57. Assassin's Creed Origins Myths of the Pharaohs (The Curse of the Pharaohs)Update notes

Myths of the Pharaohs are unlocked by reading all four stelae of an afterlife region. Finding the treasures is often very easy, and is made easier with maps on where the treasures are. There's no need for a map on the stelae since you'll want to look around the entirety of those regions anyways.

Treasure of Akhenaten

The Aten's treasure is at the Chambers of Reflection, in the northern building of the three that make up the location. In the northeast corner of this building is a small slit that you can crawl through to get to the treasure.

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Akhenaten (Map)

Akhenaten (Physical)

Treasure of Nefertiti

The treasure in Aaru is the easiest to reach. Just head to the viewpoint and follow the tower's shadow west to find the treasure at the end of it.

Nefertiti (Map)

Nefertiti (Physical)

Treasure of Ramesses

Travel to the viewpoint in Heb Sed and run to the east side of the structure it's on. You'll want to follow footprints in the sand that lead to the treasure. Watch out for snakes, though, because there are a few of them past the slit in the wall here.

Ramesses (Map)

Ramesses (Physical)

Treasure of Tutankhamun

Look for the area in the Duat noted in the map picture below and head to the slit in the walls leading to a cave. This cave leads to an easy-to-navigate tunnel that ends with the treasure you're looking for.

Tutankhamun (Map)

Tutankhamun (Physical)

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