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4. ACIII: Naval Missions

AC3: Naval Missions

The guides on this page are written based on the assumption that you're already comfortable with the Naval system in this game. It's not brilliant (especially if you've played later games in the series) but once you know what you're doing, it's not too bad. The missions are quite straightforward, so each mission's guide will be more of an advisory for completing them instead of a step-by-step guide. There's also the assumption that you've already fully upgraded the Aquila.

The Chase

This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 5.

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit the ship's damage: 50%.
  • Use a mine to eliminate a gunboat.
  • Limit damage from the Fort's mortars: 50%.
  • Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

At the start of this mission, the best thing to do is to use the Swivel Gun to destroy the ships. Don't bother with your Cannons right now.

When you're at the point where there are mines, use the Swivel Gun to shoot them. Do not get too close to them, as there is the chance of chaining mine explosions. There are one or two enemy ships that are near mines, and if you use the Swivel Gun to take all the mines out, you'll easily get the optional objective.

The next section of this mission will involve you needing to destroy a fort while avoiding mortar damage. By this point, the other two optional objectives will be finished. When it comes to the mortars, listen to the crew yelling about the attack. The mortar is fired in a straight line, so all you'll need to do is avoid the indicated lin. Once you've destroyed the three indicated buildings - use the Cannons - the mission will be completed.

The Rescue

This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 6 and The Chase.

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit damage from Rogue Waves: 25%.
  • Make no more than 2 missed shots.
  • Destroy 2 frigates by firing at their weak spots.
  • Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

When Amanda arrives, the ship she mentions will appear. You'll need to chase it, and shortly after that, you'll have a number of small ships to take out. One Swivel Gunshot will take them out (make sure the reticule is red before firing). You can use the Cannons if they're in range. Once you've destroyed them, go after the main ship, and you'll get another wave of ships.

To deal with Rogue Waves, you'll see a red line appear on your minimap. When it's close enough, the Aquila's bell will ring, use that as your indicator to Brace (cn_X). This will mitigate any damage a Rogue Wave can do.

The easiest way to gain access to the Frigate's weak spot (with a fully upgraded Aquila, is to ram them at half speed head on - to the front of your ship hits the front of theirs). You're pretty much guaranteed to reveal weak spots this way, and then fire the Swivel Gun at them.

As long as you're sensible with aiming the Cannons/Swivel Gun, you'll not miss a shot, and all of the optional objectives will be completed by the end of the mission.

French Involvement

This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 7 and The Rescue.

Optional Objectives:

  • Limit damage to La Belladonna: 50%.
  • Sink more enemies than La Belladonna - 11.
  • Kill the Officer within the giving time: 1 minute.
  • Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

You'll start this mission in fog covered waters, and enemy ships will appear. You will need to stay close to La Belladonna, so let the enemy come to you. You'll need to destroy the enemy ships quicker than your ally. As long as you get to about 4/5 during the first set of enemy ships, you'll be able to complete this optional objective. I ended up using a combination of the Swivel Gun and Cannons - ensuring that a number of ships were in my Cannon's firing line. You won't have much time to get this optional objective done, and if you miss it, just reload the checkpoint and try again. Admittedly, it took me three attempts to get this optional objective done.

Eventually, a Man-O-War will appear and render La Belladonna useless. To take down the Man-O-War, use the Chain Shot to take out the mast. Then Ram the ship to board it. You'll have a quick cutscene, and be shown the Officer you'll need to kill in under a minute. Ignore all other enemies and get to the Officer. The easiest way to kill him is with a chain kill. If you have him near the edge of the ship, you can counter attack him to throw him overboard. This optional objective isn't too hard to do.

Biddle's Hideout

This is unlocked upon completing Sequence 8 and French Involvement.

Optional Objectives:

  • Take out 2 Men-O-War within the given time: 3 minutes.
  • Destroy the Randolph's mast with a single broadside.
  • Kill only Biddle.
  • Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

This mission requires you to have some good aiming skills to get all of the optional objectives. You will need to destroy two Men-O-War in 3 minutes, so ignore Biddle's ship for now. The easiest way to do this (with a fully upgraded Aquila) is to use Heat Shot, Chain Shot, and Ram on these ships. I managed to destroy both Men-O-Wars in 2 minutes by disabling them with the Chain Shot, and then Ramming/firing Heat Shot on them.

Once that's done, you'll need to disable the Randolph's mast with one broadside. Use the Chain Shot when you are extremely close to them. This will ensure that you don't miss and fail that optional objective. Once done, ram the ship to board it.

Your focus here is Biddle, so run after him. Ignore all other enemies. You'll get a cutscene and then have a one-on-one fight with him. Counter is your friend here. Use Counter, and then disarm/break, and then attack him. After he loses enough health, you'll get another cutscene. The fight will then continue. In this area, there are crates that you can use to cause environmental damage.

Once all his health is gone, you'll get a cutscene. This finishes all of the playable Naval Missions.

AC3 | Tumblehome in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Upgrade the Aquila.
  • Unlocked by 2,129 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.17) 10,016

Upgrading the Aquila

This is not really a mission, but requires you to buy every single thing possible to upgrade your vessel. Once you bought everything, you will have 100% synchronization for the Naval Missions. To upgrade the Aquila, use the ledger next to any Harbourmaster or Robert Faulkner (who is at the Homestead).

Wooden Hull ReinforcementsMore Ship Health£13,000
Extra CannonStronger Broadside Cannon Attack£2,500
Heat ShotAmmo Type£19,000
Grape ShotAmmo Type£17,000
Improved RudderBetter Ship Steering£11,000
Naval RamStronger Ramming Damage£8,000
Piercing ShotStronger Swivel Gun Attacks£9,000
Iron Hull Reinforcements (requires Wooden Hull Reinforcements)More Ship Health£25,000

In total, you will need £104,500 to fully upgrade the ship. I managed to do this by selling numerous pelts/trading once I had completed the Delivery Requests.

AC3 | All Washed Up in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila.
  • Unlocked by 1,263 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.81) 10,016

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