Assassin's Creed III Remastered Walkthrough

3. Assassin's Creed III Story Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed III Story Walkthrough

The story walkthrough will provide you with a text-based guide for each memory. If you need a video, the name of each memory is a link to a video guide.

It is very likely that the text walkthrough will differ from any video walkthroughs for the memories.

Sequence 1


After the opening cutscene, follow the NPCs into the cave in front of you. After a couple of cutscenes, slide down the bank until you get to the opened door. Continue through to trigger another set of cutscenes, and the first memory.

Memory I - Refresher Course

Optional Objectives: Perform an Air Assassination.

This memory is very much it's namesake, in it being a refresher for the controls of the game. You'll have to perform various actions to continue, such as running, climbing, free-running and assassinations. The easiest way to do this is to follow the onscreen prompts. You'll eventually be asked to perform an Air Assassination. Walk up to the beam and then press the prompted button, cn_X, to perform the air assassination. Do this for both enemies to complete the optional objective (the full sync requirement).

Continue following the onscreen instructions to complete the tutorial refresher. Jump from rooftop to rooftop and then land on the ground under the arch to complete the memory.

AC3 | Rude Awakening in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Re-Enter the Animus.
  • Unlocked by 9,609 tracked gamers (96% - TA Ratio = 1.02) 10,000

Memory II - A Deadly Performance

Optional Objectives: There are no constraints.

At the start of the memory, interact with the doorway to enter the Opera House. Head forward into the opera house and take a seat. When prompted, trigger Eagle Vision, and look to the upper right balcony to spot the target. Afterwards, exit your seat and head to the left side of the room. Climb the ladder to the top. Then shimmy to the right and climb up. You'll know if you've hit a dead end, as Haytham won't move if his path is blocked. Keep going until you reach an empty balcony. You won't need to worry about being spotted or anything.

Eventually you'll reach a locked door. Slowly rotate cn_LS until a rumble is felt. Keep the cn_LS in place. Rotate the cn_RS slowly until a rumble is felt and keep it there. With both picks locked in, rapidly tap cn_RT to unlock it. (In the 360 version, it was needed to repeatedly tap cn_RT, but it appears that in the remaster that only one tap is required.)

Go through the doorway and head across the stage. It's a pretty straightforward route. You'll get to a cutscene where you'll be prompted to hit cn_X. Once the cutscene is over, use the fast walk option (hold cn_A while walking) to exit the Opera House and end the memory.

Memory III - Journey To A New World

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit health loss: 10%
  • Rescue James within the required time: 40 seconds.
  • Complete all constraints in one playthrough.

You'll start out with a cutscene, and then you'll have to head topside to go through a combat tutorial. There's a number of optional Interactive Conversations on the way, but you really don't need to do them.

For the combat tutorial, you'll need to make sure that Haytham doesn't lose too much health. The easiest way to do this is just to follow the instructions and onscreen prompts. Once you've learnt to Parry and Counter, you'll trigger a cutscene with the Captain. Afterwards, follow the indicator to your cabin.

For the next part of the mission, you'll need to speak to several crew members, and eventually James. You'll be prompted to head to the stern to look for clues. Use Eagle Vision to find clues. Clues will be indicated with a magnifying glass above them. Once the investigation is done, return to Haytham's cabin.

The next section starts with Haytham needing to speak with the Captain, and then having Haytham defend himself against Mills. The easiest way to do this is countering his attacks. A cutscene will start once Mills is dealt with.

You'll then have to secure rigging on the ship, starting with directly behind you, then on the opposite side of the ship. Another bit of rigging in the middle of the ship will then need to be secured. Once that's done, you'll be prompted to save James in 40 seconds. It's straightforward enough, with you needing to get across the timber and jumping towards James. A cutscene will show him being saved.

Once that's done, and you've had yet another cutscene, go and talk to the Captain. Climb up to the Crow's Nest to complete the memory and Sequence 1.

Sequence 2


Memory I - Welcome To Boston

Optional Objectives: There are no constraints.

You'll start out by having to follow Charles Lee. Then head to a General Store for a cutscene with Benjamin Franklin. This will unlock the Almanac pages sidequest.

You will need to collect every Almanac in Boston and New York if you're going for 100% synchronisation. The DNA tracker has a section for Almanac pages where you'll be able to see how many you have left to collect, and where. Later in the game, you'll be able to buy an Almanac map, which will show the location for all uncollected pages. The collectibles page provides more information on Almanacs.

Enter the General Store and buy a sword and pistol. Go outside to Charles, and mount the horse next to him to head to the Green Dragon Tavern to complete the memory.

Memory II - Johnson's Errand

Optional Objectives:

  • Kill mercenaries with firearms 10 times.
  • Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half of their health.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

From the start of the memory, you'll need to be considerate of the optional objectives. Start off by following the onscreen instructions, and shoot the first merc up the hill. Then run up the hill, and look for a gun rack near all of the crates. Pick up the musket and aim and shoot one of the targets below. Lee and Hickey will take care of the rest (help them out if you feel like it, I took the option to grab another gun and shoot another enemy).

There's another group of enemies further down that you can shoot. To stay on the objective, do not equip your sword. Parry all the enemies that attack you, and continue reloading and then firing at whoever is near you. By doing this, Haytham should be able to shoot 3-4 enemies while Lee and Hickey do the rest.

After you've cleared the area, follow the prompt to blow up the cart and open the gate. Head on through and approach the chest. More enemies will appear, so equip your pistol and start shooting.

When Lee and Hickey start to exit the compound, you can loot the dead guys for extra ammunition. Outside, you'll be ambushed by more enemies, so shoot who you can.

After several of them are dead, continue up the road to another set of enemies. Hopefully by this point, you should have shot 10 enemies. If you haven't, shoot who you need to and then you can use your sword to kill the remaining enemies. However, this is your last chance to kill enemies if you haven't completed this objective yet.

Once all the enemies are dead, reunite with Lee and Hickey to complete the memory.

Memory III - The Surgeon

Optional Objectives:

  • Do not fail a single eavesdrop.
  • Eavesdrop on a moving group of guards.
  • Remain undetected.
  • Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

This memory will introduce you to Eavesdropping. Follow the instructions and approach the first set of citizens nearby. There's a huge circle around them that you need to be in to trigger the eavesdropping. To get through this one, join a group of nearby citizens to hear the first conversation.

Once that's completed, head to the nearby, indicated, church and climb to the top. You'll need to synchronise the viewpoint to reveal more eavesdropping targets.

Perform a leap of faith, and then look for a set of Redcoats to eavesdrop on, with the closest group being to the right of the church. Blend in with the nearby civilians to listen to the conversation.

The next thing to do is to eavesdrop on a moving group of guards. One of the groups of Redcoats walk around in a circle. Don't get too close, instead use Fast Walk as they walk around, and follow them from behind. After a couple of seconds, that optional objective will be completed.

For the last set, head towards the next area, and you'll get to a courtyard with two civilians talking. Sit on the nearby benches. If you've done all of these without failing, you'll complete another optional objective.

Now for the final section. Head to the waterfront. The best way to enter the restricted area is to enter from the south side of that area. It's not heavily guarded, with only one Redcoat that you can kill with a corner kill. There will be a number of enemies to avoid while approaching the warehouse where Church is locked up. To avoid getting seen by them, climb onto the roof of the warehouse, walk along and climb down in front of the door. Interact with it to trigger the next part of this memory.

The guard with the key is on the south side of the warehouse. You'll need to pickpocket him. As you turn the corner, there will be a roaming enemy across from where you are. Hide in the nearby bush, and assassinate him from there. Approach the Redcoat that you need to pickpocket. Do not get too close, as he will turn around and ruin the objective to remain undetected. Hold cn_B to pickpocket him.

Head back to the warehouse door for a set of cutscenes.

After this, approach one of the Redcoats and kill him before you reach Cutter. If you try to kill Cutter first, you'll be detected and fail that objective. Charles Lee will kill the other Redcoat, so walk up to Cutter and assassinate him to complete the memory.

Memory IV - The Soldier

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit detection time: 15 seconds.
  • Perform a sequential combo of 3 kills.
  • Prevent snitches from calling reinforcements.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

Follow Charles around the fort until you trigger a cutscene. You'll then have to tail Braddock, while limiting any detection time to less than 15 seconds. This isn't hard to do, just roughly follow where Charles hides, and rotate the camera so you don't lose sight of the group.

Once Haytham shouts the word "now". Charles will run up to Braddock and trigger a cutscene.

Follow Braddock and Charles to a secluded alleyway to trigger a battle. Now the first thing you want to do is kill the snitch. Ignore everyone else. The snitch is the Drummer. If you are doing this on your first try, just run after him and kill him. It is entirely possible to do this on your first try. However, if you do this during a replay, wait until you have access to Smoke Bombs, and use one of them to kill the snitch. Below is a picture identifying the snitch.


Now you should have a good few enemies left to take out. So it's time to use a kill streak to take out 3 other enemies. I find the easiest way to get a kill streak going is to counter kill one enemy, and then while focused on another enemy, keep tapping cn_X. A kill streak will be broken if you are hit by an enemy.

Once you've killed everyone, approach Braddock to complete the memory.

Memory V - Infiltrating Southgate

Optional Objectives:

  • Find and kill the general.
  • Perform stealth kill assassinations from a corner spot 3 times.
  • Avoid firing line damage.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

After the opening cutscene, approach the nearby musket and fire the first shot on any of the Redcoats to start a scuffle. As you no longer need to use the musket after this, drop it and drop down to eliminate the Redcoats. Once they're dead, the next part of the memory will start.

Once Haytham is riding the convoy, follow the onscreen prompts to eliminate Redcoats in the way. You'll eventually end up at the Fort. Here is where the optional objectives can be completed.

The first thing we'll be doing is finding and killing the general. He's located on the right side of the fort. You're able to walk past the Redcoats without being spotted, which makes life easier. You can use Eagle Vision to find the general (he'll glow gold). Look for a set of tall grass where all the horses are. The general is patrolling this area, so watch his route. You can either get to the haystack to assassinate him, or use the crates to perform a corner assassination.

The first set of captives to kill is up on the right (if facing the ship). If you run around to the left of the captives, you'll find a load of tall grass you can hide in. Stay there until the guard loops round. Eventually, they'll go inside the tent. Use those couple of seconds to set yourself up to assassinate him from a corner. Interact with these captives to free them.

The second set of captives is to the left of this set, and again you can get a corner assassination here. Wait for the guard to go behind a set of crates (he'll have his back to the captives and the river to his right). As he makes his way back, perform a corner assassination and then free the captives.

The last set of captives are on the ship, so it's time to get on board. You can get your last corner assassination on your way. The dock is an L shape, and you want to get yourself next to the crates closest to the ship, while the patrolling guard is walking next to the ship. You'll be able to assassinate him as he makes his way back.

To get on the ship undetected, you'll need to avoid the Captain. It is possible to perform a corner kill on the Captain that is on the ship. Once he's dead, leave the two enemies together, and go and kill the guard next to the captives. Interact with them to proceed with the memory.

Now you'll be facing firing lines, and you'll need to use Human Shields (tap cn_A when possible, and next to an enemy). Once you're done with the first firing line, run to the fort entrance, and run-jump through the firing line there (doing this will disrupt them). Run up the stairs and kill Silas to end the memory.

I had a bit of a bug here where the game would fail the firing line objective due to laggy actions. So I was constantly having to use the Restart Checkpoint option. I eventually got the optional objective, and the following achievement easily enough.

AC3 | Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye! in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Block a firing line 5 times by using a human shield.
  • Unlocked by 3,311 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.73) 10,000

AC3 | Mystery Guest in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 1 & 2.
  • Unlocked by 5,747 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 10,000

Sequence 3


Memory I - Unconvinced

Optional Objectives:

  • Use 2 breakable objects during a fight.
  • Limit health loss: 50%.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

Once the cutscene is done, get on the nearby horse and follow Charles. At the top of the hill, you'll need to get off of your horse and use Eagle Vision to find foot tracks. Follow them until you get a cutscene. You'll then have to chase the woman through the snow (her name is Kaniehti:io). The chase will lead you up to a small camp, where you'll have to take down a few wolves.

This is your introduction to predatory animals in the game. It's a quick time event, and you'll have to press two buttons that pop up on the screen fairly quickly to kill the animal. If you don't do this correctly, the wolf will jump on Haytham and he will take enough damage to ruin the optional objective of limiting health loss. You'll need to kill all the wolves to continue.

Search the green, circle area for clues. Kaniehti:io is hiding in the trees above. Once you've located her, chase after her again for yet another cutscene. (This game does have a lot of cutscenes...)

Then head up the hill, talk to Kaniehti: io and perform a leap of faith off of the rocks. Walk into town and enter the large, red building. In here, you'll need to sneak around and perform a few eavesdrops. Firstly, walk up to the bar to blend in and listen to the first group. Then walk over to the second group and eavesdrop on them by leaning up against the wall between two NPCs.

After another cutscene, go to leave the building and you'll trigger a small fight. To complete the optional objectives of using 2 breakable objects during a fight, don't jump into the fight by attacking/counter-attacking the enemies. If you look, there are tables around that have indicators on them. These are breakable objects. There are a couple of ways that these objects can end up being used in a fight - for me, I found that by standing with my back to an object and then counter-attacking an enemy meant that object got used. Another way is to perform a double parry on them near these objects.

You'll also need to be aware of any damage you take too, as the limiting health loss objective won't be completed until the end of the memory. The memory will end once you've defeated all the enemies.

Memory II - Execution Is Everything

Optional Objectives:

  • Sabotage 2 cannons.
  • Do not kill any guards.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

So, even though there is an optional objective for not killing anyone, it doesn't mean you can't attack anyone. You're just going to do this whole memory with Haytham's bare fists. So equip them, and don't use anything else.

With that, when the memory starts, move forward to notice the on-the-move cart. Approach it from the back and jump in to stay hidden. This is how you're going to get into the restricted area. Once the cart is in the area and "parks up", jump out into the bushes behind it. There's an eavesdrop you need to do. To start, head over to the edge of where they are to trigger it. There's a lone guard patrolling the area, so you'll need to be a little careful here. Once the couple talking start heading towards you, hide in the bush next to the parked cart. When the guards start walking up the stairs, hide in the haystack next to the stairs. When it's clear, jump out and climb the ladder to the roof. There's a hay cart on the left side of the roof (at the far end from the ladder), so head over there and jump into the hay cart. Stay in there until the eavesdrop is completed.

Now Haytham needs to steal the map that is in the nearby, indicated tent. Jump out the cart, and hide in the bushes, waiting for the guard near the tent to get closer. Take him down (remember to be equipped with your fists only) and then steal the map.

Time to do the optional objective of sabotaging the cannons. The first cannon is located near where the map was. There's a guard above it, so walk up behind him, take him down and then approach the cannon. Tap cn_B to interact with it. The second cannon is located in the lower section of the fort. Using the bushes to stay hidden, make your way down the path. As you get closer to the cannon, take down the patrolling guard - the best way to do this is to get them when they're close to the bush). Interact with the cannon when that's done.

Everything is now done here, and it's time to escape. Head towards the nearby exit, and take down the guard standing in the exit. Now run around all of the guards (don't get too close, you don't want to set them off) and meet up with Kaniehti:io to finish the memory.

Memory III - The Braddock Expedition

Optional Objectives:

  • Kill 2 militia without triggering open conflict.
  • Destroy 3 powder carts.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

On your first playthrough, the memory marker will be located at the Wright Tavern in the Frontier. If replaying the memory, you'll start on horseback near Lexington.

After the opening cutscene, follow Church and the group up the path. At the top of the Hill, Haytham will dismount from his horse and talk to Kaniehti:io to start the next objective. You'll need to kill two militia without triggering open conflict. It can be a bit annoying, but it's not difficult to achieve.

You'll need to assassinate the Captain (who is patrolling the cap) and a regular enemy. To start, head to the right of the bushes (be careful for any Natives in the bushes, if you bump into them, they will push you and give your position away). You're heading towards a large haystack/bush thing near one of the Redcoats. Jump into it and kill him with a hidden kill. Now wait for the Captain. When he walks near, perform a hidden kill on him too. From here, you can trigger open conflict if you wish to take the rest of the enemies out.

If you get detected before achieving this optional objective, run away as far as possible. The game will desynchronise you, and then reload, giving you another chance to get the 100% sync. Or you can select Restart Checkpoint and repeat the whole section that way.

For the next section, head down the path towards Braddock to trigger the next part. You'll need to destroy three powder carts while chasing Braddock. There are three things to consider while doing this optional objective:

  1. You cannot lose sight of Braddock while trying to destroy the powder carts.
  2. You have to reload while catching up to Braddock.
  3. If you are too close to the explosion, you'll fall off the horse, end up losing Braddock and be desynced.

It took me a good few tries, using the Restart Checkpoint option, to get this done correctly. You'll need to slow down to allow Haytham to shoot the carts. After shooting the first cart, allow Haytham to reload while still galloping and then aim for the second cart. After the second exploded cart, spur your horse, cn_A, to catch up to Braddock and then aim for the third cart. Once the third one is exploded, keep spurring the horse to catch up to Braddock until a cutscene occurs.

After this cutscene, chase after Braddock and assassinate him to complete the memory and sequence.

AC3 | How D'ya Like Them Apples in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 3.
  • Unlocked by 4,917 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 10,000

Sequence 4


Memory I - Hide & Seek

Optional Objectives:

  • Find all children without making a mistake.
  • Find all children within the given time: 4 minutes.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

We now swap the character we're playing as, and he's called Ratohnhake:ton. We start this memory with a game of hide-and-seek.

(I will say now, this sequence is a bit long-winded, but it does pick up after this!)

So we'll have to find all the children without making any mistakes, and within four minutes. When the game starts, follow the onscreen prompts to Analyze Clue. From here, there will be three large green zones to look for the children.

Hide and Seek 1

Above - Child 1 is in the upper-west green zone is hidden in the farthest brush.

Hide and Seek 2

Above - Children 2 and 3 are in the eastern green zone are also hidden in the brush (the one with half sunny/half shade).

Hide and Seek 3

Above - Child 4 is in the southern green zone, squatting near the large rocks.

Once all the children are found, approach the hill to trigger the next set of cutscenes. Head back down the hill, and head through the village to find your mother. The route is fairly straightforward to follow. Enter the building, and run to the back to find your mother. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the memory.

Memory II - Feathers & Trees

Optional Objectives:

  • Do not touch the ground or water.
  • Find 3 more feathers.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

This memory will introduce you to the tree running mechanics in the game. Start by climbing the tree trunk. As you jump towards a v-shaped ledge, press cn_A to climb higher. Reach the top of the tree to trigger the next objective.

It's a pretty straightforward path to follow, so just follow where the tree limbs are pointing, and climb/jump to the next area. Jumping on large rocks won't count against you for the optional objective, so use them all you want.

Midway through the watery area, you'll have to go back and help your friend out of the river. If you don't, the memory will desync. So head back, help him and then continue the climb through the trees. Jump off the branches when you get to the cliff face. Climb along the cliff until you cannot head right anymore, and then head upwards.

Once you've reached the top, walk out on the large log and approach the eagle's next to grab a feather. Now the optional objective for not touching the ground will be completed, and we can go for the other optional objective. More feathers will pop up on the map. One feather will be on the tree, almost right next to you. The second one is indicated on the map, but you will have to find a tree leaning down in order to get to it. The third feather isn't indicated, but running around the area will cause it to pop up on the map. You can use Eagle Vision to help find the feather.

Once you have all three feather, talk to your friend to finish the memory.

Memory III - Hunting Lessons

Optional Objectives:

  • Hunt 3 different types of animals.
  • Combine bait and a snare to catch an animal.
  • Air assassinate 2 animals.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

This memory is your tutorial to the hunting mechanics in the game. You'll need a lot of patience in order to complete all of the optional objectives.

The first part of this memory is a tutorial on how to use a snare and hunting deer, so just follow the onscreen prompts until you have free reign to do as you wish.

We'll break this section down into the optional objectives, as it's the most effective way to complete this memory.

  1. Combine bait and snare to catch an animal.
    This objective is the easiest to achieve. Equip the snare (hold cn_RB and use cn_RS to scroll down to the snare) and then set it on the ground where ever you like. Then equip the bait and throw bait, cn_Y, over the snare. Walk away from it (I found it best to climb a tree), and after a minute or so, a fox or hare will come and grab the bait, and then be caught in the snare.
  2. Hunt 3 different types of animals/air assassinate 2 animals.
    For this memory, you can hunt the following animals: fox, hare, and deer. So once you've done your snare, you'll need to go after the other two. The easiest animal to air assassinate is the deer. So climb trees, and look for two of them to assassinate. Then you'll look for the remaining animal (so either a fox or hare) to kill to get the last optional objective.

Don't forget to skin the animals after killing them by using cn_B.

Once you're done, return to the marker. You'll get a cutscene, and afterwards you'll have to dodge the bear attack using the QTE onscreen prompts. When you've completed the QTE, the bear may attack again, so the best thing to do is turn and run back to the village entrance. Once you've reached there, the memory will be completed.

Memory IV - Something To Remember

Optional Objectives: Avoid 2 mid-air collisions.

This, for me, was the most frustrating memory of the entire game. The controls are inverted. You only have one mid-air collision, if you get to two you will fail the optional objective. It's a relatively quick memory that is incredibly hard to describe. All you need to do is follow the golden spirit and control the eagle.

The memory will end once you've flown through a large Assassin symbol.

AC3 | Heroes are Born in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 4.
  • Unlocked by 4,586 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.47) 10,000

Sequence 5


Memory I - A Boorish Man

Optional Objectives: Limit health loss: 50%.

The memory starts with you needing to go east to the Davenport Homestead. When you get there, run northeast until you reach a large house. Go and knock on the door.

After a cutscene, go to the indicated stables to end the day. The next day. approach the door and knock. After another cutscene, climb the balcony above and knock on the door for yet another cutscene. Go back to the stables to end the day.

After this, a few enemies will show up. You'll need to limit your health loss to 50%, and by now you should have a good understanding of how combat works in this game. The easiest way to deal with these enemies is to perform counter-kills. Once all the enemies are dead, you'll get a set of cutscenes.

Make your way inside the house and speak to Achilles. Eventually, you'll need to follow Achilles into his secret basement to complete the memory.

Memory II - A Trip To Boston

Optional Objectives: Escape within the given time: 1 minute and 20 seconds.

This memory starts out with Connor having time to explore the Boston area. Since you're not an Assassin or anything (yet), you won't get any notoriety from any trouble you cause. So explore as you wish (personally, I went with syncing a few viewpoints to make things easier.)

When you're ready, head to the General Store for a cutscene. After exiting the store, approach the marketplace and speak with Achilles to begin the second part of the memory. When prompted, follow the target as he walks and goes up to the rooftops. Once this target is in position, you'll have ten seconds to take him down.

Now the sniper is down, you'll have 1 minute 20 seconds (for the optional objective) to escape. The easiest way to do this is to stay on the rooftops, avoiding enemies until you get away.

Once you've escaped, the memory will end.

It is entirely possible to go for the following achievement here:

AC3 | Jager Bomb in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
After becoming fully Notorious, kill 10 Jagers before losing your notoriety.
  • Unlocked by 1,243 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.83) 10,000

To go for this achievement here, you'll also want to combine it with the following tactic - go bare fisted, disarm a Jager and kill them with their weapon. Then drop that weapon. Repeat this process another 9 times. This is because there is a club mission for killing 10 Jagers with their own weapon. You'll probably die a few times, but the game will reload you back to the checkpoint where you'll need to escape, so you can just repeat this until you've disarmed and killed 10 Jagers for the achievement.

Memory III - Boston's Most Wanted

Optional Objectives: Do not raise notoriety to level 3.

At the start of this memory, you'll need to remove two wanted posters. You don't need to be anonymous to remove them, so if you're detected by enemies, just fight them and then rip the posters down.

Now you've reduced your notoriety slightly, do not let it go back to level 3. In the bottom left of the screen is your notoriety icon, where the Assassin is anonymous, and one/two/three circles indicate level one/two/three notoriety.

The objective here is simple. as long as you don't cause any trouble. Head to the marketplace to meet Sam and trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, you'll need to head to the Boston Underground. The entrance is blocked by enemies, so the easiest way to get here is to go via the rooftops and jump down.

The memory is technically over, but there's a little more to do. You'll be tasked with escorting Sam through the Boston Underground, and then bribe the town printer. Follow the path of scurrying rats. Once at the intersection, take the path towards North Port. At the exit doorway, pick the lock to complete this task. From there, meet with Sam at the Printer's Office, and then follow Sam to the harbour. Take note that you cannot do these two missions on a replay.

Memory IV - River Rescue

Optional Objectives: Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry.

At the start of the memory, follow Godfrey to the river to start the rescue. Jump forward and then run straight ahead. Go towards the left side of the river, until you reach the large set of logs that cross over to the right side of the river. From there, stay on the right side, and keep running forward until you reach the last log. Then aim yourself to jump at the log, not dive into the water. It's a little annoying and I failed the optional objective twice, but eventually you'll jump to the log that Terry is holding onto.

The memory will end once you jump to Terry.

Completing this memory opens the Homestead Missions, with the first one being with Lance at the top of the hill.

After this memory, go to meet Achilles for a cutscene with Robert Faulkner. After that, go back to the Homestead house to trigger a cutscene about the Homestead Ledger, and a tutorial. Completing the tutorial completes this section (which can't be replayed). You'll also be introduced to the Encyclopedia of the Common Man. Which you can start on when you're ready.

Memory V - The Hard Way

Optional Objectives:

  • Do not take any damage.
  • Successfully brace 3 times when attacked.
  • Use the swivel guns 2 times to destroy ships.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

On your first playthrough, the memory marker is at the Homestead Harbour. On replay, the memory begins on the open seas.

This memory is a tutorial on naval engagement and warfare. The first thing that is on the agenda is to sail to Martha's Vineyard. Follow the onscreen instructions on sailing the ship on Half Sail and Full Sail. Sail the Aquila carefully while avoiding other ships and rocks. Dock at the harbor to trigger a cutscene and the next objectives.

After the cutscene, sail back to the homestead, and you'll trigger the tutorial on how to use Swivel Guns and Cannons.

You'll complete the optional objective for not taking any damage by this point.

Note that the cannonball icon will be greyed out in the HUD when the camera is facing the front or back of the ship. This is because the camera needs to be facing the left/right side of the ships to fire the cannons.

Once you're done, sail off and you'll trigger a battle. Several enemy ships will appear. Avoid using cannons, and stick to using your swivel guns. Sail around the small ships and target them, with the swivel gun, to shoot them down.

To brace (when you're being attacked), you'll need to watch the enemy ship's targeting "beam" (it's a big red aiming thing). When this turns red, press and hold cn_B to brace. By doing this, the Aquila will take less damage. You'll need to brace three times to complete that optional objective.

After the smaller ships are destroyed, a frigate will appear, and another battle will start. Sail around the frigate and shoot at it. Destroying it will complete the memory.

A post-memory cutscene will introduce you to Peg Leg (so you can now do something with the Peg Leg trinkets you'll need to collect), and you'll get another cutscene of Connor getting his Assassin robes. You won't be able to watch these in a replay.

AC3 | The Day the Templars Cried in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 5.
  • Unlocked by 4,083 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 1.56) 10,000

If you haven't already, by now you should be invited to a club. I believe an invite to the Hunting Society Club can be obtained by killing a cougar in the Davenport Homestead.

AC3 | By Invitation Only in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Be invited to join a Club.
  • Unlocked by 4,497 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.49) 10,000

Present Day 1


Present Mission I - Skyscraper

Optional Objectives: There are no constraints.

For this mission (as it's not really a memory), as Desmond, you'll need to find a power source in a New York Skyscraper. This whole mission's path is incredibly straightforward, and you can only die if you accidentally jump off the skyscraper itself. Once you've gotten to the very top and climbed the crane, you'll get a cutscene. You'll have to jump. Opening the parachute is done by pressing any button when prompted. Then steer towards the helicopter landing pad to complete this mission.

AC3 | Criss Cross in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Present - Skyscraper. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,043 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.57) 10,000

Optional Objective: Plugging in Power Source 1

After obtaining the power source, it's time to plug it in. Before entering back into the Animus, take the time to navigate the corridors on the left side. Take the well lit stairway to the top and approach the pillars to trigger a cutscene with Juno.

Afterwards, go around the pillars using the stairs. Jump and climb up the structure to the top and then jump towards the second floor ledge to trigger a second cutscene with Juno.

Approach the power source control deck, and a cutscene will show Desmond inserting the power source. This will reveal a new area of the caves for Power Source #2. Head back to the Animus to start Sequence 6.

Sequence 6


Memory I - On Johnson's Tail

Optional Objectives:

  • Stay below notoriety level 2.
  • Limit firearm use: 6 times.
  • Use powder kegs 3 times to destroy smuggled cargo.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

On your first playthrough, Sequence 6 begins with a cutscene. During replay, the memory starts in Boston.

Starting off, follow Sam until you get another cutscene. You'll have to take out a group of enemies that attack an angry citizen. After the fight, you'll at most have level 1 notoriety. If this is the case, go over to the nearby Town Crier (indicated on the map) and bribe him. If you're incognito, you don't have to worry about this bit.

From this point on, you'll be able to liberate other citizens. For now, ignore this and just head to the indicated location with Sam to trigger the next objective.

Once you enter the restricted area, he will gain a level 2 notoriety (but you'll still achieve the optional objective, so no need to worry). There are three areas that have smuggled crates. All of them are guarded, so approach them and eliminate all enemies in your own way. To get both optional objectives, simply pick up a powder keg (red barrels), and place it next to the cargo. Shoot the keg with the pistol. Do this for all three smuggled crates. Now the easiest thing to do is not use firearms from here on out.

You'll need to complete a few Liberation Missions in the Central Boston District. Don't worry about your notoriety too much. Eliminate the indicated targets to complete the memory.

Memory II - The Angry Chef

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit time spent in open conflict: 15 seconds.
  • Limit Chapeau's health loss: 50%.
  • Perform 5 low profile assassinations.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

While this memory is fairly easy to complete, getting fully synchronisation can sometimes be a bit annoying. This is because you're going to have to do all the hard work for the angry chef, aka Stephane. You'll have to encounter and kill six sets of enemies (Redcoats), while keeping open conflict to less than 15 seconds each time (the timer resets every time conflict ends).

You need to ensure that Stephane doesn't engage in combat for more than one group of Redcoats. Otherwise he'll be hit too many times and you'll lose the objective for limiting his health loss to 50%. What you want to do is get ahead of Stephane and locate the first two Redcoats near the haystack cart. Use quick low profile assassinations to take them out. 1/6 sets down, 1/5 low profile assassinations done.

Low profile assassinations only count if Connor assassinates an enemy/enemies from behind. Even if you perform one from the front, for this memory it will not count.

The next set of Redcoats is further down the street. You'll see that they are distracted by a group of citizens, so walk behind the nearest redcoat and perform another low profile assassination. Then take down the other two Redcoats quickly. 2/6 sets down, 2/5 low profile assassinations done.

The third set of Redcoats are located by a graveyard. Don't wait for Stephane, just get ahead and use low profile assassinations on them. 3/6 sets down, 3/5 low profile assassinations done.

The fourth set of Redcoats are standing in front of the nearby building, just past the graveyard. Approach them and use a low profile assassination on the nearest set of Redcoats, including the Jager (4/5). Eliminate the remaining enemies quickly. 4/6 sets down, 4/5 low profile assassinations done.

The fifth set of Redcoats are on the other side of the street. Follow Stephane, then look for two Redcoats that are marching on the street. Perform a low profile assassination on one of them from behind and then shoot the second guy. 5/6 sets down, 5/5 low profile assassinations done (optional objective complete).

The final set of the Redcoats are in the next alleyway. Eliminate them to trigger the next set of cutscenes. 6/6 sets down.

Follow the tutorial for using the Assassin's Wheel to complete the memory.

You'll now be able to go and liberate more of Boston and gain more Assassins if you wish. I personally did just to make the next memory easier. You're also able to send your Assassins off on missions. You'll need to level them up to 11 for the 100% sync requirements. There's more information about them on the Assassins page.

Memory III - The Tea Party

Optional Objectives:

  • Dump 10 crates of tea in the water.
  • Throw 3 Redcoats in the water.
  • Perform 1 musket air assassination.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

Starting off, there are 15 enemies guarding the ship. Take them out. Once you're on the ship, be ready for the tea party.

You have three optional objectives to complete while keeping your two associates alive.

  • Dump 10 crates of tea in the water.
    I'd recommend getting this objective out the way as early on as possible. When the ship is free of enemies, pick up the crates into the water. I managed to get 5 done before the reinforcements arrived, and then did the remainder during the brief quiet moments.
  • Throw 3 Redcoats in the water.
    The easiest way to do this is by counter-throwing enemies (cn_X then cn_B). They'll be thrown in the direction they're facing.
  • Perform 1 musket air assassination.
    Firstly, make sure you have a musket for this. There should be some lying around after you've killed a few enemies. You don't need to be up high to perform an air assassination. Get yourself onto a ledge of a ship, and when an enemy gets close enough (as long as you're not in conflict) you'll be able to perform an air assassination.

The memory will end once 100 crates of tea have been thrown from the ships. If either one of your associates dies, you'll desync, so just be aware of their health.

By the time I did this memory, I had two Assassins that I called to help ensure that I could throw the crates off and not have anyone die. Having these as backups were incredibly useful.

After this memory, head back to the Homestead and speak with Achilles. Another cutscene then occurs with Kanen'to:kon that triggers the next memory. Take note that these post-mission cutscenes are not available during a Replay!

Memory IV - Hostile Negotiations

Optional Objectives:

  • Reach Johnson undetected.
  • Limit Native American casualties: 1.
  • Perform a swan dive to escape.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

This entire memory can be done very quickly with a bit of stealth. At the start, head down to the water below. Use the swamp grass to stay hidden from the soldiers watching the lake. To get to Johnson, we're going to take a longer route of the restricted area. What you want to do is go around the area anticlockwise until you're at the northwest of the area. You want to infiltrate the restricted area from the north as it's easier.

Eventually you'll have to climb up some rocks, and if there are any enemies in your way, take them out. There's no need to rush getting to where you need to be. You want to get to the location seen in the picture below.

Johnson Location

When you get to here, you'll get a cutscene. Do not skip this cutscene if you want to get 100% synchronisation easily.

Skipping this cutscene will cause Connor to be placed in the nearby bushes, making it incredibly hard to get 100% synchronisation. By watching the whole cinematic, you will be at the location you placed yourself.

After the cutscene, you need to quickly make your way over to Johnson. Here are the two methods for going for all optional objectives, even if you did skip the cutscene.

  • If you skipped the cutscene:
    From the bushes, allow the Redcoats to walk by and then quickly run past them. Jump towards the tree next to the house. Jump to the roof, target Johnson and perform an air assassination.
  • If you watched the whole cutscene:
    From where you are, run to the back of the house and climb the ladder. Go over the roof to see Johnson and air assassinate him.

You need to ensure that you target Johnson, otherwise Connor will assassinate the wrong person. If that happens, allow Connor to be killed or reload the checkpoint to give these optional objectives another go.

After the cutscene with Johnson, you need to escape quickly. Take the path down the hill, and look for the rocks with a set of crows on it. You're going to perform a Leap of Faith (aka the swan dive) into the water to complete the memory and sequence.

AC3 | Tea is for Englishmen in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 6.
  • Unlocked by 3,149 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.78) 10,000

Sequence 7


Memory I - The Midnight Ride

Optional Objectives:

  • Do not trigger open conflict.
  • Reach Prescott's location within the given time: 2 minutes.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

On your first playthrough, the memory starts in Central Boston. On replay, the memory begins in the Frontier.

As long as you don't alert Redcoats during the memory, you'll achieve the objective for not triggering open conflict without any issues. To start, follow the dirt road in front of you, then take a left at the fork in the road (you'll see a group of Redcoats marching to the right). Go to behind the first houses, and continue up the dirt path to another set of houses.

The first house you need to go to has a couple of enemies in front of it. Dismount from your horse, wait for them to leave and then approach the house.

When you're back in control, get back on your horse and ride straight out of town. Continue along the path between the corn fields. (If you're unsure of where to go, use the prompt to ask Paul for directions). Cross the river to the left side. The house you're after is the first on the left.

After informing these men, head in the direction of the indicator, but don't cross the river. Stay on the path you're on until you see a bridge. There are some Redcoats on this bridge. Wait for them to cross, and then gallop over the bridge. Approach the first house on the left to trigger the next section, and next optional objective.

You need to reach Prescott within two minutes, so after the cutscene, make a right on the dirt path and run past the enemies. Leaving this path runs the risk of the enemies shooting you off your horse, so if you decide to take a shortcut through the wheat field, prepare for this to happen. If you stay on the path, Paul will say "All Clear" to say that the enemies are far enough away. Stay on the path, and follow Paul's directions to Prescott's home.

Once done there, ride over to the next house to complete the memory.

Memory II - Lexington And Concord

Optional Objectives:

  • Kill 7 groups of regulars with a single order.
  • Rescue 1 civilian hostage.
  • Complete all constraints in one playthrough.

This memory starts with you being given two minutes to escape Lexington and head to Concord. Run down the road/mount a horse and begin your escape. (You really don't need a horse at the start if you're going for all the optional objectives). As you start running, you'll be given an indication of a civilian hostage. Perform a running assassination at the Redcoats and take out any enemies until the objective is completed. You can get high-tail it out of Lexington, either by running or now mounting a horse.

After a cutscene, you'll need to take the lead at holding back a lot of Redcoats with groups of patriot shooters. When you get to a group, you can order them to fire. Taking out 7 groups for the optional objective really isn't that hard to do. You have three sections that you need to give orders to, so move between them, telling them to fire every time.

Once you've killed 130 Redcoats, this section is done. Approach Barrett to finish this memory.

You'll have a post-memory cutscene with Sam in Philadelphia, listening to George Washington. Once that's over, approach Sam to speak with him. This cutscene isn't available in replay.

Memory III - Conflict Looms

Optional Objectives:

  • Cross Charlestown without taking damage.
  • Remain undetected while on ships.
  • Air assassinate a Grenadier.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

On your first playthrough, the memory starts in the Frontier, near Great Piece Hills. On replay, the memory begins at the Charlestown entrance.

At the start of the memory, follow the Patriot to Bunker Hill. Approach Putnam to start the memory properly. You'll need to immediately start running through the town as cannonballs are being fired at Charlestown. Keep moving to avoid getting hit. When you reach a fiery dead end, turn right into an alley and head towards the harbour. Jump into the water. If you didn't take any damage, you'll have completed the first optional objective.

Remaining undetected while on ships takes a bit of foreplanning and patience. Firstly, looking at the ships, you're going to swim to the back of the left side. There are a total of six enemies on this ship - 5 normal enemies and one Grenadier.

To eliminate them:

  1. Soldier 1, at the back of the ship. He patrols this section. Climb up and watch for him to walk by (you need to be aware of the Grenadier's location). When he's away, climb on board the ship, and hide near the crates, like so. (I took this image from the internet, it's not mine.)
    Crate location

    Use a corner kill to take this solider out. Now jump back off the ship, return to where you started, and you're going to head down the side of this ship.

  2. Soldier 2, in the middle of the ship. He patrols the middle area with the Grenadier. Fortunately, he stops near an open ledge. So making sure the Grenadier is out of sight, use a ledge kill on this guy.
  3. Soldier 3, front left/port side of the ship. If any soldier is going to screw the objective for you, it's this guy. You're going to have to use a specific tactic to take this guy out. Wait for the Grenadier to be facing away from this guy, and away from you. Equip a poison dart and climb onto the ship. Target this soldier, shoot him and them immediately jump off of the ship. The two other Redcoats, and possibly Grenadier, will turn to see what this poisoned guy is doing. You shouldn't be detected doing this.
  4. Soldiers 4 and 5, the two on the front right/starboard side. Wait for the attention of the last soldier's death to die down. When the Grenadier is facing away, climb on board, and assassinate them from behind. Again, jump off the ship.

Now it's time to air assassinate the Grenadier. When the chance arises, climb up the side of the ship until your above the Grenadier. Wait on one of the masts for him to come into a position to be able to assassinate him.

Now go light the fuse on the ship. You'll have a couple of seconds to dive into the water. Time for the second ship, which is a lot easier than the first one.

The second ship has two roaming Captains and several Redcoats soldiers. All the soldiers are facing forward, so swim and climb on the ledge from the left/far side. Head to the ledge where the roaming Captain is patrolling. Use a ledge kill on him to clear him out. Do not assassinate the other Captain. Instead, just wait for him to move away and then climb onboard and approach the middle of the ship and ignite it. Then immediately dive into the water from the side you climbed on.

With the second ship cleared of enemies, climb back onboard and up to the top. Interact with it to place a flag. Dive back down to the water and swim away to complete the memory.

Memory IV - Battle of Bunker Hill

Optional Objectives:

  • Cross the battlefield without taking damage.
  • Limit regular kills: 4.
  • Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

I had a lot of issues with getting the game to acknowledge that I had achieved the optional objective for reaching Pitcairn undetected. The best way to ensure you have 100% sync is to do a perfect run. If you fail an optional objective restart the memory, not the checkpoint. Also, do not skip cutscenes. I had to do all of this to get the 100% sync to be acknowledged.

Head to the top of the hill, and once Putnam has finished talking, approach him to start the memory.

Crossing the battlefield isn't too difficult if you pay attention to the gunfire in the distance. Don't pay attention to anything else, as it'll cost you. What you want to do is stay in cover and look to the field where all the enemies are. When they all fire their muskets, the distance will light up with gunfire. Immediately after this is when you should run to the next bit of cover. Continue this until you reach the other side of the battlefield. The easiest way to get across is to stick to cover on the left side.

Once you're across and safe, it's time to do a bit of tree freerunning. Then climb the rocks to trigger the next section.

For this area, you're going to use the bushes to stay hidden. The most enemies you'll be wanting to kill is 2 (though we'll be aiming for 1, a Captain). Any more than that is unneeded. Stick to the left side, going all the way around the camp. There is a Captain at the other end of the hill. Position yourself by a tent to perform a corner kill.

Now to air assassinate Pitcairn. You'll be able to run up to the tree that sticking out. Jump to the tree that's on it's right, and then onto the flagpole. Target Pitcairn and perform your assassination.

Memory and sequence completed.

AC3 | The Whites of Their Eyes in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 7.
  • Unlocked by 2,716 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.91) 10,000

Sequence 8

This sequence will play one memory after the other without any pause.


Memory I - Something On The Side

Optional Objectives:

  • Perform a successful static eavesdrop.
  • Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop.
  • Do not tackle or shove anyone.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

At the start of the memory, mount the horse and follow your informant to the marketplace. For the first part of the memory, you'll just have to follow your tail. Stick to the ground, and use the usual tactics to take out of his sight.

Halfway through the tail, your tail will be bothered by a Patriot soldier. Blend in with the nearby crowd, as after this he will turn around and walk towards you. Continue to tail him until he meets up with two others. This will start an eavesdrop you need to complete. Luckily for you, they don't move, and completing this (successfully) will complete the static eavesdrop optional objective. To complete the eavesdrop, climb up the nearby stairwell and jump towards the tree branch.

After the eavesdrop, continue following the man. When he meets up with his next partner, stay close and blend from person to person. The two men will rarely turn around, so follow them until they reach the end of the alley. Continue to follow the man to the next area to trigger a cutscene.

Now you'll need to chase after Hickey. You will need to be careful if you want to complete the optional objective of not tackling or shoving anyone. When turning in corners, slow down to avoid shoving anyone, and just keep your eyes on Hickey. You should be able to tackle him when he gets the market. Tackling him will complete the memory.

Memory II - Bridewell Prison

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit prison guard death: 2.
  • Reach Hickey within the given time: 2 minutes.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

All of the optional objectives occur during the second half of the mission, so don't worry about them for now. When the memory begins, move towards eavesdrop area, and listen to the conversation next door. Once the men are done, go to sleep to continue.

Head downstairs, and activate Eagle Vision to find Mason Weems. Speak to him to play a game of Fanorana. You don't need to win this game, so just place the chips where ever you wish to progress the conversation. The next objective is to locate a prisoner upstairs. They have a key, and you need to pickpocket it.

Once you have the key, go back to your cell and go to sleep. After Weems explains that key, you'll need to fight. Approach the targets and beat them up. Now you'll do the second part of the memory.

After a cutscene, the Warden will stand in front of the door. Go over and pickpocket him. Once Connor is out of the cell, you want to follow him. The exit is located just past from where the Warden patrols. When he turns to the right, fast walk past him, go up the stairs and head into the next area to find Mason Weems.

Both optional objectives need to be completed here. And while they seem a little daunting, if you have good reflexes, it's not too hard to reach Hickey without killing any guards. When you enter the VIP area, there's a lone guard walking up the stairs. What you want to do here is walk up the opposite staircase from him. Use the fast walk option, go up the stairs, and keep going until you get to the third floor. Do not stop to hide. If you are quick enough, you'll arouse suspicion, but you won't trigger open conflict.

Memory III - Public Execution

Optional Objectives:

  • Washington's bodyguards must survive.
  • Kill 2 enemy militia.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

This memory is quite short, but there are a number of cutscenes that cannot be skipped. To start, walk down the path to the gallows to trigger a set of cutscenes. Just as Connor is about to be executed, call the Assassins.

You will have to complete the two optional objectives here. It isn't easy, you need to be quick and there is no room for error here. It took me about 5 tries to get a run where I successfully did the objectives in one run.

After the cutscene, you need to kill two enemy militia along with Hickey. The images below show you the two that you need to kill. Use running assassinations to do this, and make sure to avoid any other NPCs that may get in your way. The following images are taken from the internet.

Militia 1

Militia 2

With them dead, run towards Hickey and assassinate him. Only one of Washington's bodyguards needs to survive to complete that optional objective. The aim is to get to Hickey before he strikes the second bodyguard. Assassinating Hickey to complete the memory and sequence.

AC3 | Caged Wolf in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 8.
  • Unlocked by 2,564 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.97) 10,000

After the memory, Connor and Achilles will be in Philadelphia. Speak with Achilles to trigger the cutscene. This cutscene isn't available during replay.

Present Day 2


Present Mission II - Stadium

Optional Objectives: There are no constraints.

From the train, head up the stairs to the ticket booth for a cutscene. After this, exit the area using the green-lit door. As you exit, there will be two patrolling guards outside.

Using the bushes, get around the yard, keeping an eye on the guards. When they move away from the entrance, head inside. Using the fast walk option, keep heading west. You're looking for the Men's/Women's bathroom sign. Head into the, and go through this room.

Exit into the hall, and turn right. Approach the green-lit door, and exit outside. Go under the metal door, and then climb over the railings. Jump above the small room, and use the V-shaped bars to get to the other side. ump over the window and back into the stadium.

Walk upstairs and go into the large hallway. There's a patrolling guard, so you'll need to be aware of him. The exit is at the other end of the hall, so quietly follow this guard, and then run past him into the VIP seating area.

Now exit the area, and a chase will be triggered. Follow Cross as he runs outside to the yard. Take him down and any other enemies that get in your way. Once that's done exit the area and run back to the train station to complete this mission.

AC3 | Daddy Dearest in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Present - Stadium. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,547 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 10,000

Optional Objective: Plugging in Power Source 2

After obtaining the power source, it's time to plug it in. In the cave, go to the southeastern stairway. As you get closer, you'll get a cutscene with Juno. Then head up the broken stairs for another cutscene.

At the top of the stairs, follow the path to the other side. You'll find a set of stairs going down. Jump down to the lowest floor, where you'll find a doorway. Head through and climb up to sets to ledges to the top.

Approach the power source control deck, and a cutscene will show Desmond inserting the power source. This will reveal a new area of the caves for Power Source #3. Head back to the Animus to start Sequence 9.

Sequence 9


Memory I - Missing Supplies

Optional Objectives:

  • Catch the cart driver within the given time: 30 seconds.
  • Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy.
  • Kill 3 camp guards without being detected.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

Note for the Frontiersmen Challenges (even if you haven't gotten this far with these challenges, doing this now will help you progress through them quicker.)

After the opening cutscene with Washington, you need to talk to him two more times. One of these is a cutscene and the other a walking conversation. Doing this now will save you from having to reload the memory to get this challenge. You'll complete this challenge by talking to Washington post-game completion.

At the start of the memory, call for a horse and gallop to the supply warehouse. Walk inside for a cutscene. Then head outside to examine the destroyed crates in front of the building. Look further down the hill for cart tracks. Keep moving until Connor finds a broken down cart. After this cutscene, you'll need to chase the driver. For the optional objective, you have 30 seconds to catch him, but you should easily be able to catch him within 15 seconds.

Once you've caught him the memory will move forward to the next objective, which requires you to eavesdrop on a moving convoy. Approach the marker on the map to find this convoy. If you want the optional objective, instead of using the haycart, use the trees to perform the eavesdrop.

To the left side of where the convoy starts is a group of large rocks. Climb these and then use the trees, keeping to the left side of the convoy. If you did this correctly, the convoy will stop at its destination, with a haystack beneath Connor. Dive into this haystack, and kill the guard.

To complete the optional objective of killing 3 camp guards undetected, you'll need to be quick. Two of the men are moving, so you will need to keep moving too. As soon as the convoy stops, the next scene will show Connor in the hay cart. Wait for a guard to get close and assassinate him (1/3). Jump out of the cart.

Use the bushes to follow the other two enemies. One of the enemies will be near some bushes on the right, so use them to assassinate him (2/3). There are a few other guards standing near crates, so sneak up on one of them for a low profile assassination (3/3). Continue to follow the talking men, stealthily, until they get to their destination. A fight will be triggered, so kill everyone to complete the memory.

Memory II - Father And Son

Optional Objectives: Do not get detected while stealing the mercenary outfit.

Start off by following Haytham via the rooftops. After the cutscene, continue following Haytham to the fort. The guard you need to kill for the outfit is located along the waterfront. Use a corner kill (it's the safest way) to kill him. You'll need to whistle for his attention. Loot his body for the outfit.

Once you're done, the memory's complete.

Memory III - The Foam And The Flames

Optional Objectives:

  • Do not take any fire damage.
  • Limit Haytham's health loss: 50%.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

At the start of this memory, follow Haytham to trigger a set of cutscenes and a battle. During this battle, you'll need to watch Haytham's health. If you let him fight off the big enemies, he'll more than likely lose more than 50% of his health. So just be quick killing enemies.

After his fight, you'll need to follow Haytham to the top, and then run along the rafters that aren't on fire. It's an easy path to follow to complete this optional objective. When you get to the top, the memory is complete.

Memory IV - A Bitter End

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit environmental damage: 20%.
  • Stay within distance of the schooner: 500 meters.
  • Achieve a minimum kill streak of 3.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

During your first playthrough, the memory marker will be at the New York harbour, with Haytham waiting for you. During replay, the memory starts on the Aquila.

At the start of the memory, manoeuvre the Aquila without hitting anything. In the next area, you'll spot Church's ship and you'll need to chase it. Use Full Sails when the wind is clear, and Half Sails during Rogue Winds. As long as you avoid hitting anything, you'll easily achieve the optional objectives.

In the next area, you'll be informed of four ships coming to ambush you. Use the Swivel gun to take out the smaller ships (or Grape Shot if you have bought that upgrade). After they're destroyed, switch to Chain Shot and take the masts from the Man-O-War. It'll eventually come to a complete stop. When it has, sail towards it for the next section of this memory.

There are a number of crew members and three Captains on the ship. Avoid the Captains until you have completed the optional objective for the kill streak of 3. Once that's done, kill the three Captains. Approach the doorway for a cutscene. Assassinate Church to complete the memory and sequence.

AC3 | Two if by Sea in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 9.
  • Unlocked by 2,232 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.11) 10,000

Sequence 10


Memory I - Alternate Methods

Optional Objectives:

  • Use guards as human shields 2 times.
  • Tackle the target from above.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

Start by following Haytham through the burnt houses. When you get to the top of a building, a cutscene will be triggered.

There are several enemies that will attack you. There will be a number of times where you'll be able to use Human Shields, so be aware of when that is possible. (I'm assuming by now that you'll be aware of when to spot that an enemy is shooting at you.) Once you've used a Human Shield twice, proceed to kill the remaining enemies.

Now you'll need to chase and tackle an enemy. If you're going for the optional objective, it can be a bit tricky. Personally, it took me three attempts to get it done, and if you fail, just reload the checkpoint. You'll have two chances to tackle the running enemy from above.

This guy runs the same path every time, so if you don't think you're going to be able to get the optional objective on your first try, I'd suggest learning the route he takes first. The best place to go for tackling the guy is when he's near his destination. He'll run down an alleyway where there is a large staircase. After this staircase, there is a set of crates. This is where you're going to want to tackle him. When he runs off, roughly follow him (you don't want to be desynced from him being too far away). Then run ahead of him, past the stairs and climb onto this set of crates. Then he's close enough, tackle him.

The image below (taken from the internet) shows where it's best to complete this optional objective.


Once you've got him, take him to the indicated location. Haytham is waiting for you there. Once there, the memory is completed.

Memory II – A Broken Trust

Optional Objectives:

  • Do not touch the ground.
  • Stop Patriot messengers within the time limit: 3 minutes.
  • Stop the Kanien'kehá:ka with non-lethal methods.

The first two objectives to get all of the messengers within 3 minutes while not touching the ground, may take a couple of tries, but once you know what you're doing, it'll become fairly easy.

To start, gallop up the hill and follow the path until you approach the first messenger with a downed horse. Use a bow and arrow to kill him (1/5). Continue galloping down the hill - don't forget to spur your horse - until you reach a group of three messengers. Use the bow and arrow to kill the closest messenger (2/5). You want to stay far enough away to shoot him. Follow up by killing the Captain (3/5) otherwise you run the risk of being shot off of your horse. Then switch to your pistol to shoot the remaining messenger (4/5). Be sure to move away, just in case you need to reload. There is a risk that you could be pulled off of your horse.

Gallop and spur your horse to catch up to the last messenger. This guy is also galloping on horseback, so you'll need to catch up to him. I personally shot him, but if you time it right, you can assassinate him and take his horse off of him (5/5).

Now head to the village for the next part of this memory. The optional objective for taking down the Kanien'kehá:ka with non-lethal methods means you will need to use bare fists. You just need to run up behind all six of them and choke them. Once that's done, you'll get a cutscene with Kanento:hon. When prompted, assassinate him to complete the memory.

Memory III - Battle of Monmouth

Optional Objectives:

  • Neutralize platoons with a single cannonball - 8.
  • Kill 2 platoons with a single cannonball.
  • Prevent 3 patriot executions.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

This is the only place to get the following achievement

AC3 | Circus Act in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Kill 15 guards with a single cannon shot.
  • Unlocked by 1,922 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 10,000

You'll start this memory manning a cannon. You'll have two minutes to eliminate as many platoons at possible. It is entirely possible to take out two groups at once by waiting until they are within range. You then aim in between them. (This should net you the Circus Act achievement and optional objective.)

If you can clear 8 platoons, each with one cannonball, you'll get the other optional objective.

Once the timer runs out, retreat from the cannon and run towards the indicators. You'll have three minutes to retreat. As you get to Monmouth, there will be a number of Redcoats that are ready to shoot a Patriot. Run up to them and eliminate them. I found that it only took killing one or two of the group for the game to award it as an execution prevention. Keep going, and once you've prevented three executions, just keep running past the bridge and up the kill to complete the memory and sequence.

AC3 | Grim Expectations in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 10.
  • Unlocked by 2,012 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.22) 10,000

Present Day 3


Present Mission III - Abstergo

Optional Objectives: There are no constraints.

At the start of the memory, walk forwards to the elevators. This'll start a fight with the Abstergo security guards. Eliminate them all, then approach the elevator for a cutscene. Climb to the upper floors, then over to the elevator door on the left. Use a ledge kill on the guard, and then take the rest out.

Enter the doorway on the left side, which will take you to a conference room with more guards. Kill them, and make your way outside to the upper catwalks. There are two sets of guards on the catwalks, and as usual, kill them. Exit here by going through the broken window and making a left in the hall. Approach the doorway for another cutscene.

Then you'll need to chase after Cross. Ignore the guards and follow Cross through the halls and out through where he jumped. Use the railing to search for Cross below you. Find him and chase after him. When you're able to, assassinate him for another set of cutscenes. Kill the two waves of guards that rush into the room. Once they're dead, the receptionist will open the doorway for you. Go through to trigger the next part of this mission.

When prompted, assassinate Vidic. As you walk out of the building, use the Apple to deal with the guards.

AC3 | The End is Nigh in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Present - Abstergo. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,002 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.23) 10,000

Optional Objective: Plugging in Power Source 3

After obtaining the power source, it's time to plug it in. In the cave, make your way up the stairs in the northeast section. Make a right at the top, then climb from bar to bar to the next ledge. Take the staircase up, and take another right for a cutscene with Juno. Approach the pillars to climb them. Head left, and then to the right for the next ledge. Jump to the bars below and swing to the opposite wall. Climb up, and turn right for another Juno cutscene.

Jump towards the wall and head to the right. Jump down at the ledge, and then approach the power source control deck. a cutscene will show Desmond inserting the power source. Head back to the Animus to start Sequence 11.

Sequence 11


Memory I - Battle of Chesapeake

Optional Objectives:

  • Destroy 3 ships using only one broadside.
  • Destroy 2 frigates by firing on their powder stores.
  • Counter kill 5 enemies.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

It is highly recommended that you only start this memory when you have fully upgraded the Aquila. With that being said, if you do this before any of the Naval/Privateer missions, they may become slightly harder to complete. But I will explain how to complete those missions with the Aquila fully upgrades, as this is how I did it.

The optional objective to destroy three ships using one broadside shot is easiest done by equipping the Grape Shot. You then want to sail close to the nearby small ships. When you're in range of several of them, rotate the camera with cn_RS to face then and fire the Grape Shot with cn_RT. If you have enough ships in range, you should be able to kill 4/5 ships in one go. Once you've destroyed these ships, more will appear. So continue using the Grape Shot and Swivel Shot (using cn_LT) to take them all out.

The next portion of this memory will launch once you have destroyed all of the ships. You'll then be taking on Frigates, and the optional objective for destroying two of them using powder stores.

This objective can either be really hard, or manageable. One of the frigates will have exposed powder stores, meaning you'll need to manually expose (at least) one of the other frigates. I'd recommend going for the powder stores on both of the frigates, just to be on the safe side.

Sail at full speed towards the frigate with the exposed powder store. You'll know which one this is, as a large, white reticle will appear (this shows you where to shoot). Using your Swivel Gun, aim it at the reticle and fire when it turns red. Now for the remaining frigates.

If you have a fully upgraded ship, ramming the frigates head-on will destroy them. By far the easiest way to expose the powder store is to ram the frigate from the front of the ship. So head on collision. You'll know if you are successful at exposing the stores if Faulkner shouts "Captain, there's an exposed side!". As soon as you see the white reticle, fire your Swivel Gun. Repeat on the second ship if you need to.

The next part will see you ram the Man-O-War for you to board it. You'll need to counter kill 5 enemies for the last optional objective. So ignore the Captain and get this out the way quickly. Then head over to the Captain, kill him and then run (following the only path) off of the ship to complete the memory.

Memory II - Lee's Last Stand

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit health loss: 50%.
  • Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire.
  • Reach the signal tower within the given time: 3 minutes.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

On your first playthrough, the memory marker is located at the South Market tunnel entrance. Then you'll need to enter the tunnel and head towards the marker to meet Layfayette and Stephane. On replay, the memory begins in Fort George.

There are a number of ways that you can reach the signal tower in three minutes, and undetected. A guide I followed suggested using a particular ground route. This didn't work for me, and I ended up using the rooftops to get there. There's no direct path to take via the rooftops, and there are two enemies that can ruin the optional objective for you if you're not careful. All I can suggest is when you get to the rooftops, head in a straight line for the marker, sitting to the right of all of the buildings. It's definitely a safer route.

From your starting position, assassinate the guard near the well, and then jump out. There's a building just to your right that you can climb. This will put you in the direction of the signal tower. From there, make your way across, killing any enemies that you need to. (The bow and arrow can be very helpful here.)

When you get to the last building, there's a hay cart below. Dive into it, and then assassinate the guy that walks past. You'll then be able to climb out, and then run to the right side of the signal tower. Climb it from this side, and when you cannot climb anymore, shimmy round to the right and use this wall to get to the top.

If done right, you should make it to the signal tower and set the fire undetected and within 2 minutes.

Once that's done, you'll move forward through the next section in a very hazy manner. And then you'll have the "big boss" fight in the game. Against Haytham.

You'll be aiming to limit your health loss to 50% here, and the easiest to do that is to counter Haytham, but not disarm or counter attack him. He will block these. Do not attack Haytham directly either. You'll need to use the environment on Haytham. You'll want to move to the barrels littered around the area, and use these to counter-throw Haytham onto them. When you successfully do this, Haytham will lose health.

After 4 or so attacks, you'll get a cutscene, where you'll be prompted to deliver the final blow to Haytham to kill him. This completes the memory and the sequence.

AC3 | Difficult End in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 11.
  • Unlocked by 1,920 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 10,000

You'll get a cutscene showing Connor reflecting on things. You can't view this in replay.

Sequence 12


Memory I - Laid To Rest

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit regular kills: 3 OR Limit regular kills: 15
  • Escape the HMS without triggering open conflict.
  • Kill the HMS Jersey's captain.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

It's recommended that by this point, you have all of your Assassins, and have them levelled up to at least 6. This will make not having to kill enemies a lot easier for you.

I believe for this memory, one of the optional objectives was changed. In the 360 version, the optional objective was to limit regular kills across the whole memory to 15. In the Remaster, I had the objective to limit regular kills on the ferry only to 3. Clarification in the comments as to what this optional objective is in both versions of the game would be appreciated. This guide will be written to take both versions of the objective into account.

This is it, the last sequence, and second to last memory in the base game. To start, walk over to Charles Lee at the graveyard to trigger a cutscene. You'll have to fight off 13 Patriot enemies here. I'd recommend calling in all of your Assassins with cn_LB. I'd recommend only going to kill a maximum of 5 enemies yourself. Personally, I was able to get through this section without killing anyone.

If you have any notoriety once all of the enemies are dead, head to the nearby Crier to sort that out. Then take the horse next to him and head to the harbour. Dive into the water, avoid the restricted area next to the harbour and swim out to the ferry (HMS Jersey). It's quite a way out in the water.

You're going to want to approach the ship from the right of its near side. We'll be going for only killing 2 enemies on this ship, and one of those is the Captain (so you get two enemies and the Captain, any more and you fail the limit 3 regular kills objective). On the right side, there's a rope you can use to climb. Then head all the way to the end of the right side. There's one enemy patrolling the rooftop up here, and we're going to aim to avoid him. Though if you can't, he's a kill you can deal with. If you're trying to avoid him, shimmy your way around the railing until you're on the back side of the ship.

From here, you want to shimmy down the stair railing. There's a gap at the bottom, and you're going to wait here until the enemy that stand's here has his back to you. You're then going to back eject (cn_LT+[cn+A]). You'll land on a piece of wood. Quickly move around. You'll see where you need to be to eavesdrops on the Captain and the two other guys.

Once the conversation is over, jump down and head to the right, but don't go around the corner just yet. There are two Redcoats that overlook this section. You will need to kill the guy on the right. Wait for the leftmost Redcoat to turn around, and then get yourself so you're hanging off the platform that these two stand on. Shimmy over to the right, and use a Ledge Kill on the right Redcoat. Then shimmy over to the right.

When you're over to the right in a way that means you won't be spotted, you'll want to climb up to find where the eavesdrop circle is. There's a stack of four long crates you can position yourself on (so it looks like you're waiting to perform a corner kill). Do that and listen to the conversation. Once that's done, it's time to wait, as we're going to kill the Captain of the HMS Jersey.

Once his conversation is over, he'll perform a little loop of the ship. DO NOT MOVE. Eventually, he will walk up the stairs that you can see. What you want to do is when he's at the top is to whistle. He will hear you, and only he will. When he gets close enough, perform a Corner Assassination. Then run to the left and dive into the water. Once you're in the water, the memory will end, and you will have personally killed (hopefully) a maximum of three enemies in this memory.

Memory II - Chasing Lee

Optional Objectives:

  • Do not shove anyone during the chase.
  • Stay within range of Lee: 50 meters.
  • Do not take any fire damage.
  • Completed all constraints in one playthrough.

This is the final memory in the base game story. At the start, fast travel to Boston, then head to the Green Dragon Tavern. You'll get a cutscene, and after that, you'll have to head to the green marked area of the harbour. You'll need to search for Charles using Eagle Vision. He's towards the end of this area. Once you've marked him, it's time to chase him.

You'll need to stay within 50m of Charles Lee, while not shoving/pushing anyone. This isn't too hard to do once you know the path. It took me two times to get this right.

To begin with, you'll want to veer slightly down to the left (look for the set of stairs). This allows you to avoid the bomb explosion. Run up the stairs at the other end and continue. There will be two enemies you'll need to get past, jump through them to avoid getting shot or shoving them. Keep running, and when you get to the end of the path where there are four enemies, jump down to the dock on the left to avoid them.

Run up the stairs and over to the boat. Once you're at the boat, as long as you haven't shoved/pushed anyone, you'll complete this objective. But now you'll need to remain within 50m, without taking any fire damage. Sticking to the obvious path will make this easy enough to do.

You'll probably start off this section being next to Lee, but ignore him for now. Make a right and slide under the wooden blockade. From here, you'll be shown some debris falling on the right, you'll need to climb this. At the top, shimmy left. Then continue the climb and jump to the v-shaped pillar, and then jump to the next ledge. Wait for more debris to fall, and then jump over the non-burning ledge. Run outside.

Turn to the left and work your way up the side of the ship. There's only one route you can take, so you'll be able to figure out where to go. You'll see Charles grab the swinging pole, so follow him. At the top of the ship, a cutscene will trigger.

To finish this memory and sequence off, head over to the Harbourmaster.

AC3 | The Sum of Truth in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete Sequence 12.
  • Unlocked by 1,888 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.30) 10,000

After the memory, you'll automatically fast travel to Monmouth. Enter the tavern to complete the final objective. This bit isn't available during replay.

If you've completed all of the optional objectives in the memories, you'll have unlocked the following achievement. If you haven't, use the DNA Tracker to see what main memories you're missing.

AC3 | Perfectionist in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.
  • Unlocked by 890 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.35) 10,000

Present Day 4


Present Mission IV - Opening The Vault

Optional Objectives: There are no constraints.

If you haven't placed the power sources below are the anchor links to what to do.

Once all three are in place, approach the doorway to trigger a cutscene. (I hadn't placed the power sources until this point, and before the doorway, I had to walk over towards the Animus first for an interaction with everyone.)

AC3 | No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Open the Temple Door and learn Desmond's fate.
  • Unlocked by 1,872 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.31) 10,000

From this point, you'll continue playing as Connor, but will no longer be able to exit the Animus.

Epilogue Missions


Optional Objectives: There are no constraints.

Note: After the credits, you will see two memory markers on your map. One is in Connor's village and another one in New York near the harbour. Watch the cutscene (or skip them) to complete the Epilogue memories.

(I also had to travel to Boston post these two to get the achievement to unlock.)

AC3 | Fin in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
AC3 | Fin72 (30)
Complete each of the epilogue missions unlocked after the credits roll.
  • Unlocked by 1,733 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.40) 10,000

Once you've done all of the secondary missions, you'll unlock the following achievement. You'll need the DNA Tracker to read 100% for it to unlock.

AC3 | Completionist in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries.
  • Unlocked by 574 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.17) 10,000

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