf Cloak to take them out. Keep moving, and turn left, following Franklin. If you follow too closely, there's a guard here that will notice you. Wait until he turns around to follow Franklin, then kill him. Quickly catch up to Franklin, and then jump into the haystack on the right. Kill the two guards while cloaked before the guard dog on the right notices you.

Once these two guards have been killed, Franklin will head down the left alley. You want to get to the top of the buildings on the right and follow Franklin from up here. Perform a Leap of Faith in the haystack. You'll meet up with Faulker.

You'll be tasked with freeing the Aquila from its hoist. The first thing you want to do is get rid of the snipers littered around the area. Eagle Flight up and take the four of them out. Once you've done that, approach the Aquila, and begin to cut the hoists on the deck. You'll be attacked by enemies during this, so kill them to move to the next rope.

Once you've cut all three ropes, you'll need to escape and become anonymous for the memory to end.

Sequence IX - Escape to New York

Optional Objectives:

  • Save all the crew members.
  • Kill Putnam while using an Animal Power.

This is the last memory in the episode, and it begins with you escorting Faulkner and his crew to the Aquila. You'll have plenty of guards to attack along the way. When you reach the docks, the crew members will start to board the Aquila. Unfortunately, guards will start shooting at them. Save the crew by focusing on killing the shooters. If you save them all, you'll complete the optional objective. Then head over to the big fight behind you.

You'll have to do this twice, and then Putnam will arrive with Kanen'to:kon at gunpoint. When you're in control of Connor again, you'll have a countdown of twenty seconds. If you try to run to Putnam, he'll shoot Kanen'to:kon, so you'll want to use Eagle Flight to get close to enough to perform an Eagle Assassination on Putnam.

The memory will end after a cutscene, and you'll get the following achievement:

AC3 | Blindsided in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Defeat Putnam. (TOKW: Betrayal) (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 902 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.33) 10,000

Miscellaneous Achievements

While playing this episode, you'll need to do a few things to get 100% synchronization:

  • Help the Hungry (5)
  • Rescue Civilians (4)
  • Wolf Rescue (2)
  • Attack Convoys (4)
  • Collect the 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts
  • Treasure Chests

Some report that treasure chests are required, but I found that they weren't. If you do need to collect them, they'll already be marked on your map. There are two "chests", one is a treasure chest and the other is a resource bag.

There are 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts located in Boston that you need to find and interact with. Here are the maps and descriptions as to where they are located.

Lucid 4

The artifact (above) is located on the rooftop of a house. It's a rifle that has an image of young Connor standing on buildings, looking out into the distance.

Lucid 5

The artifact (above) is a box on the ground in a farm area, next to a tree where a civilian is hung. It's an image of Stephane being recruited by Connor.

Lucid 6

The artifact (above) is under an outpost, on a picnic table. It's an image of Achilles Davenport.

Help the Hungry missions usually appear on the right-hand side, near the Fort. You should be able to go between 2/3 of them to get it finished. Once you've done 5, you can ignore them.

Rescue Civilians missions are usually found on the left-hand side, near the lake. There's a spot here where you can do them, and once you've done one, leave the area and come back for it to respawn until you've done four of them.

Wolf Rescue missions are usually by the lake, on the left side of the map. They're at the bottom of a sort of peninsula. Fortunately, there are guards nearby you can use to respawn these missions. You only need to do two of them.

For Attack Convoy, this is the best location:

attack convoy boston

You'll unlock the following achievement once you have 100% synchronization:

AC3 | The New Tea Party in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Reach 100% synchronization in Boston. (TOKW: Betrayal)
  • Unlocked by 586 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.13) 10,000

You'll be able to get the following achievement after Sequence II - Sky World Journey. You'll just need to fly from one rooftop to another as quickly as you can. It won't take you to long to get it.

AC3| Frequent Flyer in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Use Eagle Flight to travel 1 km. (TOKW: Betrayal)
  • Unlocked by 968 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.21) 10,000

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