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5. ACIII: Privateer Missions

AC3: Privateer Missions

This missions only have one optional objective to get through. Completing the Privateer Missions will reduce the risk of a Naval Convoy being attacked. Each mission reduces the risk rate by 25%. There are three missions per convoy route. For the Remaster, you will also need to complete the Ghost War missions.

Saint-Augustine Contracts

These unlock after completing Sequence 5.

Henderson in Distress

Optional Objective: Limit ally health loss: 50%.

This mission starts out with many of the ships together in one cluster. If you use Full Sails, you can get in close, quickly, to take a few out them out. Use a combination of the Swivel Gun and the main Cannons. The easiest thing to do is to try and position yourself between the enemy and your ally. The mission will be completed once all of the enemies have been destroyed.

Paving The Way

Optional Objective: Destroy three ships by ramming them.

If you have a fully upgraded Aquila, this mission will not be too hard to complete. Use Half Sail for easier moving. Ram 3 ships side on to take them out. Destroy the rest using normal methods.

Dread of Night

Optional Objective: Limit environmental damage: 25%.

Just follow the path of the St. James at the beginning using Half Sail. After the cutscene, the optional objective will be complete. Use your Swivel Gun on the smaller ships, and the Heat Shot on the St James. (The Heat Shot is the best to destroy bigger ships.)

Louisbourg Contracts

These unlock after completing Sequence 6 and the Saint-Augustine Contracts.

Troubled Waters

Optional Objective: Limit damage taken: 50%.

As long as you're careful of incoming shots and utilize bracing and the Heat Shot, this memory is easy to complete.

Raiding the Prospector

Optional Objective: Sink the fleet within the given time: 1 minute 30 seconds.

This mission is easier to complete with a fully upgraded Aquila. Even then it may take a couple of tries to complete the optional objective.

The mission starts with you following the Prospector. After a cutscene, you'll have several ships appear that you'll need to destroy. Use the Swivel Gun on the smaller ships, but be warned more ships will arrive. A missed shot will pretty much ruin the optional objective here. If you get a few of the ships lined up, use your Cannons, but the Swivel Gun is your best weapon for the smaller ships.

If you don't get the objective and reload, you'll only have 1 minute 26 for the optional objective. However, I managed with this time, and eventually completed this mission with 9 seconds to spare.

One of A Kind

Optional Objective: Sink a frigate.

Head to the indicated location, and upon reaching it, you'll be given a time limit. This limit is how long you'll need to survive until the mission ends. Several smaller ships will appear first, so destroy them as quickly as possible. Eventually, a Frigate will appear, and then destroy it by any and all means that you have (Heat Shot, use it).

Keep attacking enemy ships until the timer runs out.

The Bahamas Contracts

These unlock after completing Sequence 7.

Blistering Dawn

Optional Objective: Limit damage taken: 25%.

Utilise Heat Shots and Bracing, and this mission shouldn't be any trouble.

A Call for Help

Optional Objective: Limit ally health loss: 75%.

Catch up to the Independence, and once you're in close enough, you'll need to defend it. There are 17 ships to destroy.

For the smaller ships, use the Swivel Gun, the Grapeshot and Ram them. If you time a Cannon shot properly, you can take out a couple in one go.

For the larger ships, Chain Shot can come in handy (if you're in range). Otherwise, Heat Shots are your safest option.

I managed to get this mission completed with the Independence still having 50% health.

Search for The Somerset

Optional Objective: Limit environmental damage: 25%.

Another mission with an easier objective. Use Half Sail to head to the indicated location. You need to make sure you do not hit anything. Once you're at the location, you'll be attacked by the Somerset and some smaller ships. Destroy all of the ships using your preferred methods to complete the mission.

Virgin Islands Contracts

These unlock after completing Sequence 8 and the Bahamas Contracts.

The Sea Wolves

Optional Objective: Complete the contract with no more than 4 allied casualties.

This was, by far, my most hated mission in the entire game. You have eight allies, and the optional objective is slightly misleading. If you suffer four allied casualties, the objective is failed. So you cannot have more than three. This is very important to remember.

I personally started the mission by sailing to the right side of all of the allies, it's by far the best thing to do. After a minute you'll be informed of the enemies. There are a number of large ships to take out here. Heat Shot and Ramming are your best bet here. Ramming may expose a weak spot, so use Swivel Guns for when (if) that happens.

Be aware of your allies. There was a number of occasions that I failed the optional objective because and ally steered into me and destroyed themselves. The AI are not smart.

The mission will end when the four ships are destroyed.

A Midnight Engagement

Optional Objective: Limit environmental damage: 25%.

Use Half Sail to ensure you get the optional objective. You'll have to chase the Greyhound through an area. Using Half Sail means you don't have to worry about Rogue Winds. Eventually, you'll be informed that you have five targets to destroy. Do so with your preferred methods.

The Giant and The Storm

Optional Objective: Sink all ships by firing on the powder stores.

At the start of this mission, you'll be sinking 5 small ships. I used my Swivel Gun, as it was the easiest and quickest way. Then you'll be faced with destroying two Frigates and a Man-O-War (The Orpheus).

For the optional objective, you'll need to destroy all three ships by firing on their weak spot. Now, if you have fully upgraded the Aquila, this can be slightly tricky, as you're slightly too powerful. However, with some patience, there is a way. You'll also have to deal with the occasional Rogue Wave.

Start out by using your Chain Shot to get the three ships to come to a standstill. I recommend doing this to all three ships before destroying them, makes it a bit easier. Now, you're going to want to ram the front of two smaller ships, at Half Sail, head on. I found that 90% of the time, a weak spot would then be exposed. If that doesn't work, use the Round Shot and fire so that about 50% of the shots hit the ship. This should do the trick for exposing the weak spots.

I will admit, this mission took me about 4 tries to get correctly, but the easiest thing to do is get them to stop moving, and then focus on one ship at a time. Once those three are destroyed, the mission is completed.

Additional Contracts

These two missions are from the Hidden Secrets DLC on the X360 Version, but in the Remaster are required for 100% sync.

Ghost of War, Act 1

There are no optional objectives.

This mission starts with you heading to a waypoint. The easiest thing to do is sail at Half Sail. When you get to the location, you'll need to destroy a set of ships that appear. Once they're destroyed, head to the next indicated location. You'll find the Windermere here. You'll just need to destroy all of the ships to complete the memory.

Ghost of War, Act 2

There are no optional objectives. You need to complete Ghost of War, Act 1 to access this mission.

To begin with, you'll be heading towards five enemy ships. All of these are small and easy to take out. After this, you'll have to head to another location. You'll eventually be prompted to destroy three ships (Leviathan's fleet). They're fairly easy to destroy. The mission will be completed once they're all destroyed.

You'll also unlock Obwandiyag's War Club.

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Complete all 12 Privateer Contracts.
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