Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough

6. Clubs

Like there were guilds in the previous game, there are 4 clubs in this game: Hunters, Frontiersman, Brawlers and Thieves. To get a 100% completion/synchronisation, you will need to do every possible challenge or mission they provide you. Although you will only earn 2 achievements on your way to completion, this page will guide you through all challenges possible. I suggest you continue with side-missions as it is possible to unlock some once you are busy with those. Also, if you are in the tier 1 challenges of a club and you already met the requirements for one of the tier 3 challenges, you won't have to do it again.

1 - The Hunting Society
Hunting Challenges I (Unlocks after you kill and skin a wild animal in the Frontier - Story related)
- Kill 5 deer
- Kill a wolf
- Skin 10 animals
- Trade Hunting Spoils worth £500 (When you skin an animal, you will obtain various things. Sell them to get the mentioned number.)
- Use bait with a snare to capture 5 animals
- Kill a beer with the Hidden Blade

Hunting Challenges II (Unlocks after you complete Hunting Challenges I)
- Stealth kill 5 animals while using bait
- Skin 25 animals
- Kill 10 animals with the Hidden Blade
- Capture 20 animals while using a snare
- Kill 15 animals with the bow

Hunting Challenges III (Unlocks after you complete Hunting Challenges II)
- Skin every species of animal
- Kill 5 animals from horseback
- Trade Hunting Spoils worth £2,000
- Kill 10 animals while in close combat (Find some predators or male elks to do so)
- Complete your Hunting Map by skinning, or finding clues related to, all types of animal in each Frontier hunting region and the Homestead
- Collect 50 undamaged pelts

The Hunting Society: Missions
- The Man-Eater (Available once you enter a hunting cabin in the Frontier)
- Feline Feet
- The Patriarch
- Acute Cat
- The Elk Bachelor

Note: When there is nothing mentioned about when it unlocks, it means you have to beat the previous mentioned mission.

The Hunting Society: Hunting Regions
- Black Creek (Bobcat, Elk, Hare, Beaver)
- Kanièn:keh (Fox, Deer, Hare, Cougar)
- John's Town (Beer, Fox, Elk, Hare)
- Valley Forge (Elk, Hare, Raccoon, Beaver)
- Concord (Raccoon, Hare, Beaver, Deer)
- Monmouth (Hare, Raccoon, Fox, Deer)
- Diamond Basin (Deer, Wolf, Cougar, Beaver)
- Great Piece Hills (Bobcat, Hare, Wolf, Elk)
- Packanack (Bear, Bobcat, Hare, Beaver)
- Scotch Plains (Raccoon, Deer, Hare, Cougar)
- Troy's Wood (Wolf, Hare, Deer, Elk)
- Lexington (Hare, Raccoon, Deer, Fox)
- Davenport Homestead (Elk, Deer, Fox, Beaver, Raccoon, Wolf, Hare)

Once you have completed all challenges, you will net the next achievement:

In Good Standing in Assassin's Creed III
Complete all challenges for any of the Clubs.
  • Unlocked by 29,740 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.52) 188,920

The Hunting Society: Hints & Tips
- Aggressive animals (or predators) will attack Connor if they see him. To kill them, you need a long ranged weapon or press the buttons displayed on your screen. Be fast though, one second too late and they will try to kill Connor. Be sure you always have your Hidden Blade equipped when you are travelling through Davenport Homestead or the Frontier so you get undamaged pelts.
- Passive animals (hares, beavers, deer, ...) will flee if they hear or see Connor. If you try to kill them, it's better to set up some snares near the places where they eat or drink. Combine it with some bait to give your profit more chance in succeeding.
- You can see more clues while you have Eagle Vision active. If you use bait near the clues you've found, you have a chance to attract more animals.
- You can only obtain undamaged pelts with the Hidden Blade, Poison Darts, the bow and snares. You can also be unarmed, but I don't think you want to find a bear or a cougar with your bare hands. Any other weapons (especially the gun) will net you a damaged pelt. You can still sell damaged pelts, but you gain more money if you collect undamaged ones.

2 - The Frontiersmen
Frontiersman Challenges I (Unlocks after you complete Sequence 4 and visit a Frontiersman campfire in the Frontier)
Perform 10 leaps of faith
- Reach 5 viewpoints
- Discover 5 Underground Network Entrances (See page 4 for more details)
- Discover the location of every Fort (See page 6 for more details)
- Explore the canopy by travelling 100 meters through the trees
- Collect 5 feathers (See page 6 for more details)

Frontiersman Challenges II (Unlocks after you complete Frontiersman Challenges I)
- Dive into water from a height of 50 meters
- Complete an Almanac (See page 6 for more details)
- Climb for a total of 1,500 meters
- Discover the location of every Trading Post in the Frontier
- Listen to all of Washington's conversations

Frontiersman Challenges III (Unlocks after you complete Frontiersman Challenges II)
- Reveal all of Boston's map
- Reveal all of New York's map
- Reveal the whole Frontier map
- Reach all of the viewpoints
- Discover all of the Underground Network Entrances in Boston and New York (See page 4 for more details)
- Visit every tavern in the Frontier, Boston and New York

The Frontiersman: Missions
- The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Available after you visit a Frontiersmen campfire)
- The Sasquatch
- The Haunted Lighthouse
- The Headless Horseman
- Monster of The Sea (Available after 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and talking to the Frontiersmen group in one of the marked taverns in Boston)
- Unidentified Flying Object (Available after 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' and talking to the Frontiersmen group in one of the marked taverns in Boston)

The Frontiersmen: Hints & Tips
- The 'Dive into water from a height of 50 meters'-challenge is completed once you've done the final constraint in Sequence 6, Memory 4 (Hostile Negotiations). If you didn't get it here, watch this video.
- The 'Listen to all of Washington's conversations'-challenge is completed at very specific points in the game. The first two conversations can be obtained in Sequence 9, Memory 1 (Missing Supplies). The final conversation is after you completed the main storyline. You must travel to the Bowling Green on the southwest side of New York. Additionally, Washington is marked with a "W" on the map.
- To uncover all the maps (the Frontier, Boston and New York), you have to reach all the viewpoints and uncover the remaining foggy area's. The best way to do so, is running over rooftops or trees, as your view is expanded if you move on a higher level.
- The 'Complete an Almanac'-challenge will unlock an additional achievement once it is completed. More information is found on page 6.

3 - The Boston Brawlers
Brawler Challenges I (Unlocks after you complete Sequence 4 and defeating an enemy with your bare hands afterwards)
- Disarm 5 enemies (counter (press B) and break defence (press A))
- Kill 5 enemies affected by a Smoke Bomb in 10 seconds
- Stealth kill 10 enemies without being detected
- Kill 25 enemies using the Hidden Blade
- Kill 10 Officers
- Achieve a 5-enemy Kill Streak

Brawler Challenges II (Unlocks after you complete Brawler Challenges I)
Fight and kill 10 Grenadiers
- Kill an enemy with every type of weapon
- Perform 5 double assassinations
- Have your Recruits assist you in combat 10 times
- Liberate 3 Forts (See page 6 for more details)

Brawler Challenges III (Unlocks after you complete Brawler Challenges II)
- Achieve a 7-enemy Kill Streak
- Use the Rope Dart to perform a Predator move 5 times
- Own every weapon available in the stores (There is a list below)
- Disarm and kill 10 Jägers with their own weapon
- Defend yourself from a firing line 10 times using a human shield

The Boston Brawlers: Missions
- Peter Bunyon (Complete in Sequence 5, Memory 3 (Boston's Most Wanted) and meet Harold Ring at the Old Brewery in Boston)
- The Sailor (Defeat Peter Bunyon and complete Sequence 9, Memory 1 (Missing Supplies))
- The Smuggler
- The Stinger
- The Ropebeater
- The Merchant
- The Tournament

The Boston Brawlers: Weapons



Price (£)


Normal Weapons

Normal Sword


Sequence 6

French Rapier


Sequence 6

Light Cavalry Saber


Sequence 6

Hanger Sword


Sequence 6

French Cutlass


Sequence 6

Officer’s Sword


Sequence 6

Cuttoe Sword


Sequence 9

Blunt Weapons

Gunstock War Club


Sequence 6

Wooden War Club


Sequence 6

Stonehead War Club


Sequence 9

Small Weapons

Assassin Tomahawk


Sequence 6

Iron Tomahawk


Sequence 6

Stone Dagger


Sequence 6

Iron Dagger


Sequence 6



Sequence 6

Heavy Weapons

Hessian Axe


Sequence 6

French Naval Axe


Sequence 6

Boarding Axe


Sequence 9


Flintlock Pistol


Sequence 6

Duckfoot Pistol


Sequence 6

Double-Barrel Pistol


Sequence 9

The Boston Brawlers: Hints & Tips
- The 'Kill 5 enemies affected by a Smoke Bomb in 10 seconds'-challenge is best done while approaching a large patrol group incognito and drop the Smoke Bomb in their midst. You should be able to kill 5 guards with the Hidden Blade equipped.
- The 'Kill an enemy with every type of weapon'-challenge refers to to the type of weapon and not every weapon in it's category. You will need to use the Hidden Blade, a small weapon (like the Assassin Tomahawk), a normal weapon (a sword), a blunt weapon (club), a pistol, the bow, a Poison Dart, a Rope Dart and a Trip Mine.
- The Kill Streaks challenges are the easiest done against large groups of soldiers without stronger archetypes. They are most common in the north of Boston.
- The 'Disarm and kill 10 Jägers with their own weapon' is rather hard if you are in a fight with a large group. This can easily be done while doing Sequence 10, Memory 3 (Battle of Monmouth). First make sure you are unarmed. Only if you don't have a weapon equipped, you will be able to disarm enemies. If you do this in the same notoriety-level (notoriety level 3), you will gain the related achievement, 'Jager Bomb'. More information can be found on page 7.
- The 'Defend yourself from a firing line 10 times using a human shield'-challenge and the 'Use the Rope Dart to perform a Predator move 5 times' both unlock an achievement. More information can be found on page 7.

4 - The Thief's Club
Thief Challenges I (Unlocks after you pickpocket at least £100 in total during or after Sequence 5)
- Pickpocket £200
- Perform 25 air assassinations
- Catch a Courier (Wait in a crowded street until one shows up and tackle him)
- Kill 25 enemies from hiding places
- Loot 10 bodies

Thief Challenges II (Unlocks after you complete Thief Challenges I)
- Escape from open conflict by using blending or hiding
- Steal everything a guard owns 3 times
- Lure away a guard dog using bait 3 times
- Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected
- Steal everything a rich citizen owns without being detected

Thief Challenges III (Unlocks after you complete Thief Challenges II)
- Poison 5 enemies
- Find and empty the 10 chests in New York (See page 6 for more details)
- Win £500 by playing mini games (See page 7 for more details)
- Pickpocket or loot £1,500
- Successfully attack and loot a convoy 3 times

The Thief’s Club: Missions

The Thief’s Club: Hints & Tips
- The ‘Steal everything a guard owns 3 times’-challenge is best done if you find a blending group near a group of guards but you can also walk along a patrol to pickpocket the soldiers walking at the end.
- The ‘Steal everything a rich citizen owns without being detected’ is all about finding a rich civilian. Look out for long socks, britches and a tricorne (three-pointed) hat. The rich civilians must be pick-pocketed 3 or 4 times to obtain all their belongings.
- The ‘Lure away a guard dog using bait 3 times’-challenge is easier to do if you keep reloading Sequence 10, Memory 1 (Alternate Methods). You will encounter one early in the mission. The guard dogs are often found by treasure chests as well. There is also an easier method, provided by xPutNameHerex written in the WT Forum:

For luring the dog three times (Thief Challenges), it's a lot faster to fast travel to the harbor in Monmouth, and run to the location in the picture. There is always two guards with a dog there (or in the area, if you took a while). Throw the bait, and once the dog is distracted, fast travel back to the harbor. Rinse and repeat, two minutes tops. I take no credit for this method (GameFAQs-link)

- The ‘Pickpocket or loot £1,500’ is easier then it sounds. If you loot dead guards often to replenish your ammo, you should have this in no time.

And that wraps up all the challenges by all the clubs. It was quite a ride and we are still not finished. Are you ready for more? Yes?! Okay, let’s continue then…

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