Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough

4. Side-Missions

On this page, we'll discuss every single side-mission there is in the entire game. Note that you will have to complete them with the constraints (if there are any available) to reach the 100% synchronization to get the same related achievement. Off course I will list the constraints and additional info to complete them.

1 - Naval Missions
These missions take place aboard of the Aquilla, the ship you have received upon turning into an Assassin. For all hints and tips related to navigation or battles, I refer to page 2. Below you can find a list with all the additional constraints, which needs to be done if you are working on the 100% synchronization.

The Chase (Unlocks if you complete sequence 5)
- Limit the ship's damage: 50%
- Use a mine to eliminate a gun boat
- Limit damage from the Fort's mortars: 50%
- Completed all the constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

The Rescue (Unlocks if you complete sequence 6 and 'The Chase')
- Limit damage from Rogue Waves: 25%
- Make no more than 2 missed shot
- Destroy 2 frigates by firing at their weak spots
- Completed all the constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

French Involvement (Unlocks if you complete sequence 7 and 'The Rescue')
- Limit damage to La Belladonna: 50%
- Sink more enemies than La Belladonna
- Kill the Officer within the giving time: 1 minute
- Completed all the constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

Biddle's Hideout (Unlocks if you complete sequence 8 and 'French Involvement')
- Take out 3 Men-of-War within the given time: 3 minutes
- Destroy the Randolph's mast with a single broadside
- Kill only Biddle
- Completed all the constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

SUGGESTED STRATEGY: Be sure to purchase the Extra Cannon, Heat Shot and Improved Rudder upgrades since the time limit is pretty tight to clear all constraints. The best way to take out the Men-of-War is approaching them diagonally and ramming them so you can expose their Weak Spots. Scope them out with the swivel guns afterwards for a quick and easy kill.

Fully upgrade the Aquilla
No additional constraints. This mission is not really a mission, but requires you to buy every single thing possible to upgrade your vessel. Once you bought everything, you will have 100% synchronization for the Naval Missions. There is one achievement related to buying upgrades:

Tumblehome in Assassin's Creed III
Tumblehome14 (10)
Upgrade the Aquila.
  • Unlocked by 86,526 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.41) 172,367

All Washed Up in Assassin's Creed III
Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila.
  • Unlocked by 59,183 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.70) 172,367

2 - Privateer Missions
These missions are less intense then the Navel Battle missions and only provide one optional objective to spice some things up. Completing Privateer missions will reduce the risk of your convoy being under attack. To view how many risk your convoy still risks, check the Accounting Book in the Manor. Obviously you will need to complete all constraints to get a 100% synchronization. For each completed mission, you reduce the Risk Rate with 25%.

Saint-Augustine contracts (Unlocks after you complete Sequence 5)
- Henderson in Distress
Limit ally health loss: 50 %
MCoreBE's video guide

- Paving The Way
Destroy three ships by ramming them
MCoreBE's video guide

- Dread of Night
Limit environmental damage: 25%
MCoreBE's video guide

Louisbourg contracts (Unlocks after you complete Sequence 6 and the Saint-Augustine contracts)
- Troubled Waters
Limit damage taken: 50%
MCoreBE's video guide

- Raiding the Prospector
Sink the fleet within the given time: 1 minute 30 seconds
MCoreBE's video guide

- One of A Kind
Sink a frigate
MCoreBE's video guide

The Bahamas contracts (Unlocks after you complete Sequence 7)
- Blistering Dawn
Limit damage taken: 25%
MCoreBE's video guide

- A Call for Help
Limit ally health loss: 75%
MCoreBE's video guide

- Search for The Somerset
Limit environmental damage: 25%
MCoreBE's video guide

Virgin Islands contracts (Unlocks after you complete Sequence 8 and The Bahamas contracts)
- The Sea Wolves
Complete the contract with no more than 4 allied casualties
MCoreBE's video guide

- A Midnight Engagement
Limit environmental damage: 25%
MCoreBE's video guide

- The Giant and The Storm
Sink all ships by firing on the powder stores
MCoreBE's video guide

Additional contracts
Depending on which version of the game you've bought, you can have extra missions. These do not affect the Risk Rate nor do they have constraints attached so these are not needed to reach 100% synchronization. For the sake of a complete guide, I will mention these below. Each of these will be unlocked after Sequence 5 (except part 2 of The Ghost War since you will need to complete part 1 first). For more info, look here.

- Sinking A Secret
- The Ghost War, Part I
- The Ghost War, Part II

That's it for the Privateer missions. Since all routes are safe now, you can obtain a lot of money by sending convoys oversea. Almost forgot, you get this as a nice bonus:

Entrepreneur, not Pirate! in Assassin's Creed III
Complete all 12 Privateer Contracts.
  • Unlocked by 53,490 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.79) 172,367

3 - Naval Locations: Captain Kidd's Treasure
Peg Leg is introduced near the end of Sequence 5 and asks Connor to collect some Trinkets. These can be found in small boxes shattered over the four playable areas. Once you start with Sequence 6, you are able to collect these Trinkets. You can find all of these on page 6. You will have to return the Trinkets to Peg Leg to get the next Naval Location unlocked. Below, I will list all of the Naval Locations. Note that these won't include Naval Battles and that you have Connor to progress through these locations. If all constraints have been fulfilled, it will obviously contributes to 100% synchronization.

Fort Wolcott (Unlocks after Sequence 5 and once you obtained the Dead Man's Letter #1 in exchange for a single Trinket)
- Perform 3 ledge assassinations
- Limit health loss: 33%
- Achieve a Kill Streak of 3
- Completed all constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

Bring Down the House in Assassin's Creed III
Explore Fort Wolcott.
  • Unlocked by 79,352 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.47) 172,367

Dead Chest's Treasure (Unlocks after you obtained the Dead Man's Letter #2 in exchange for 5 Trinkets)
- Perform 3 running assassinations
- Stay within range of your target: 40 meters
- Kill the target before he reaches the cave
- Completed all constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

The Ghost Ship (Unlocks after you obtained the Dead Man's Letter #3 in exchange for 13 Trinkets)
- Do not fall into the water
- Reach the Octavius within the given time: 1 minute
- Completed all constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBe's video guide

The Mad Doctor's Castle (Unlocks after you obtained the Dead Man's Letter #4 in exchange for 24 Trinkets)
- Reach the assailant's location within the given time: 1 minute
- Solve the riddle within the given time: 1 minute
- Completed all constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

Oak Island (Unlocks after you collected all treasure maps in the previous 4 missions)
- Solve the riddle within the given time: 5 minutes
- Do not use any ranged weapons against animals
- Limit health loss: 30%
- Completed all constraints in one playthrough
MCoreBE's video guide

Additional contracts
Depending on which version of the game you've bought, you can have one extra mission. There aren't any constraints involved in those missions so these don't count towards the grand 100% synchronization we are working on. Just for the sake of the completing of the guide, I will list the mission below. For more details, click this link.

- The Ruins of Ceros
Rewards: Captain Kidd's Sawtooth Cutlass

Note: Upon completion of the memory 'Oak Island', you get two rewards: an achievement (listed below) and a Shard of Eden. Listen to Shaun while he explains the origin and purpose of that shard. After you got all the information, you do not have to equip it as its effects are automatically active.

Kidd Gloves in Assassin's Creed III
Uncover the mystery of Oak Island.
  • Unlocked by 57,366 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.73) 172,367

4 - Homestead Missions
The Homestead missions are mostly very short but all of these missions are vital steps that must be completed to access the full range of economic opportunities. While adding people to the isolated Davenport Homestead, you will notice that your home will grow into a living community. With more people included in your 'town', the more likely you will unlock some useful items as poach upgrades and weapons. These missions (besides the Main Story missions) will contribute on a large scale towards your synchronization rating. There are 14 people that will be included in the Homestead. I believe there are no video's needed to complete these small missions but I will give you some advice where I think it's needed since all these memories are pretty straight forward.

Achilles Missions
- Encyclopedia of the Common Man (Unlocks after completing Sequence 5): Check page 6 for more details
- Manor Mysteries I (Unlocks after completing Sequence 6)
- Manor Mysteries II (Unlocks after completing Sequence 8)
- Legacy (Unlocks after completing sequence 10)
- Achilles' Painting (Unlock after completing sequence 10): Check the marked wall inside the Manor to complete Achilles' quests

Godfrey & Terry, The Lumberers
- River Rescue (Story related during Sequence 5)
- Burglar On The Homestead (Unlocks after completing sequence 5)
- The Fight (Unlocks after completing sequence 6)
- Bowls Beginner (Unlocks after completing sequence 7): This is mainly a tutorial, the real mini-game is available after completing this memory.

Lance, The Woodworker
- The Whittlers Weapon (After saving Terry in Sequence 5, Memory 4 (River Rescue))
- Tools of The Trade (Unlocks after completing sequence 8)
- Thousand-Pound Idea (Unlocks after completing sequence 9)

Warren & Prudence, The Farmers
- Abused (Unlocks after completing sequence 4)
- Prudence's Primrose (Unlocks after completing sequence 5)
- Happy Expectations (Unlocks after completing sequence 6)
- Pig Herder (Unlocks after completing sequence 6)

Myriam, The Huntress
- Silent Hunter (Unlocks after completing sequence 5)
- White Trophy (Unlocks after completing sequence 5)
- Fool Me Once... (Unlocks after completing sequence 8)

Norris, The Miner
- The Brawler (Available during sequence 6)
- Norris Goes Courting (Unlocks after completing sequence 6)
- Norris Tries Again (Unlocks after completing sequence 6)
- Raw Materials (Unlocks after completing sequence 7)

Big Dave, The Blacksmith
- Deserter (Available during sequence 8)
- The Prope Tools (Unlocks after completing sequence 8)
- An Eye for Trouble (Unlocks after completing sequence 8)
- The Comeback (Unlocks after completing sequence 9)

Ellen, The Tailor
- Cutting Ties (Available during sequence 9)
- Silk Errand (Unlocks after completing sequence 9)
- The Final Straw (Unlocks after completing sequence 9)

Lyle, The Doctor
- Get Me A Doctor! (Available during sequence 9)
- Slander (Unlocks after completing sequence 9)
- Wait Times (Unlocks after completing sequence 10)

Oliver & Corine, The Innkeepers
- Room at The Inn (Available during sequence 7)

Father Timothy, The Priest
- Finding His Flock (Available during sequence 9): Find this person inside the Mile's End Tavern
- The Wedding (Available during sequence 9)

Benjamin Franklin's Inventions
Not a real mission, but if you finished all missions for all characters available in the Davenport Homestead; you will be able to craft all of the Franklin Inventions. Please note that you need to collect every single Almanac page (more details on page 6). After crafting one decoration for your Manor, you will unlock an achievement but as seen in the DNA-statistics; you will have to craft every single one of them to get 100% synchronization.

House Party in Assassin's Creed III
Recruit any of the Artisans and see them settled on the Homestead.
  • Unlocked by 117,341 tracked gamers (68% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 172,367

A Complete Set in Assassin's Creed III
See all the optional characters settled at the Homestead.
  • Unlocked by 64,049 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 172,367

5 - Citizen Missions
Courier Missions
These small missions, marked as a small envelop on your map, exists out of four parts upon accepting the mission. In total, there are 16 Courier missions that don't contain any constraints and each time you complete 4 deliveries, you will receive £500 for all the running around. There are Courier missions in the following parts:

- Central Boston (Unlocks during sequence 2)
- Frontier (Unlocks during sequence 3)
- North Boston (Unlocks after Sequence 5, Memory 3 (Boston's Most Wanted))
- East New York (Unlocks after Sequence 9, Memory 1 (Missing Supplies))

Although you can do the Courier missions in Central and North Boston while playing with Haytham, I suggest you wait until you are playing with Connor since you don't carry over the money that you receive with Haytham. Therefore I highly recommend you wait to do these missions.

Delivery Requests
Upon accepting a Delivery Request, marked as a backpack on your map, Connor receives a list with all the items he needs to collect. Each time you finish a list, you will get a reward of £1,000. Some of the later delivery requests will ask for items that only can be obtained through crafting so it's important to do the Homestead missions before or while you are busy doing these to knock out two birds with one stone. There are 8 Delivery Request missions and you can find a breakdown below (with all needed items):

- Lexington Items (Unlocks during Sequence 5 - Requires hunting)
Beaver Teeth 5x
Bear Pelt 3x
Bobcat Pelt 3x
Cougar Pelt 3x
Wolf Pelt 5x

- Troy's Wood Items (Unlocks during Sequence 5 - Requires hunting)
Bear Claws 3x
Bobcat Claws 3x
Wolf Fangs 3x
Cougar Fangs 2x
Elk Antlers 3x

- Central Boston Items (Unlocks after Sequence 5, Memory 3 (Boston's Most Wanted) - Requires crafting)
Paper 3x
Hair Accessory 2x
Toy Dolls 2x
Golden Rings 1x (Becomes available for crafting in Sequence 10)
Soap 2x

- South Boston Items (Unlocks after Sequence 6, Memory 2 (The Angry Chef) - Requires hunting and crafting)
Raccoon Pelt 5x
Deer Pelt 5x
Beaver Pelt 5x
Buttons 2x (Becomes available for crafting in Sequence 7)
Fox Pelt 3x

- Valley Forge Items (Unlocks during Sequence 9 - Requires hunting)
Bear Grease 1x
Deer Marrow 3x
Rabbit's Foot x5
Elk Heart x1
Fox Tail x1

- West New York Items (Unlocks during Sequence 9 - Requires hunting and crafting)
Salt x1
Venison x5 (Obtained by killing a deer)
Hare Meat x5
Elk Meat x5
Bread x2

- East New York Items (Unlocks during Sequence 9 - Requires crafting)
Ales x3
Ciders x2
Spirits x2
Tea x2
Deer Jerky x2

- North New York Items (Unlocks during Sequence 9 - Requires crafting)
Cough Syrup (Becomes available for crafting in Sequence 10)
Eye Drops (Becomes available for crafting in Sequence 11)
Pomade x1
All-Purpose Remedy x1
Stomach Ache Remedy x1

Assassination Contracts
The last Citizen Missions are the Assassination Contracts which lead to 5 targets upon accepting the side missions. These missions are marked with a symbol that looks like cross hairs when you are aiming a gun in certain FPS-games and are pretty easy to do. Some targets have a few soldiers surrounding them so it might be better to perform either a double assassination or killing the target first and then taking out the soldiers. In each district (except Davenport Homestead) there are missions like these and upon accepting you will see an AI-controlled enemy. That's the target you need to put down.

6 - Liberation Missions
The Liberation Missions are usually divided into 2 groups of different targets in Boston and 3 different groups in New York. Finishing an assignment will increase the percentage of how many the Assassin's conquered a district. The missions are marked with something that looks like a V with an opposite V through it. Below, I will list the series of tasks you need to complete before heading back to the Liberation Contact. After completing all possible missions to liberate a certain district, return to him to trigger another smaller mission so you can finally liberate that district. Afterwards, your contact will become an Assassin Trainee. Each Assassin will have it's own ability, which are listed below on page 7. Central Boston is liberated during the story.

Liberation Missions: South Boston
- Defeat 3 Escorts (Eliminate 4 soldiers escorting two prisoners)
- Kill 3 Conscription Agents (Kill the soldier who is pursuing a civilian on horseback; pistol or crossbow highly recommended)
- Liberation mission: Martial Law (Kill the marked Templar to liberate this district)

Liberation Missions: North Boston
- Protect 3 Merchants (Kill the thug with a red doth above his head and finish off his team; pistol or crossbow recommended)
- Free 3 Captives (Kill the Templars to free civilians)
- Liberation Mission: Gangs of Boston (Kill the marked Templar to liberate this district)

Liberation Missions: North New York
- Beat up 2 merchants 3 times (Be aware that you cannot kill your targets and that you have to attack unarmed)
- Defend 3 farmers (Kill all the enemies that try to kill the farmer)
- Prevent 3 Evictions (You can either pay the debt of £150 or you can kill the 3 enemies)
- Liberation Mission: Hoarding Provisions (Kill the marked Templar to liberate this district)

Liberation Missions: West New York
- Burn Infected Blankets 3 times (Very simple, just interact with the blankets but watch out for nearby patrols)
- Carry 3 Sick Civilians (Self-explanatory)
- Put Down Rabid Dogs (Very simple, kill the targets with Poison Darts or the Crossbow but watch out for nearby patrols)
- Liberation Mission: Protect The Clinic (Eliminate all waves attacking the clinic)

Liberation Missions: East New York
- Beat Up 3 Officers (You can kill other enemies, Smoke Bombs highly recommended)
- Prevent 3 Executions (Kill the enemies who are about to kill a civilian, Smoke Bombs or Assassin Recruits recommended)
- Plant False Documents (Rather hard, make sure your target doesn't spot you)
- Liberation Mission: In The Wolf's Lair (Kill the marked Templar to liberate this district)

Once you liberate an entire city, you will unlock the following:

Man of the People in Assassin's Creed III
Liberate all districts in Boston OR New York.
  • Unlocked by 76,830 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.49) 172,367

7 - Assassin Recruits
While you get your first trainee during the story, it's important to know that you will have to liberate all districts to get more Assassin Recruits. It's your objective to get them to level 11 (1,100 Exp or 100 Exp/Level). Each Assassin has it's own abilty and leveling him up too Master Assassin could grant him a signature move. To level up your Assassin's, press LB and press X. Here you will see several districts and a star-level will rate how difficult it is to gain control over it. The harder a districts is to control it, the more Exp. your Assassin will receive after succesfully completing an objective. You will need to turn all 6 Recruits into an Assassin for the 100% synchronization achievement. I tried to level up 2-3 Recruits to level 11 and afterwards sending these with lower-level Recruits towards harder regions. It will net your acquintance 60 Exp per objective and that way it will go pretty fast (I leveled my Trainees while writing this guide smile). It's worth noting that your Assassin Recruits cannot die but will only be inactive for a random amount of time.

Below you will find a table with all the abilities in it as well as which Assassin can do what. Please note there are several Icons for each but you can scroll through them by pressing and holding LB and scroll up or down with the right thumbstick.





Stephane Chapheau

Central Boston



Duncan Little

Northern Boston


Clipper Wilkinson

Southern Boston


Jamie Colley

West New York

Covert Escort

Jacob Zenger

East New York

Lure Away

Dobby Carter

North New York

Call Back Up



After getting one Assassin from Private to Assassin, you will unlock the following achievement:

Magna cum Laude in Assassin's Creed III
Have a Trainee reach the Assassin Rank.
  • Unlocked by 55,177 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.76) 172,367

8 - The Underground Network
Remember the Fast Travels in AC: Brotherhood or AC: Revelations? Well those fast travels are back but there's a huge difference. In the previous game you had to renovate the portals to go underground, in this game you actually go underground. While exploring, you might find certain puzzles to proceed but luckily they aren't hard. I will provide the maps of each of these tunnels below but it's worth noting only Boston and New York have an underground. All exits are marked with letters and match the given letter in the index in the left upper-hand corner.

The Underground Network: Boston

Boston Underground

There are 3 gates that you have to open by placing 4 images at the right spot. These puzzles are called the Magic Lantern Solutions and in each room you'll encounter a door like this, you will find a clue that will contain the solution so you unlock the door. In the table below you can find the solution and for exit it will unlock.



Upper image

Right image

Left image

Bottom image


Crown Coffee House






South Commons


Vitrovian Man


Masons Symbol


Boston Gate

Masons Symbol

Male sign

Female sign


Note: The Masons symbol is actually a G in the centre of a diamond (example of this image can be found here). The Vitrovian Man is a drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci which you can find here. The rest should be pretty straight forward.

The Underground Network: New York

New York Underground

Just like in Boston, there are 3 gates you have to unlock using a Magic Lantern Puzzle. I will list the solutions for people who are stuck with the clues in the paper you can find.



Upper image

Right image

Left image

Bottom image


North Dutch Church






St Paul’s Chapel


Masons Symbol

Male Sign



Trinity Church



Double headed eagle

Masons Symbol

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