Assassin's Creed III Remastered Walkthrough

9. ACIII: Crafting


This page contains tables for every crafting recipe available in the game, except for the Benjamin Franklin Inventions (these are on their own page). Some of the items require more than one Artisan, and up to three ingredients (which you can purchase through the Ledger, or need to be crafted themselves).

As mentioned on the Benjamin Franklin Inventions page, you will need to complete Homestead Missions to level up an Artisan.

Any ingredients that need crafting to be used will be linked to the recipe for that ingredient. You will need to craft all of the weapons in this list to get 100% synchronisation. Any weapons will be bold and underlined.

Some recipes require Special Iron Ingot. In order to get enough to craft everything you need to, you will need to find a chest that is located behind the Davenport House on the Homestead. This video provides you with the location.

The cost column is incomplete until I get a chance to go back and fill it in.


RecipeArtisan(s) NeededIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Cost
ArrowBlacksmith (Lv1), Woodworker (Lv1)Iron OreKindling £50
BaitInnkeeper (Lv1)Hare MeatPoultry MeatVegetables£25
CartridgeBlacksmith (Lv1)Lead Ore £25
Poison DartBlacksmith (Lv1), Doctor (Lv2)Lead OreSulfur £50
Rope DartBlacksmith (Lv2), Tailor (Lv1)Cow HideFlaxWeapon Blades£50
Smoke BombBlacksmith (Lv3)Black PowderClayDyes£25
SnareWoodworker (Lv2)Cow HideKindling £25
Trip MineBlacksmith (Lv4)Black PowderClayFlints£25

Special Items

RecipeArtisan(s) NeededIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Cost
“Broken Sword” KnifeBlacksmith (Lv2)Special Iron IngotWeapon Blades £25
Cartridge Pouch 1Tailor (Lv1)Hare Pelt
Cartridge Pouch 2Tailor (Lv2)Deer PeltSewing Threads
Cartridge Pouch 3Tailor (Lv3)Fox PeltSewing Threads
English Flintlock PistolBlacksmith (Lv2), Woodworker (Lv2)FlintsOak LumberSpecial Iron Ingot£50
French Coat PistolBlacksmith (Lv2)FlintsIron OreSpecial Iron Ingot
Iron Blade War ClubBlacksmith (Lv1), Woodworker (Lv2)Ash LumberSpecial Iron Ingot £50
Italian FlintlockBlacksmith (Lv3), Woodworker (Lv3)FlintsMaple LumberSpecial Iron Ingot£50
Land ConvoyWoodworker (Lv1)Oak BarkOak Lumber
Land Convoy Capacity UpgradeWoodworker (Lv2)KindlingPine Lumber
Lincoln’s Sword (Replica)Blacksmith (Lv4)Silver OreSpecial Iron Ingot
Naval AxeBlacksmith (Lv3), Woodworker (Lv3)Hickory LumberSpecial Iron Ingot £50
Naval ConvoyWoodworker (Lv2)Bear GreaseOak BarkSpruce Lumber£25
Naval Convoy Capacity UpgradeWoodworker (Lv3)KindlingMaple Lumber
Naval DuckfootBlacksmith (Lv3)FlintsLead OreSpecial Iron Ingot
Poison Dart Pouch UpgradeTailor (Lv1)Beaver PeltHare PeltSewing Threads
QuiverTailor (Lv1), Woodworker (Lv2)Ash LumberCow Hide
Rope Dart Pouch 1Tailor (Lv1)Hare PeltSewing Threads
Royal Navy Sea Service FlintlockBlacksmith (Lv4)FlintsGold OreSpecial Iron Ingot
Royal PistolBlacksmith (Lv3)FlintsSilver OreSpecial Iron Ingot
Saddle Bags LargeBlacksmith (Lv4), Tailor (Lv3)Gold OreSewing Threads
Saddle Bags MediumBlacksmith (Lv4), Tailor (Lv3)Silver OreSewing Threads £50
Saddle Bags SmallBlacksmith (Lv4), Tailor (Lv3)Copper OreSewing Threads
Smoke Bomb Pouch UpgradeTailor (Lv1)Cow HideSewing Threads
Snare PouchTailor (Lv1)Sewing ThreadsWolf Pelt
Trip Mine PouchTailor (Lv2)Cow HideSewing ThreadsWolf Pelt
Twin HolstersTailor (Lv2)Rosewood LumberWolf Pelt
War TomahawkBlacksmith (Lv4)Special Iron Ingot
Washington’s Battle Sword (Replica)Blacksmith (Lv4)Silver OreSpecial Iron Ingot


RecipeArtisan(s) NeededIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Cost
BarrelsWoodworker (Lv1)Oak Lumber
Belt BucklesBlacksmith (Lv2)Copper Ore
Black PowderBlacksmith (Lv3)Lead OreRock SaltSulfur
ButtonsWoodworker (Lv2)Hickory Lumber
CandlesTailor (Lv1)Beeswax
DisinfectantDoctor (Lv1)Apples
DyesTailor (Lv2)Vegetables
FlintsBlacksmith (Lv2)Iron OreLead OreLimestone
FlourInnkeeper (Lv1)Wheat
Glass BottlesBlacksmith (Lv1)Sand
InksTailor (Lv2), Woodworker (Lv3)Madder
Linsey WoolseyTailor (Lv1)FlaxWool
NailsBlacksmith (Lv1)Iron Ore
PaperTailor (Lv1), Woodworker (Lv2)FlaxOak Bark
Sewing ThreadsTailor (Lv1)Wool
Weapon BladesBlacksmith (Lv2)Charcoal
Weapon HandlesWoodworker (Lv2)Maple Lumber


RecipeArtisan(s) NeededIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Cost
AlesInnkeeper (Lv1)BarleyBarrels
CidersInnkeeper (Lv1)ApplesBarrels
SpiritsInnkeeper (Lv1)BarleyBarrelsRye


RecipeArtisan(s) NeededIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Cost
BeltsTailor (Lv1)Belt BucklesCow Hide
BootsTailor (Lv2)Belt BucklesFox Pelt
ClothingTailor (Lv1)ButtonsLinsey Woolsey
Coonskin HatTailor (Lv2)Raccoon PeltSewing Threads
Fine ClothingTailor (Lv3)ButtonsLinsey WoolseyWolf Pelt
Fine HatsTailor (Lv3)Beaver PeltHare Pelt
Fine ShoesTailor (Lv3)Beaver PeltBelt Buckles
Fox Tail ScarfTailor (Lv2)Fox TailSewing Threads
HatsTailor (Lv2)Beaver Pelt
MoccasinsTailor (Lv2)Elk PeltSewing Threads
QuiltsTailor (Lv2)DyesLinsey WoolseySewing Threads
ShoesTailor (Lv1)Belt BucklesHare Pelt
Tool BeltsTailor (Lv2), Woodworker (Lv1)Belt BucklesCow Hide
WigsTailor (Lv2)DyesSewing Threads


RecipeArtisan(s) NeededIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Cost
BreadInnkeeper (Lv1)EggsFlourMilk
Deer JerkyInnkeeper (Lv1)Rock SaltVenison
Deer Marrow SoupInnkeeper (Lv1) Deer MarrowFresh WaterVegetables
Jugged HareInnkeeper (Lv1) Hare MeatVegetables
Meat PiesInnkeeper (Lv1) FlourHare MeatPork
SaltInnkeeper (Lv1) Rock Salt
Salted Elk MeatInnkeeper (Lv1) Elk MeatRock Salt
Shephard’s PieInnkeeper (Lv1) PorkPoultry Meat
Smoked Elk MeatInnkeeper (Lv1) Elk MeatMaple Lumber
TeaInnkeeper (Lv1) HoneyRosemary
Venison HeartInnkeeper (Lv1) Deer HeartVegetables


RecipeArtisan(s) NeededIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Cost
All-Purpose RemedyDoctor (Lv2)Glass Bottles St John’s Wort
BandagesDoctor (Lv1), Tailor (Lv1)Disinfectant Linsey Woolsey
Cold MedicineDoctor (Lv1)BarleyCatnipGlass Bottles
Cough SyrupDoctor (Lv2)Glass BottlesHoney
Daffy’s ElixerDoctor (Lv2)BarleyGlass BottlesRye
Digestive TonicDoctor (Lv2)FlaxGlass Bottles
Eye DropsDoctor (Lv3)Glass BottlesRosemary
Hysteria MedicineDoctor (Lv4)CastoreumGlass Bottles
Insect RepellentDoctor (Lv1)CatnipGlass Bottles
Medical ChartsDoctor (Lv4)InksPaper
Medical EquipmentDoctor (Lv4), Blacksmith (Lv2)DisinfectantIron Ore
PoisonsDoctor (Lv2)Glass BottlesSulfur
PomadeDoctor (Lv1)Bear GreaseDeer Marrow
Skin Irritation RemedyDoctor (Lv3)Glass BottlesRosemarySt John’s Wort
Snakebite AntidoteDoctor (Lv2)Glass BottlesSnakeroot
SoapInnkeeper (Lv1)Bear GreaseCharcoalRosemary
Stiffness RemedyDoctor (Lv3)Elk AntlersElk Heart
Stomachache MedicineDoctor (Lv1)CatnipCharcoalGlass Bottles
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