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    It's a lot of time since this game was released, but I just completed it and noticed lack of reviews. So I decided to create one. Don't worry, it won't be long and I will try to avoid any spoilers.

    Let's start with a main storyline and a gameplay. You are a female assassin, Aveline and generally try to save slaves in New Orleans - it is a meaning of game subtitle "Liberation".
    I like how someone from the dev team said: She had the grace of a tigress and the intensity of a snake. That is definitely true, her running, climbing and fight style are very very eye-friendly.
    The game itself is just a port from smaller consoles, so don't anticipate large world and gaming time, such as it was for example in ACIII. Missions are rather shorter and much more simpler- getting full sync in all of them is no pain no more. I think it is very cool when you can just play a game without any nerves and irritating replaying checkpoints what is known from previous saga games.
    The story itself is kinda interesting and - let's say - logically oriented.

    Besides main missions, you will encounter some short and simple side tasks, some collectibles and sea trading. No naval missions and relatively small map (even for Bayou) makes it more friendly. Now, there is no need to look for a way through branches to get a damn feather. Anyway, you use branches to go above famous Louisiana marshland and save some time and keep yourself away from predators. No horse made no problem for me as it would be useless in such terrain.

    We all know that girls love clothes, clothes and more clothes and this fact is implemented to the game in a nice way. You got three personas, and every one is considered by crowds and guards as seperate person. You can use it to take advantage sometimes. Who would even think that such a beautiful lady in a fabolous dress would kill a govenor with poisoned arrows hidden in... umbrella? On the other hand, sometimes this system can be tricky, especially when you start a mission in one outfit and need another to get full sync while there is technically no way to change it (target lost, DESYNCHRONIZATION) or when you need to kill more people and run away as a lady, where moving is somehow limited.
    There is also a visible difference in Aveline's behavoiur depending on which persona she actually is: I really like her proud and aristocratic voice from lady cutscenes.

    Now some miscalleneous.
    First of all, the fight system. I played ACIII just before this game and I have to say that this is a big improvement. Fights are true fun and enemies are not frustrating (scottish big guards with axes from ACIII, I am looking on you...). And again, Aveline smooth moves are amazing.
    Some words about in game music. It is moody, but I saw some opinions that very repetitive and therefore boring or even irritating.
    And now my favourite subsection: bugs. Comparing to ACIII, this is a honey on your heart. Protagonist finally does what you want and when you want, missions and people do not glitch at all.
    Of course, there are some problems. One or two times, while exploring Bayou, I caught myself "swimming on land" or stuck between a tree and a stone. So I had to reset the game. And stats tab in menu. It is a big mistake, because almost every tracking percentage is... hmm... retarded. You will get all treasures and stuck at 92%, discover all area and stuck at 98% and buy all dressing chambers and stuck at 99%. Anyway, these errors don't affect any achievements, so this is a problem only for perfectionists like me.

    The most important thing on this site: achievements. I really like the distribution of these, but it's a pity that there is only 400G to get here. Some achievements are story related, some are based on side missions, some on collectibles and some are different. It's a known scheme in the saga. What is good, you should have no problem in getting a completion and the only achievement which could consume some time (buying every pocket watch) can be easily settled with the sea trading system. If you start using it earlier, you will not even feel any lack of money.

    As a port and somehow an add-on (game was named Assassin's Creed III: Liberation before), the price is not too high, especially if you catch it on a sale like me.
    It is definitely worth to pay some bucks and have 15-20 hours of fun with this "Assassin-in-a-nutshell" game. For me, it was a cure for ACIII-caused cancer and eventually the only (maybe one of two, ACI was damn good too) saga part which I wanted more and more after completion and getting 100%.

    What amazes me is that so few people played this game. If you are not sure yet, just buy it on sale and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

    I personally rated this game 5/5, but it was rather subjective delight immediately after ACIII. Considering all advantages, disadvantages, price and destiny, 4.5 is a fair rate.
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    Warboy925I thought the game was amazing!! Esp. since it was a port from a was almost like it was meant to be one of very few (IMO) amazing DLC's...take Freedom Cry for example, these two are almost basically the same game, except, one is male, one is female...Thats why, I'm buying both Freedom Cry and AC IV next month......only wished there was a Xbone version of Assassin's Creed Liberation HD....and btw, I rather enjoyed AC III, I am a HUGE AC fan, but didn't care for the side scrolling chronicles, and barely tolerated Unity (mainly got it bc it is an SC game and bc the main character was introduced in AC one from me on the review!!
    Posted by Warboy925 On 26 Jul 17 at 09:08